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Plug it in. by MissDomho


AN; Hello! I have been hit with writers block...this is just a short standalone...trying to write my demons out lol while I can over come my writers block.

Warning; This pure, shameless smut...Letting my Bennoda-esque-porn-mind out hah. It's pretty much plotless...okay maybe a little bit of a plot ;) but yeah it's just Chester, buttplugs, sub!Ches, dom!Mike, the Bennoda boy's being naughty up on stage;). If you're not comfortable reading it then that's fine too:)

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Disclaimer; Do not own.

Enjoy :)!


Chester is smiling to himself, just leaning against the wall and appreciating the familiar full feeling. A nightly occurrence, or at least every night they had a show. They're on in a couple minutes. Mike is standing next to him, humming softly right next to him.

"Are you ready?" Mike remarks, smirking towards Chester, as the older singer just nods. Swallowing thickly.

"As always," Chester squeaks. He then nudges up against the wall, feeling that nice press, and he sighs. Mike notices. He grins. He slides over closer, turning to face him, and backstage is busy so nobody sees Mike's hand reach around Chester's back to his ass, feeling for that little PVC rectangle, the base of the plug, and when his fingers find it he toys with it through Chester's jeans, tilting it up, then down, shifting inside of the older singer, the plug pressing into the warm, sensitive insides of his ass, the pressing and the pressure against the lining making pleasure and pain bloom, ache, making Chester sigh all long and slow so he doesn't moan.

This plug is bigger than the others. Mike was working him up. This is his first show wearing the new plug, and Chester is so lubed up that it's probably making a mess of his boxers. Mike would be taking those later.

Chester starts a bit from his quick moment of pleasure as their band manager yells that they're going on and the lights go off and Mike steals a quick kiss and then there's a whisper, just audible.

"Try not to cum in your jeans onstage"

The vocalist just laughs. He won't. Or at least he doesn't think he will. This is why he always wore his tightest jeans onstage, so they could hide anything should a problem arise, so to say. Chester watches the five shadows fade into silhouettes as they take the stage and the screaming gets louder and he smiles. Yeah, this is what he loves to do, and having Mike as his dominant boyfriend who makes him wear butt plugs onstage really just makes him love it more. Those dirty looks from Mike mid-song are enough to make it worth it.

He waits for his cue for a few more seconds, reaching down the back of his jeans to straighten the plug a bit before he fits on his in-ears and shrugs his leather jacket a bit more comfortably before he walks into the light and the screaming rises a pitch as he takes the mic from its stand.

The show goes as quickly and fiercely as it usually does. For the first few songs, Chester keeps losing himself somewhere between the lyrics and the constant stirring in his jeans. Sure, a few of his notes come out sexier than he plans, borderline moans, but he's positive Mike's loves it. There are coloured lights across the black of the stage and Brad knocks into Chester a couple times, but that's to be expected.

The vocalist stops caring about the plug about three songs in. He lets everything go and he dances and he ignores how tight his jeans are because he's fucking high right now and everything smells like sweat and guitar strings except for Chester's fingers, which have the familiar scent of lube.

Chester is an achy mess when the show is finally over. He towels off, throwing it into the crowd afterward, and Chester downs a water bottle as Mike tosses out his own towel towards the crowd which only jeered more screams. Chester watches him. The way his muscles move under his sweat-slick skin. Ugh. If he wasn't hard already, he'd definitely be hard now to witness something so simple that almost made Chester crumple to his feet. Chester takes off his mic pack and his in-ears.

Mike goes straight to Chester as soon as he's backstage. He grabs a fistful of his shirt and hisses in his ear, his silky tongue lapping up the sweat along his lover's ear lobe. Hoping no one catches them- but to each of their delight, Joe announced they were going to find food before the party they had planned for their last night of the tour as they were expected to live out their normal lives once they touched base in L.A. Tomorrow.

"You find an empty hall or a closet right now."

Chester nods obediently, nearly choking now.

"Yes sir"- but he stifles it.

