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Standing in the middle by MissDomho




the young slender man whispered, his lilthe muscle pushing between parted lips to wet his drying mouth. He couldn't figure out why he was so nervous to begin with, he's performed in the spot light before, serenading to the fans with every ounce of vocals he could deliver for them, the screams of gratitude from the fans that worship Linkin Park would come there after.


Tonight felt different, as the young inked man sat limp at the edge of his seat. His dark tresses falling between the thick humid air of the dressing room and his sunken dark eyes. His ears seeking out the local band playing just behind the door of the dressing room. His tongue slipping between his lips, lapping at the dry skin from around his mouth as he tried to lubricate his lips with his saliva.

He was tired, exhausted would be an understatement of how he was feeling, it had been a long tour. Longer than usual and with 6 days until their last Australian show will finish in Brisbane before the long precarious journey home begins. He wanted to be home, back to his family, back to the city of Angels. He missed his children, his wife, his lush comfortable bed, and the squishy pillows that accompanied it. He missed the laughter of his children playing of a day time, the fresh cup of brewed coffee brought to him every morning. He missed home. He had been feeling particularly home sick this up coming tour.

With wobbly knees, he drew in a breath as his feet found ground beneath his weight as he stood. Sauntering his way to the dressing room mirror, the room was dimly lit which Chester Bennington was subtlety happy about, it made it all that much more easier for his eyes to adjust to the translucent light bouncing from the wall to wall. His eyes than followed the mirror, studying the man standing before him, his own reflection staring back.

His eyes were heavy lidded from the lack of sleep this tour had sprung on him, his slender body hidden behind tight fitting clothing he adorned tonight. Dressed to impressed with his denims hugging his thighs, black wife beater leaving very little to the imagination with his inked skin covered in beads of sweat. He ran his long fingers through his mane, screwing his nose at how long his hair was getting. Making do with his hair spiked slightly, he couldn't help but smirk remembering back to his Hybrid Theory days where he thought his long blond tresses were cool.

What was even more hilarious for the vocalist was remembering Mike's outrageously bright red hair and goatee to match. But despite of their hypo-colourful-hip-hop-drab looks when they first began to make it big with their growing fan club and music recognisably being played on every radio station there is, Chester still thought Mike Shinoda, could pull off any hair style, shape, colour known to anyone. To this date still convincing the young emcee to dye his hair the fiery red he remember first meeting Mike with.

Grabbing the complimentary bottle of water beside him on the dresser, ears ringing as he could hear Mr Brad Delson's familiar laugh behind the door accompanied with another voice who Chester recognised as the band's Dj, they were laughing, unsure of what made them laugh aloud their voices melted away from the door as they crept further away from The dressing room, Chester stood in silence. It was than he unscrewed the lid and pushing the the bottle to his awaiting lips. His throat silently cried in relief feeling the clear substance wash away the dryness that came from his throat. Pulling away for a short breath in between sips, he than wrapped his lips around the the mouth of the bottle, downing the water in large gulps. He than dispensed the empty bottle into the bin provided.

It was than with a startled muffle to his lips the dressing room door jarred open, hearing the warm up band finishing up their set ringing through out the dimly lit room. The crowds were cheering, the walls vibrated from the concert. He than heard laughter belonging to their bassist as he watched the door swing a little wider to reveal whom was behind the door, interrupting Chester's silent moments. The bald red headed man, with a flaming red goatee and beard stepped inside, laughter escaping his lips as Chester cocked an eye brow at his band mate at whom look like he was up to his crazy shenanigans again. Watching the scene before his eyes, as it was a comical skit, the bass player was pushed into the room, his laughter never seizing only growing louder as he was accompanied by another male behind him who Chester couldn't quite see in the darkened room.

"OUCH- Mike stop playing rough-"

"We'll hurry the fuck up before they see us, asshole" the charming Mr Shinoda and his potty mouth rang through out the quant dressing room whom was accomodating Chester, both band members oblivious that their vocalist was staring at them with questioning eyes.

The older male watched as Phoenix fell into the room, losing his footing before landing to the floor with a loud crash that came there after. Mike soon slammed the door shut behind him, growling at the bassist to quietened down as the bass player was now rolling around on the ground, whimpering obscenities from under his breath. His stomach hurled to his knees as his cheeks were flushed from the fall.

It was Chester's turn to say something as the band members still had not acknowledged that they weren't alone, he knew the two were up to no good...again and judging from hearing Brad and Joe laughing before it may have had to do something with them. Though what tour would be complete with out either of the band members getting up to their old crazy ways like they have from their Hybrid Theory days. Clearing his throat silently, his throat still coated with pain which he tried to ignore.

