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The rain dance by MissDomho

First meeting

AN hello...I have been hit pretty hard with writers block argh :( for my standing in the middle story...I have written a chapter but I dunno it seems like chicken scratch to me lol I am working on it :( so please bear with me...need more encouragement lol ^~^

Anyway...I have found this story I half written a year ago and than left it...have no idea why?!! So I finished it almost? And realise that when I write slash...I tend to write pages of it haha...can't help myself...please give this a go, review...comment...kudos...anything is appreciated:) please don't be offended by this it's purely fiction and pure smut between the Bennoda boys <3 this will be a 2/3 part story :)

Love to you all, Linkin Park and Bennoda <3


The sky started clouding over as Chester found the cafe that both men had agreed to meet at. The pale man, whose body was painted like a human canvas swallowed hard as he was having flash backs from when he placed an ad in the local newspaper, a swingers ad to be more specific, a gay swingers ad just to throw it all in the mix of a Chester's muddled thoughts. He was curious to say the least as he had been dealing with his personal demons for many years on whether or not he was gay. In his adolescent life he had kissed a handful of boys and girls and couldn't work out which sex he liked the most as each kiss was as thrilling as the last, despite of the sex he may be kissing.

Now inside the quaint cafe, it was different than any other restaurant the pale man often frequented. The clientele were mostly men, only a handful of woman in sight. Chester felt a shiver of guilt and fear as he waded into these unknown waters, looking around for a man in a black leather jacket with a large red book as his perfect stranger said he would be waiting for him. That was until he found the man he has been looking for. A shiver ran through him as he approached him. From afar Chester described the man incredibly sexy- but as he approached the man with timid steps he soon realised this man was simply stunning. His dark hair was trimmed, along with his beard. The expanse of his tanned skin ran around his lean posture gave Chester the indication that the man was somewhat exotic, Asian possibly?

'Am I really going to cross this forbidden line?' The pale brunette man thought, his mind now a jumble.

He felt nervous. He was scared, but ready as lingering questions and thoughts of being with a man for the first time were all going to end tonight.

"Mike?" Chester asked quietly once he approached the beautiful man that was now haunting his mind.

"Hello Chester," he answered. "I was afraid you wouldn't show."

"I have to admit, it was a little iffy at times... but here I am. I'm not sure how this works."

"It'll work any way you want it to," he said, his dark brown eyes searching Chester's.

Steeling Chester's will, the pale man felt strangely brave and pulled his chair even closer once he sat down. The smaller man casually reached over and placed his hand on Mike's thigh, gave a timid little half-rub and pulled it back. Chester immediately wished he hadn't, but the pale man had no idea what to do. Mike then reached over and put his hand on Chester's thigh, and feeling reassured, Chester ran his fingers over Mike's.

"We can go as slow or as fast as you want,"

He continued, his large beautiful eyes were now eyes piercing Chester's. The two men talked a bit, and as the older man, one of the many things he found out by Mike was that Chester was older than he was, realised he needed Mike. Chester was scared- but mostly curious if anything. He was excited and felt ready to explore his sexuality with his perfect stranger.

Chester stammered out, "Do you want to get out of here?"

He smiled at Chester. "My place isn't far."


It had started raining when the older left his car there and Mike drove them both to his house in a nice quiet little neighborhood in the hills. Later, when the 'fog of fag' lifted from Chester's brain he realised how stupid this was: if Mike was a maniac killer, he was now at his mercy. Obviously it turned out okay, as Chester was still alive to recount the joyous events of this evening. His place was secluded, up a long driveway lush with trees and greenery. It was a beautiful, private setting, perfect for Chester's first intimacy with his lover.

Chester could feel himself becoming bolder as they got out. The older male waited for him to come around the car, and he embraced Chester. The tanned male kissed Chester ferociously on the mouth. Hungrily the older male wrapped his tongue around Mike's, reveling in the rough texture of his masculine cheek rubbing against Chester's own.

So different from a woman's face, and it excited the pale man. Chester was kissing a man -- smelling him, feeling him. The younger tanned man held Chester's face in his hands as he explored his willing mouth. The older male caressed his broad shoulders, allowing Chester's hands to wander down to the small of his back. The older male clenched his belt for a moment before sliding down to cup his tight firm ass.

Chester's cock was already twitching in his own pants when Mike rubbed his hand down across the older male's crotch. By the time he undid the top button, Chester was hard. Mike's tongue deep in Chester's mouth, he tilted the pale man back slightly as his hand slithered in, caressing Chester's swollen organ through his underwear. It seemed that their roles were becoming clearly defined: Chester was the one who was going to be dancing backwards. The smaller male surrendered happily, wrapping his arms around Mike's neck and kissing him with heightened vigor, savouring Mike's lips.

Chester let a moan escape his lips, vibrating around Mike's tongue, before drew back a tad and whispered, low and breathy, into his ear.

"We should go inside."

He clasped Chester's hand and led them both inside to his beautiful house. As the door closed behind them, Mike grabbed Chester, kissing the older male again, harder and deeper, as if to atone for the interruption. Chester couldn't get his mouth open wide enough for his searching tongue. Chester sucked on it - hard. But there was something else Chester wanted to suck on even more.

Right there in the entry way, Chester dropped to his knees before Mike. Undoing his fly in a hurried force as he pulled Mike's pants down. It was a fucking dream among dreams. Tight black cotton boxers outlined by his hardening member waiting for Chester to touch, kiss, suck, do whatever his body would obtain to keep the younger male happy. Chester kissed Mike through his underwear as he tenderly rubbed the hardened cock with deft fingers. It was than Chester reached in through the slit of Mike's tight boxers and than held his stiff organ in his hand, exposing his balls as well.