Mike turns Chester around roughly and pushes him forward, making the older singer stumble but it was those little hints at his innate dominance that got Chester that much more worked up.

The half Asian man finds a hallway before Chester does. It's one of those dead end ones that lead to a one-room unisex toilet and a supply closet. Mike is far too impatient to get Chester into one of those rooms; he just shoves his chest into the wall. Mike kneels behind his older lover and Chester anxiously looks down the hallway to the other one it branches off. Nobody there. No footsteps.

He's wrenched from his thoughts by Mike wrenching his jeans and boxers down under his ass and Mike grabs the plug by the base, turning it a bit inside him as he kisses the base of Chester's back.

"Do you like the new plug babe?"

Mike asks, his breath ghosting, and Chester bites his lip. A moan slipping from his lips.

"Yeah," he whimpers. "It seems a lot bigger than the last..."

"Because it is"

Mike groans. He tugs on it and Chester's breath hitches as it slides out after a bit of pulling. The emcee smiles, setting it down. Chester's ass had adjusted to the plug and he's stretched so he's gaping just a bit, maybe about the width of Mike's thumb. Mike smirks. He lifts his fingers to his lover's stretched crevice and he runs a finger around it, making tingles go through his ass, spreading over his cheeks and bolting through his spine, making it slightly arch, kind of teasing inside him a bit, and Chester feels so hopelessly exposed.

"You're so nice and stretched out for me, babe."

"I know"

Chester whimpers softly, just loud enough for Mike to hear. The emcee spreads him apart and spits, half inside of him. The spit slowly slides its way inside him, making each inch it touches fire up like a spark through a fuse, making his insides hot and wet, making them ache with a subtle heat. Hot, ready. Then Mike's tongue is inside of him. His hands are rough on his ass and his tongue is working circles and the vocalist melts into the wall, moaning softly, breath shaking.

"Mike," he whispers.

"It's okay baby"

The emcee husked into Chester's skin. He keeps going at him and the vocalist rocks up onto his toes, trying to grab the wall, but it's a paint-smooth surface. Fuck. He drops his forehead against the wall as Mike's tongue finds its way deeper and he moans softly, quietly.

"Shhh," Mike whispers. Chester whimpers.

"Mikey, please," he chokes out.

"Please what?" The younger lover asks.

"Please stop teasing," Chester whines. Tears forming in his eyes now.

"I'm not"

Mike says, snaking a finger inside of him easily. He quickly finds Chester's most sensitive spot and the older male's breath shudders. He thrashes his head.

"If you weren't you'd just fuck me"

The older lover says sharply under his breath. Mike doesn't say anything in response, just slaps him on the ass. The emcee did always love doing that, especially when he could lay Chester over his lap and spank him until his cheeks were hot red. The older singer can almost feel the grin on Mike's face. The emcee moves behind him, standing, his fingers leaving him and Chester can hear his jeans being undone. Finally. The singer leans his chest into the wall and arches his back, purposefully rocking his ass out. He looks back over his shoulder and watches Mike, watches as he looks down at his cock as he sinks into Chester.

"Oh god, so fucking tight Chester" Mike grouts, tears of arousal leaking from the creases in his large, deep brown eyes.

The singer purrs happily, resting his head against the wall. He'd been waiting for this all night. Mike pushes up against him, pushes him harder into the wall, and Mike hips start moving. The singer's head drops back on his lover's shoulder. Mike's mouth latches to Chester's milky expanse of his throat, teeth scraping over his pulse as it picks up with Mike's hips. Chester pants hurriedly, and it's the only sound audible other than these little soft grunts Mike makes and the metal notions on their jeans knocking. Then the emcee speeds up a bit more and this tiny little slapping sound joins the other noises.

"Mike...Oh shit"

Chester gasps. He's doing that thing where he's purposely aiming just around Chester's g-spot but avoiding hitting it. the emcee smirks, teeth nipping Chester's ear.

"What," he whispers. His breath hot against his lover's ear.