"What the fuck are you both doing?!"

Chester questioned, which caused the emcee to turn away from the door, his arms still crossed against the solid door, his soft brown hues settling on Chester. The older male couldn't help but for a moment feel breathless as he was taking mental notes of how amazing the emcee was looking for the concert tonight. His olive skin was covered in a thin sheet of sweat from the humidity, wearing jeans that accentuated his long sturdy legs, his torso covered in a breezy green checkered shirt, his sleeves rolled perfectly along his toned arms, exposing his elbows which Chester couldn't help himself but bite back a whimper.

He was a sucker for elbows and Mike had amazing elbows.

Although the feelings between each leading men of the two were close, it was completely platonic in the most sensible and professional way. Not even ass grabs, slaps, near miss kisses on stage would ever change the way that each men felt for one another. Although Chester was happily married, he was still allowed to stare.

"We're hiding from Brad and Joe-" the emcee spoke softly, his eyes never leaving Chester's. Which made Chester feel a little nervous to think,

Did he see me check him out before?

Chester's worried thoughts were squashed as Phoenix sprung up, a limp to his right leg made him whimper slightly from under his breath.

"Damn Shinoda, you really don't know how to play nice..."

"Well I had to push your ridged fat ass in before they spot us..."

"What the fuck have you both done now for you both to be hiding out here?"

Chester questioned, his eyes finally broke from Mike who was still staring at him, he made his way back to the couch, mentally preparing himself for their show in which will be in a few moments.

"Oh- it's nothing really-" the emcee began cooly, his eyes on the door now as he slowly dropped his arms to his sides, his movements were carefully thought out, configuring

if he had made the right decision by taking a step back from the door.

"Nothing? You're the one that started it Mike- that asshole over there thought it would be funny to TP the bathroom and than flood the sinks with it...with Brad and Joe both inside still-"

"-Don't act all innocent!" The emcee interrupted, fits of laughter were now coming to the surface of his lips. "Who thought of the brilliant idea in the first place?"

"Well yeah I thought of TP'ing them to get back at them for adding dish wash soap to my soda- but- flooding the bathroom was all yours, asshole"

The bassist was now standing ridgidly, his lower back leaning against the dress room vanity, now helping himself to the bottled water.

"You guys are fucked!" The vocalist called out, between fits of laughter. He knew it was only a matter of time before one of them fucked up and at Mike's fault it seemed like the emcee went beyond the original prank they first thought out. He knew Linkin Park wouldn't be invited back to play at their venue once they found out their emcee caused damages to their plumbing in their bathroom.

"Can't take you anyway! Learn to play nice, Shinoda" the vocalist teased, with a wiggle to his eyebrows as he watched the emcee shudder slightly from the comment. Satisfied with the emcees reaction he smirked more so to himself that he still had an impact on the younger male, he was like jello to Chester when it came to Chester hinting meaningless sexual innuendos.

The emcee crossed over towards Chester, as he sunk into the the pleather lounge next to the older male. His body laid limp, his arm crossing over his eyes as he swallowed hard. Chester felt his body tingle slightly from the touch of Mike's outer thigh now pushing into his own, the younger male completely unaware the spell he was putting on Chester.

"Man I am beat!" The emcee started. "This tour has been all sorts of whack, as much has I love touring...nothing beats fresh smell of coffee beside the bedside every morning!"

"-and a good fuck!" Chester jeered, the words escaping his dry lips not comprehending what he had said. Subconsciously rubbing his inner thigh with the back of his right hand. Phoenix snorted before sniggering at the vocalists vulgarity.

"Horny much...but true..." The tanned male whom was squashed beside his band mate sniggered, his breath cooling Chester's sweaty nape of his neck. Shuddering, he was completely under the emcees wicked spell and what made it worse was that the younger male, who was leaning his weight into his friend as his hand slipped into his back pocket to grab his mobile, his breath coming out in short pants with every move he made, what impact it was doing to the older male. He had no idea why he was feeling the way he was, there had been other moments before in the past where they crossed barriers as little as wondering eyes and flirtatious comments, but all the more they were only harmless fun. Chester was beginning to think he was missing home a little too much, he missed the wet sloppy kisses from his kids to the sensual curves of Talinda's soft skin beneath his touch as they would make love.

