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Boo! by BSkyeSoldier


Mike and Chester headed into the tour bus together to meet up with the rest of the band before they start heading to their first destination for their tour. They were currently traveling through America, the tour purely based on reliving their first album, Hybrid Theory. They had all agreed that this tour was needed, as their fans kept demanding on music that sounded like the album that brought them their fame, but they did not want to create music they've already made before. But the love they had for their first album was intense and decided they'd dig up the tour bus they used for their first big tour back in 2000 and tour their home country.

The bus had been locked in storage for a couple years, only being used by some of their managers. They were meant to sell the bus, but whenever they did, it was returned almost immediately with some strange excuse on how it was a mistake to buy it, but the band thought nothing of it. It still felt the same way when they walked in, the old band posters still on the walls to make them feel more at home. They had bunk-beds in the bus and underneath, a place to keep their shoes. The papers with their nicknames on the beds were still exactly the same and hadn't moved in the slightest. The only difference is the extra tape to keep them down. 

The sheets had been changed, but that was to be expected. The band couldn't imagine sleeping in the same sheets they had when they were younger, they were probably extremely musty and might've been stolen by someone who had owned the bus previously. 

"How's it feel to be back?" Mike asked Chester in his best impersonation of an interviewer. Chester smirked, but played along.

"It feels great. Hey, when you print this in your magazine, could you add something inspirational after that? Thanks," Chester giggled and Mike rolled his eyes.

"Alright, enough playing. Hey, your shoes are still here!" Mike suddenly noticed, pointing at the near two dozen pairs of shoes under Chester's bunk bed.

"Weird, I thought I took them out of the bus," Chester laughed and went to inspect them. He found a pair of short, black boots and grinned. "Hey, I remember these! I was looking for them when we were moving into the new bus! Actually, now that I think of it, I couldn't find any of my shoes when we moved. I thought you guys tossed them so I couldn't crowd the bus with more shoes."

"Hey, my posters!" Rob exclaimed when he stepped into the bus. He scrunched his face into an expression of confusion, looking at the only two who were currently on the bus. "Did you guys take them and then put them back up just now? I couldn't find them when I was packing my stuff."

"No?" Mike replied uncertainly and figured something strange was going on. 

"Honey, I'm home!" Brad called when he entered the bus and Chester, Mike, and Rob rolled their eyes at the same time. He came towards the others and grinned, putting an arm around Chester and playfully kissing his cheek. 

"Welcome home, dear," Chester grinned and Brad hugged each of them tightly. 

"We haven't toured in forever, this one's going to be great! I'm actually excited to play the old songs and live in this bus again, though it's more cramped than I remember..." Brad trailed off, looking at the remaining space, which wasn't much. "How are we supposed to fit Phoenix and Joe in here?"

"Well, we'll fold Rob in half and stick him in with our bags underneath," Mike joked considering how tall Rob is. 

"I'm here, please, hold the applause," Joe smirked as he walked in, but he paused and looked around. "Um... Rob, how old are you? You put your posters back up?"

"No, I swear I didn't! I thought Mike and Chester took them," Rob frowned and Joe shrugged, coming into the room. The Led Zeppelin and Metallica posters pushed to the back of his mind already, until he noticed all twenty pairs of shoes under Chester's bed.

"Thought you were breaking the habit," Joe laughed at his own reference and Mike groaned in irritation. 

"How am I supposed to survive the next couple of weeks with you idiots?" He asked mostly to himself. 

"By fucking Chester," Brad suggested and shrugged his shoulders. Mike chuckled and rolled his eyes, not noticing the wink Chester threw at him, though the others had and began laughing. 

"What?!" Mike asked, not knowing what was so humorous. 

"Nothing," Chester giggled and Dave came into the bus, immediately taken aback by the lack of space.

"How on earth did we manage to tour in this thing? I can hardly walk a foot in front of me!" He exclaimed, having the same reaction everyone else had. "What's up with the shoes and posters?I thought you guys couldn't find that stuff when we got the new bus."

"You remember that too? See, guys, I'm not crazy!" Rob swore and the band laughed a bit. "But seriously, I don't know what's up with it."

"Oh well, it makes us younger," Dave chuckled and smiled at the others. "How you doing, Chaz?"

"Fine," He shrugged, not knowing why he asked him specifically. He figured it was because of the fact that he wasn't happy during this era and was grateful for his friend's concern, but he was in a much better mental state and actually felt great walking down memory-lane, showing how far he's gotten in his life. "It's so weird being back, but this tour is going to be fun. More fun than it was when we actually had this tour way back when."

"I don't know about that. It will in the sense of you being happy and we don't have as many concerts as we did then, so we won't be so worn out, but it was our first tour and I don't think we could mimic the excitement of that," Brad intervened and the others had to agree with him. "We've got a long day ahead of us, so unpack and get comfortable."


Everyone had gone to bed in their respective bunks, leaving each other to rest. They all slept soundly as the bus driver continued to their next destination, being sealed off in his own section of the bus, blocking out the sounds of the snoring band members. 

