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Adopted by the band by Bourdelsonloves


You know if you wanna get adopted you'd have to get up right?" I heard a whisper in my ear. I opened one of my eyes and looked at my friend Kate. She wasn't living here or waiting to be adopted like the rest of us, she worked here liked to help out around here and help take care of the kids here. "You already know, no couple would want me. Like what? Maybe fifty couples didn't want me the last time " I mumbled into my pillow.

I felt the covers be pulled off of me I curled up into a fetal position hugging my knees. "Come on, it's cold" I whined "that's because you're wearing shorts in the morning" I groaned and sat up, my eyes still close. I heard shuffling telling me that Kate was folding my blanket "come on, its breakfast now get dressed in your day clothes" I sighed and walked to my closet grabbing a Rise Against shirt and my red skinny jeans along with my Supernatural belt and vans. I walked down stairs and sat in the dining room still tired as hell "here eat up" I looked down at what was in front of me and sighed "cereal yay" I looked up at Kate as I took a spoon full of my Captain Chrunch, she frowned "I know, I tried to save you something earlier but you know how the headmaster of this place is" I shrugged "its whatever" I said mouth full, Kate laughed.

"Hey for my lunch I'll ask if you and me can go out for a bit. And I'll buy us lunch" I smiled and swallowed my cereal "awesome"

I helped Kate finished the rest of the dishes I then walked up to my room that I shared with my roommate Jessie "Hey I heard you laptop ding" She said as I walked in "like what? Facebook? Twitter?" "No, e-mail" my eyes widen. I ran to my desk and lifted my laptop screen up, I opened up my e-mail and looked through them. I sighed "what was it?" "Oh nothing REALLY important just telling me that Linkin Park is doing a live stream right now you mind if I watch it?" I looked behind me and saw Jessie shake her head "nope, go a head" She smiled.

I smiled and turned back to my laptop and clicked on the link that allowed me to watch the live stream.

"Yeah, dude just bring it here.."

"But doesn't Joe need it?" "No, just come here people want to come on screen"

I smiled as Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington sat down in front of the camera.

Did I say anything about how much I ship them? Well I do, like a lot.

"Alright guys well we have two announcements to make but that will be done near the end of the chat. So if you guys have any questions just throw them out there"

"But don't ask if we're gonna come to your city or country.. sorry if that sounded mean."

I smiled and tried to type as fast as I could and ask about the contest that they had, for a fan and a plus one to join them on in the making of the new album but my question flew by fast as people asked how the new record was coming along and how everyone has been. I stopped trying and just watched them.

As they near the end of the chat and constantly telling people to stop asking them to visit this place or that place and were ready to announce things.

Mike looked at Chester happily and looked as though he was grabbing something from under the desk they were sitting at, I looked at Chester and say him take a deep breath. "You all know the fan fiction that there is about me and Chester?" My eyes widen and I got closer to my screen "yes we know of it" Chester whispered

Up came a thing of hand intertwined together, Mike and Chester smiled at the camera "well no need to read fan fiction now" Chester laughed.

I fell out of my chair smiling like crazy Jessie got up off her bed and kneeled to my said "holy shit are you okay?" I nodded and hid my smile with my hands, I then got up and sat back down in front of my laptop and took deep breaths "just calm down, they have another announcement" I relaxed and looked back at my laptop.

"And we also have a winner of our contest yes we will be e-mailing the winner as well as announcing the winner here"

I leaned in closer and bit my lip from excitement.

"The winner of the A Thousand Suns contest is" I took a deep breath in again "Maggie Mayers"

I fell to my floor screaming, I then heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the door being pushed open " what the fuck just happened?" Kate asked.

I looked at her years in my eyes "I won, I won Kate" "what? Won what?" I pointed to my laptop and she walked over to it "You mean you won, you won the contest with them?" I nodded tears still running down my face "I won, and I can bring someone with me"

Of course I know she's a huge fan of them so why not take her?

"And I'm taking you with me Kate" he jaw dropped to the floor "Mag y-y-you don't have to do that, hell you can take Jessie with you" Jessie shook her head "nah, I know how much you two love that band. She can take you, Kate"

Kate smiled widely and looked at me. She walked over to me and hugged me and jumped up and down "Maggie, thank you, thank you!" I hugged her back.

She let go of me and ran down stairs before yelling "Maggie pack a bag, now"


Hello loves, loooooooong time no see, I haven't posted since 2014, wow. Well I'm back and I plan on working on my other stories too, so get ready for those.

P.s: could you guys help me find a fic on here that where they guys had powers, Mike I think controlled fire, Chester could turn into anything from his tattoos, and Brad like could blow up things I believe. If you could so kindly leave the authors penname or the title of the story for me, thanks.


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