Chester cries out, only above a whisper having some common sense of where they were. He rocks up onto his toes, hips pressed against the wall in some lame attempt to get some friction in his jeans. He nearly growls, growing more desperate by the thrust. Chester pants, gasps, whimpers, moans, anything to distract himself from the growing pull in his hips.

"Oh god Mike..." He whines.

He can feel his boxers sticking to the precum on the too-sensitive head of his cock.



Mike whispers, and Chester wants to know how the fuck he's staying so calm. The emcee's fucking him harder now, not quite faster, but definitely harder. One of his hands moves from Chester's hip to his shoulder to get a bit more leverage, and that's enough to shift their hips just that half-inch or so that sends Mike's head pressing into his older lover's spot and Chester inhales as if he's been holding his breath. Mike quickly reaches a hand around and clamps it over Chester's mouth to stifle the needy moan that comes out.

"Shhh," Mike repeats, his voice was rough against Chester's flustered skin. "We're in a public hallway, baby."

"Mike, I don't...give...a...shit...harder!"

Chester moans into his hand, having completely lost all self-control. His legs are threatening to give out. Mike smirks, eyes growing darker as he then pushes Chester tight up to the wall, slamming into that incredible spot now, just wanting to get Chester to ruin his boxers, the ones he'd have to wear to the after party tonight too, along with the plug.

The singer makes these little tiny noises, louder than whimpers but quieter than moans, his hips tightening.

"Mike I'm gonna..."

He chokes out, and Mike doesn't knock into his spot more than twice more before Chester loses himself, falling apart as he cums, knees failing him. Only Mike keeps him upright by pressing him against the wall as he spills in his boxers, face all screwed up in agony. Mike's orgasm rips through him too then, hilting himself as he fills Chester's ass up and then it's over.

"Oh shit Ches..."

The tattooed singer's legs still shake a little as he recovers, but Mike pulls out. He stops his cum leaking from Chester's ass with his thumb as he leans down to retrieve the plug, which he presses back into Chester, unexpectedly, and all Chester could do is moan softly as Mike seals his load inside of him.

"Mike," he whispers.

"I know baby"

He breathes, pulling Chester's boxers and jeans back up.

"C'mere." The emcee gets Chester's jeans fixed first before he does up his own, and he turns Chester around to face him.

"God you're amazing, baby."

"So are you"

Chester timidly replies, still half-delirious from his orgasm. Mike smiles, softly, stroking his finger across Chester's lips. He was rewarded with the softness that Chester's lips would bring.

"I can't wait to have my way with you again" Mike whispered, before he would push himself closer to Chester until their lips were only an inch apart. He closes the gap now as the older singer lets out a sigh of bliss.

Chester is being kissed, it only lasted a few lingering seconds before he sighs into it but Mike pulls away before he can kiss back properly.

"Do you need to go back to the bus first or should we go straight to the party?"

Chester smiles blissfully. The affects of feeling Mike's soft, pink petals still lingering a few moments across his own lips.

"Party," he says. Folding his arms around his taller lover, feeling his heart swell to have Mike close to his body once more again.

"I wanna dirty dance on my boyfriend so he has to fuck me again later. Load number two."

Mike smirks, rocking his hips into Chester's, already sporting a semi from hearing his older lover's words. The singer gasped, it was no surprise really as when it came to them both, they were completely insatiable for each other. It worried the older singer of just how long could they keep their hands off of each other.

"I love you"

Mike sighs, smiling. Chester was the perfect submissive. He kisses Chester firmly on the lips once more again.

"Let's go then, baby." Mike then adds, his hand slipping into Chester's as they were destined to find the rest of their band mates.

"Love you too" Chester whispers, pressing a kiss into Mike's cheek as they both walked in unison. Ignoring the the discomfort that his plug would bring him.


AN Sorry for the ending cutting short like that. Just wanted to end with them saying 'I love you' XD, hopefully I'll update my other stories soon :) thank you for reading! Hope to see some feedback, as it fuels me to keep writing <3 thank you xo

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