Chester whimpered in his sleep, suffering from a nightmare and sat straight up in bed, breathing hard and sweating. He took in his surroundings and calmed down once his eyes rested on the figures of his sleeping friends. He yawned a bit, not getting his full nights rest, and carefully got out of his bunk, not wanting to wake up the others. He went to the mini fridge in their tiny pantry and grabbed a water, retiring back to the edge of his bed soon after. He thought he heard apart of the floor in front of him creak and a chill ran down his spine. He frowned and squinted his eyes, trying to see through the dark, which was almost impossible without his glasses.

"Hello?" He whispered and he could've sworn he felt a hand on his shoulder. He flinched remarkably and pressed his back against the wall of his bunk. 

"Chester? You up?" He heard Mike call to him and he was overwhelmed with relief. 

"Yeah, I'm up," He confirmed and heard Mike get out of his bed and go to Chester's, sitting next to him with a small smile. 

"What're you doing awake? Not comfortable here yet?" 

"No, it's not that. I just had a nightmare, no biggie," He shrugged and offered a weak smile of reassurance, which went unseen. 

"No biggie? Chester, when was the last time you've had a nightmare before tonight?" Mike asked, putting a comforting hand on Chester's back - one he did not flinch away from. 

"Um, I'm not sure, actually. It's been awhile."

"See what I mean then? You might not be entirely over everything yet, which is okay. I mean with all the fights, tears, and heartbreak, I don't blame you for not being entirely comfortable in this bus," Mike assured him and Chester shook his head.

"I actually hadn't thought about any of that. All I can think about when I'm in here is the good stuff; the laughter, fun, excitement, and the feeling of success. This tour made me feel like I was on the top of the world along with my best friends. That's what I think about when I look around, not all the depressing shit," Chester explained and Mike smiled proudly at him and tugged him in for a hug. 

"I'm proud of you, Chester, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart," He rubbed soothing circles on his best friend's back before pulling away, a soft grin still planted on his lips. "Now, we have a long day tomorrow, so try to get back to sleep."

"I will. Thank you, Mike, for everything. You can't understand how much I love you," Chester laughed softly and Mike smiled. 

"I love you too, Chester. Get some sleep," He retired back to his own bed and Chester had forgotten about the creaking floor in front of him and the hand on his shoulder and went back to a peaceful sleep. 


Rob groggily woke up and yawned loudly, forgetting he was in their old tour bus with the rest of his band mates. He realized once he opened his eyes that he wasn't at home and tried not to laugh at his own mistake. He stepped out of his bunk, more quietly than he had when he first woke up, and yawned again, already wanting to go back to sleep, but his bladder wouldn't allow that. 

He went to towards the bathroom and he let out another big yawn, groaning after at the annoyance. He didn't bother to close the small door behind him and emptied his bladder, nearly dosing off while standing during the process. He finished up and went to wash his hands, looking at his tired appearance in the reflection of the mirror in front of him. He sighed a bit, then stiffened and yelled once he saw a figure near the doorway. 

He quickly snapped his head in their direction, but there wasn't anyone there. His heart was racing in his chest and he was breathing hard, still freaked out over the apparition. He heard footsteps creaking across the worn floors of the bus, heading towards him and he cowered in the corner of the bathroom, too afraid to turn the sink off. 

"Rob?" Brad asked in a tired voice and Rob instantly relaxed at the sight of his friend. "I heard you yell, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, just stubbed my toe on a corner," He quickly lied, not wanting to seem odd for seeing a figure that wasn't there. 

"Not bleeding or anything is it?" Brad asked, stepping into the bathroom and turning off the sink before looking at Rob's bare feet. 

"No, no, I'm just a pussy," Rob chuckled and Brad laughed.

"You're not, but you look exhausted. Let's get you back to bed," He gestured for Rob to follow him, who was secretly thankful he had an escort to his bunk, still freaked out over the unexplained figure in the bathroom. 

"Thanks, BBB, I appreciate it," Rob thanked him and yawned again, cursing quietly at how tired he was. Brad simply nodded and headed back to bed, thankful his friend was alright.


A loud crash erupted throughout the bus, causing Dave to bolt straight up in his bunk and glance around, feeling awake and alert, ready to lash out at any attacker who may have gotten on the bus and tried to hurt his friends. He calmed a little once his eyes adjusted to the darkness and saw no figure around. He decided to try and inspect the bus for whatever caused the noise and got out of bed, seeing Joe was also sitting up in his bunk. 

"Did you hear that?" Dave asked him softly, not wanting to wake the others who seemed to have slept through it. Joe nodded his head and smiled a little.

"You heard it too? I thought it was my imagination because nobody else woke up," He chuckled and Dave gestured for him to get up and follow him, still unsure if the bus driver had stopped anywhere and someone welcomed themselves on board and hid. 

"What did it sound like to you?" He asked and Joe thought about it for a moment. 

"Kind of like a guitar falling on the ground and it sounded like it was coming from Brad's bunk."

"Maybe he's cuddling with his guitar again and accidentally pushed it off," Dave laughed a bit at the thought and Joe joined in, trying to keep it quiet for the others, not wanting to alarm them in case it was nothing. 

