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Star-Crossed Lovers by MissDomho


AN Hello, I am so bad...I have yet began another story. Please give this story a chance, let me know know if I should continue. It's about star-crossed lovers finding each other and falling in love but it's not as easy a long the way! I have pretty much written most of My Guardian Angel...I have always liked Alternate universe stories :) I feel better writing them. :) I will continue Standing in the middle later on but I feel confident in this story! :)

So please please read, feedback is adored! Rates and reviews <3


Star-crossed Lovers


Chester walked into the bar. The end of the world had wiped out most of the human world and so monsters walked amongst the humans. Most modern conveniences had been destroyed between the accidental nuclear war and the mass retaliations that followed. The immortals and the few surviving humans were doing their best to rebuild the world but there was much debate on how that should be accomplished.

The world had turned back to its original form and most of the old empires were returning to their former glory. Werewolves and Vampires had conflicting views on how that should happen. All the other beings, fell somewhere in between the Wolf and the Vampire empires.

Myths might be the only thing holding this secluded city together. Myths and legends that foretold of a union between the first Vampire and a Wolf born just for him. The wolf would bring peace to the people. The Vampire would keep the Wolf's power in check.


Chester smelled Vampire and Werewolf in the bar, not getting along but able to live in the same place together. Separate but equal living with demons and humans as well as a few oddities here and there. The slender Vampire approached the mahogany bar.

"O negative please" He purred in a low lust voice. His dark eyes twinkling.

The young blonde girl flushed upon seeing the handsome man.

"Would you like it cold? I can warm it for you if you would like."

Chester smirked, like every female she was all too willing to please. "Warmed would be preferred."

The bar tender watched the sexy Vampire with unyielding interest. Chester was built like a lilthe dancer, beautifully toned without being bulky. He was perfect, his body was chiseled from perfect white marble. His nose was something most in the old world would have paid to be blessed with. Those lips, they looked so soft. They were thin and yet she knew they would taste like passion. She would have scarified her dying breath to feel those lips all over her body.

Chester knew he was being watched as ran a hand through his short dark brunette mane. Hearing the petite busty female whimper a little before she was jerked from her drooling by the high pitched ping of a microwave.

Chester's overly sensitive ears perked at the leap of her heart. It was too tempting to not tease the young female. He stood up revealing his well-cut stomach as it peaked out from behind his black, tight shirt. His tight black denim pants clung to his firm ass not leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Do you need anything else? I promise I would do anything to keep you happy"

The girl flushed at her own forwardness but didn't back down.

Chester shook his head no.

"Sorry pretty, not interested. However a bed for a few hours would be nice."

Chester wouldn't have died in the sun. It was just considerably painful. He had heard once that the Ancient Vampires could withstand the sun and it had only shocked their children when the world had gone through its first period of light hours.

The light hours came when man was created and the Ancients hadn't bothered to pass the ability to withstand light onto their creations. Seeing as Chester wasn't one of the mythical Ancients he needed a place to hid out and slip into what he had come to know as sleep.

The bar maid nodded and watched Chester down his blood in one swig. "What name should I put the room in?"

"Chester Bennington, I am paying up front in cash."

He handed her the current world currency and she tucked it away.

"Also if it is not too much trouble I would like a wakeup call when the sun sets. I have yet to cover a lot of distance."

Chester didn't know where he was heading; only that he was searching for something. His search had drawn him here, forcing him to spend the day time here. Chester didn't remember anything before the world had ended. Apparently he had lived through it. Ever since then he had just been wandering aimlessly.

He had thought his journey was for his missing uncle, but that notion had died some years ago. He hadn't really thought about the man lately and assumed he was dead, or simply not wanting to be found. Chester knew he was searching for something else and something about this bar lead him to believe he was very close.

The young girl nodded and led him to his room. Chester looked at each guest before leaving. One could never be to overly careful. Despite the uneasy peace between Vampires and Wolves in this town, this was a no animal bar. He only caught a slight hint of animal as he passed up the stairs. It was as if someone was trying to hide the fact that they had been near a dog. He smiled, Chester nose was powerful even for a Vampire and he prided himself in his ability to notice things others could not.