The older male came to the conclusion that he was over tired, over worked and needed to release some stress, possibly a drink or two tonight from after the show would help him over come the mixed emotions he had been feeling. There was a loud bang against the door, followed by someone yelling obscenities through the door. Chester's eyes cracked open as Phoenix jumped from the dressing table vanity that he was leaning against, his leg still with a limp. The emcee had been in the phone to his wife, Anna as he was now hurrying his farewells as he hung up.

"Mother fuckers- knew you would be in here!"

The door was now split open, the music from the opening band flowing freely into the enclosed proximity. A stocky Asian man, who's hair was hidden under a flat back hat came running in, his chuck Taylor's making squelching noises as he walked. Brad was next to run into the room, his shoes also to match the squishing noises from his water logged shoes. His neatly trimmed hair and beard covered in damp air from the humidity.

"I am going to kill you three!" The lead guitarist screeched out. It was than Robert Bourdon, their youngest but much wiser band member came into the room with hesitant steps as he knew his band members were up to no good again.

"Me? The fuck- I didn't do anything?" Chester cried out, making a stand as he had to get away from the emcee in whom was completely oblivious of the affect he was giving the frustrated man.

"Whatever dude, you're always coming up with crazy shit like that- who's to say you weren't the master mind behind it all-"

"-What the fuck Joe? I knew just as much as you did-"

"What's going on here?" The young drummer was afraid to ask but had done so, he had taken Chester's spot from where he was sitting before next to Mike. Chester felt a little jealous and somewhat relieved he got away from the emcees intoxicating smell and touch.

"This fuck head-" Joe started, shooting out his finger dramatically, pointing at the emcee who was laughing aloud, his arms crossing over his stomach to help compose himself from collapsing from lack of air.

"-and this mother fucker" Joe than pointed behind him to where Dave threw his arms up in defeat, the boyish smile never once leaving his face. "Are fucking assholes! Flooded the toilets with toilet paper...you owe me another pair of shoes, assholes!"

"-and me too! My shoes got wet too?" Brad retaliated, puffing his chest out. The emcee still cracking up from the couch whom was now slung over the young drummer, the poor man sat ridged, almost regretting asking the question the first place.

There was another knock at the door, looking over, the music that once flooded the room had quietened but the cheers continued to plummet through the stadium. Chester's palms began to sweat.

'Breathe' Chester thought, his mind now going into over drive of what he was about to experience for the next 90 minutes of his life, it was fear mixed with excitement. Their band manager Bob Dallas stood at the door, head phones in, speaking to whom ever was on the headset. Before ending the conversation.

"Come on boys! Let's rock!" The manager said, as the band began towards the exit. Phoenix was first out, tucking his backside in as he strutted, laughing aloud at the DJ who was trying to swipe him with out stretched arms. The drummer walked along side the solemn guitarist who didn't look too pleased that he had play a show in his wet shoes for over an hour.

Chester followed them afterwards, a lag towards his steps as he began tuning his voice, humming and hearing the cheers from the wild crowd. With every step he took he could feel the crowd getting closer, the walls around them vibrated, sending chills down his inked spine.

"You ready for this?" The voice was nothing more than a whisper, a husky, somewhat sexy whisper that almost made Chester's knees buckle from under his weight. What made it worse was in fact Mike had his arm wrapped around Chester's slimmer frame, his fingers digging into the Chester's hips, pulling the older male into his personal space. The emcees breath was so warm against his hot skin, Chester wanted to moan at the slightest touch, smell, sensation that the younger was giving him.

"Never been more ready in my life" Chester was surprised to find the words, not once daring to look at the emcee whom was still slumped into Chester's side, feeling the tanned male's hip brush against his own as they both walked in unison.

"Good luck out there man" the emcee whispered again, smiling handsomely at his older band mate, his breath hot again Chester's skin. The older male wanted to cry in frustration, as he could feel his crotch hot to match the frustrations he was now feeling.

"You too...asshole.." Chester grumbled only enough for his ears, Mike had already pulled away from the older male to join the other band members for their huddle beside the stage.

This was going to be a long night



Hello...anyone...out there? I am backi use to write on this site years ago...but would love to start again!, wanting to write again as it makes me believe Chester is still around. I cannot believe he is gone, I'm still in denial...it's hard to believe that he's no longer with us. But his beautiful voice, his amazing laughter and his videos with the band making music is and will still live on for all of us. I hope it's not too impersonal for me to write a fanfic...a bennoda slash at that...so any reviews..likes are more than welcomed...wondering if should still continue this...I've had this story in the works weeks before the nightmare...

So tell me what you think!

Thank you!

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