"Let's check it out," Joe said once their laughter died down and the two approached Brad's bunk. Sure enough, his guitar was sprawled across the floor, but it was odd. Dave could've sworn it was one of Brad's old guitars from their first tour that they assumed a fan had stolen. The stings were broken and it looked dusty, which didn't make any sense. Brad was incredibly obsessive over the cleanliness of his guitars and always made sure they never had a speck on any of them. 

"Do you notice anything weird?" Dave asked, wondering if Joe was thinking the same thing, and glanced at him, seeing him nod. 

"Yeah, that's an old guitar. How could it be that dusty if it was in Brad's bunk?" Joe asked and Dave shrugged, eyeing the layer of dust on the guitar that gave it an uneven, grey, powdery coat. Dave bent down to inspect the instrument, a large, black spider crawling out of it; it's eight legs moving quickly out of the guitar and towards Joe, who screeched and raced back to his bunk. Dave tried not to laugh and rolled his eyes, killing the pest by grabbing one of Brad's shoes and stepping on it. He put the shoe back and picked up the guitar.

He still found it odd, but decided not to over think it and put it with Brad's newest guitar, seeing the huge difference between the two. He felt a yawn rising in his throat and headed back to his bunk, deciding he'd ask Brad about it tomorrow if he remembered and figured Brad was just being weird. 


"Guys?!" Chester heard Rob call and he rolled out of bed, hearing the urgency in Rob's voice and didn't need anymore information to get up. He noticed the others reacted the same way and went towards him as he was standing in the middle of the bus, where his posters once hung, but now they were missing. "What happened to my posters?!"

"Did you actually miss those old things?" Mike chuckled and Rob shrugged. 

"It was cool seeing them again, but why are they gone? Did one of you guys take them?" He asked and everyone shook their heads no. Dave's eyebrows furrowed together as he looked towards Brad's new guitar and noticed the old one was missing. 

"Brad, where's your old guitar? It fell out of your bunk yesterday and I put it next to your new one. Right, Joe?" He asked, wanting a bit of leverage to show he wasn't being crazy.

"Yeah, a big ass spider crawled out of it!" He chipped in and Brad looked confused. 

"What do you mean? The only guitar I brought on the bus is that one," He gestured to his new one and the band began eyeing each other. "Is someone pulling a prank on all of us?"

"Hold on a second..." Chester trailed off and went back to his bunk. Mike appeared puzzled by the situation and his eyes widened when he heard Chester scream.

"Chester!" He yelled and raced towards his bunk, the others following close behind. Mike's heart was racing and he could've sworn he had tears in his eyes, afraid something had happened to Chester. They went to his bunk and Chester was standing before them, pouting.

"My shoes! All my old shoes! They're gone!" He cried and went to hug Mike, who rolled his eyes and hugged back, thankful he was safe. The others looked a bit irritated by his dramatic reaction over his missing shoes, but Mike was always patient with Chester and could deal with anything he had to throw at him. 

"Okay, something weird is going on," Brad said once Mike and Chester broke their hug. "I'm honestly creeped the fuck out."

"Does anyone know what's going on?" Rob asked the entire band, but they all had blank faces. 

"Maybe someone's fucking with us," Dave suggested, but it was immediately shot down.

"I don't know how they could do that, unless it's the bus driver - he's the only other one on this bus," Mike insisted and Chester cleared his throat. 

"I have a theory, but you're going to think it's stupid," He warned them, but they waited for him to continue anyway. "What if it was a ghost...?"

"A ghost? Like a dead person? I don't know about that, Chaz..." Joe trailed off and the others had nothing to add or comment, surrounding them all with a blanket of silence. 

"Let's talk to the bus driver and see if he's noticed anything," Mike suggested and the others agreed on it and went to the front of the bus, the driver smiling once seeing them. 

"Hey, guys, about three more hours and we'll be there," He informed them, not realizing that they weren't even thinking about the tour anymore. 

"Have you noticed anything weird going on?" Dave spoke up first and the driver simply chuckled.

"I knew it wouldn't take long for you boys to notice that this bus isn't quite as it seems," He chuckled. "I've noticed things moving on here all the time, spotted shadow figures all around, things going missing or randomly turning up, a touch on your shoulder that's not actually there."

"You've seen the figure too?!" Rob gasped.

"It touched my shoulder last night!" Chester said at the same time.

"Calm down, guys," He chuckled and continued driving. "This bus was built in 1998, two years before you boys came around and took her. She used to be a passenger bus, until she was involved in a huge accident - everyone on board, eight people, died. Then your manager or whoever bought the bus, fixed her up, and made it yours. Everyone's noticed strange things on board, but they only began to notice about a year after you boys got your new bus. I think the spirits weren't active until things changed again."

"Spirits?" Brad echoed and felt himself become light-headed. 

"I told you!" Chester beamed proudly, but then frowned. "I feel horrible for those people."

"I assure you they've never done anything harmful, so as long as you can deal with a few bumps in the night, you'll be fine," He reassured the band who slowly nodded. 

"Thanks for telling us," Mike nodded and headed back towards the main space of the bus with the others who followed him. He draped an arm around Chester and laughed a bit. "Of course we'd be the band with the haunted tour bus."

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