Chester didn't do any foreplay: Chester wanted the main event too much for that. Slipping his lips over the head of Mike's cock and taking it halfway down. The tattooed man just about came right there feeling Mike's large organ fill up on Chester's warm mouth.

Chester fucking loved the sensation of his warm, wet canal being filled up with all of Mike had to offer. Warm meat dancing on Chester's tongue. It felt good. Chester sucked, wanting to savor the flavour of his first real homosexual encounter.

Chester gently cupped his balls while He sucked hard on just the head before easing and sliding halfway down, mindful of his teeth. Mike moaned loudly, his moans ripping through the quiet sanctuary of his beautiful home as he thrusted his hips, fucking Chester's mouth, gently at first, but spurred on by Chester's soft moans, more insistently. Chester reached up, felt for Mike's large beautiful hands and brought them to the sides of his head.

Chester covered his teeth with his lips and tilted his neck to allow him to thrust with all the wild abandon he could muster, and Chester pounded his face with Mike's large cock. The tip of his dick consistently breached the top of the tattooed man's throat, Chester finding that he was riding the wave of his gag reflex, never strong enough to start the throwing up process, and with the speed he was fucking Chester's mouth, it actually allowed the older male to keep the reflex at bay.

Chester absolutely loved it. Mike held his head firmly in place and fucked his way into Chester's awaiting mouth with grunting, masculine glee. Chester didn't feel submissive or used in any bad way, but more like 'I'm a player here - I can do this, and he's loving it!' Chester experimented with constricting and relaxing every part of his oral cavity that was caressing his dick, and quickly found a rhythm that had Mike gasping.

Chester wouldn't say that this episode caused him to have a religious enlightening, but he did seem to pay homage to some deity as he started gasping too.

"Oh God, Oh my fucking Chester!"

His thrusts hit the top end of his speed range and became jerky and haphazard, like Mike was at the tail end of a fierce rodeo bull ride and was hanging on for dear life. Chester was the bull, and he was going to toss him at any second.

Chester opened his throat, preparing for a gullet full of warm seed as he jack-hammered Chester's skull, his urgency building to his impending climax. The older male was ready. He skewed his lips tighter on his younger lover and was prepared for it. Chester knew He was going to swallow him, that there had never been any doubt.

Faster and faster Mike fucked Chester's mouth, the fingers cupping his head, digging into Chester's hair and he started a long, growling moan. Chester had never been in this spot before, where he was feeling a man approaching orgasm, but instinct told Chester he was near.

Here it is...

With one last lips-to-pubic-bone thrust, he pulled out abruptly Chester was applying such hard suction that it went pop. His mouth suddenly vacated, an explosion of slobber and spit spewed out of Chester's mouth, leaving a long rope of his saliva forming a bridge to Mike's cock.

Chester looked up, Mike's palms sliding away from Chester's head as he stumbled backwards, severing Chester's spit string, dripping it down onto the floor between them. He knocked over a coat stand in the foyer as he fell back, catching himself against the wall.

He slumped, panting heavily. Chester looked into his eyes, puzzled. He collected himself before approaching Chester as he smiled down at the older male. His beautiful hands reasserted themselves, stroking the sides of Chester's face, and gently lifted Chester up to his feet.

Chester rose with him, palming his hands against Mike's chest to steady his awkward ascent. The tattooed man was gasping for breath as he led Chester's face to his, Chester's lips to his, his tongue to Mike's. He breathed into Chester's face. His sweet smells clouding Chester's once again as he was slowly growing accustomed to it.

"Nonono...I don't want to cum yet...we have all night baby."

Then Mike closed the last inch between their mouths. If their first kiss was intense, this was lust to the bone. His chin smeared across the wet saliva layering Chester's own while he plummeted Chester's mouth as if he could find the entrance to the older male's soul deep within. The fact is, he did. Chester was his. He knew it and the older male knew it.

He curled Chester's arms around Mike's neck as he pulled Chester's torso flush with his, their tongues dancing above, their painfully erect cocks dancing below. Mike's, open, out in the air, glistening with Chester's spit, rubbing against the fabric that still hid the older male's, it was painful and Chester needed to be released himself as it was becoming more and more unbearable.

Chester sucked on Mike's moist fleshy tongue, confusion crept in. Not sexual - Chester was all in and more in his lust for Mike and every bit of him. This was emotional, something he wasn't expecting. Chester felt himself falling for the younger male. He'd never even fallen for a woman this quickly before, it was a strange sensation- but equally as thrilling. Caught up in the heat between them, Chester brushed the thought aside, certain that it was just a by-product of the unknown territory into which he had launched himself. He had thought that homosexuality was going to be only about the cock, not about romance. He thought he was just in love with the Tabu.

Something about the way Mike held Chester showed him how much more there could be. The way his cheek brushed Chester's, the way Mike's hands clutched the older male, meeting at the small of his back, which was somehow more sensual than if Mike had cupped Chester's ass. Considering how Chester had just so enthusiastically slobbered all over his dick moments before, Mike's hands had the right to go anywhere he wanted them to go. Chester had granted him a permanent easement to his body, yet he held Chester like an affectionate lover, not like the sex toy of the moment.

He pulled his head back slightly, planted a quick closed mouth peck on Chester's lips and whispered,

"Come on Ches...There's more to show you."



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