Room 15 was no different than any other room the Vampire had stayed in recently. It might have been a bit cleaner which was nice considering Chester was a bit of a clean freak. He began to remove his clothing. The Vampire rested his pistol on the nightstand. He leaned over and removed the dagger from his assassin boot and tucked it under his pillow. The night was at its darkest point and soon it would be morning. Chester started to settle in when a noise caught his attention.


Michael snuck into the bar, drenched in Vampire stench and a large black over coat. He would have much preferred to be around all the wolf killers in his four legged form but that was clearly out of the question. Mike, as he preferred to be called had been on the run for a few years now. He had escaped his old master and was drifting from town to town.

The Werewolf had finally settled down somewhere in the newly formed mountains, though his den was well hidden. He was the protector of a human village, the only remaining world that still believed monsters were only alive in nightmares. Mike planned to keep it that way.

The tall, olive skinned male took a seat in the shadows fading into the wall so that he could watch and listen better. Mike hoped he would see what he had come for, what he had risked his life for. For some time now Mike had felt lost, he had contemplated ending his unnaturally long life. Sure the wolf had grown up like any other, but he seemed to be perpetually frozen at 25. Mike assumed all wolves had this issue though he did not know since his entire life he had been kept as a prisoner.

Mike had been sold as an infant by his father for reasons unknown to the boy. He didn't even know what he was back then. Mike had first shifted when he was 16 wolf years and he had startled an audience by shifting into his wolf. Mike had been used by his owner as a pit bull, a gladiator and a personal soldier and bed warmer.

The boy had eventually reached sexual maturity in the eyes of his master, 18 human years and 13 wolf years. He would sell him to anyone looking for a night with a warm young looking body. He was of legal human age and so this particular cruel twist of genetics made him a favorite toy. Mike's body told his painful story all too clearly. His olive skin was a mess of scars. His once beautiful strong face forever marred by a scar tearing through one of his dark, brown eyes and trailing over his nose down to his full lips.

Mike had felt drawn to the bar earlier but now he couldn't see any reason why. The brown colored eyes flicked around the room taking in all the sinful beings. Mike had never met a kind being that he could recall. Not that he could remember his few short years before his master. Those had been beaten out of him.

Mike's hood hid his jet black spiky hair which was the same color as his wolf fur. Inside the lone wolf beat the heart of a warrior. It was reflected in his tall build. He was tall and toned a built killing machine. The new world needed to organize or end. For the moment the wolf would have been more pleased with the latter.

He was the power hungry type and in his mind there was no empire worth salvaging, and no war worth fighting. If he didn't find a reason, and soon the wolf would simply fade into nothing. Mike had been looking to find someone to share his life with, to share his new world order with. No one even held his interest for more than an inhale, let alone long enough for them to get out a few words.

A scent caught the interested of the Mike's nose. He inhaled and exhaled, something familiar and yet something new and exciting. The scent belonged to the slender Vampire flirting with the bar maid. Normally Mike did not look twice at any one being and yet something about this Vampire demanded his attention and insisted upon his respect.

Against his better judgment the wolf rose from the shadow and silently followed the Vampire up the stairs. He had made it to the hall way when a familiar click shook him to his core.


Chester had a gun aimed at the cloaked figure's head. The gun made the familiar clicking sound and the being he was aiming at turn it's head. His jaw dropped a little at the creatures stunning beauty. His eyes traced the being's facial scar. The Vampire inhaled the distinct rustic scent of wolf. He had never encountered a Werewolf before, and now here he was face to face with the biggest thing he had ever heard of.

Anyone looking at the impossibly smaller figure would know he was a killer; from his cocky posture and fearless attitude even when in a place that was forbidden to him. The Vampire couldn't help but feel a stir in his groin as the Were smiled. The wolf wasn't intimidating or gross like so many Vampires had proclaimed. If anything the wolf seemed safe and familiar.


Mike knew the Vampire wouldn't shoot. Even if he did it wasn't like it would matter. The wolf wasn't afraid of death and silver seemed to be a rarity for guns these days.

"If you are planning to kill me I suggest the silver blade strapped to your foot."

Mike's eyes traveled suggestively over the Vampires body, his eyes resting on his thin boxers. He watched him shiver at the growl. Whoever this Vampire was he was sexy as hell. His toned body and dark brunette tresses caused Mike's voice to drop, something meant to signify to others that he was a prime breeding candidate.

"Unless of course you happen to have silver bullets?"

The Vampire put the gun away seeing as the Wolf wasn't attacking.

"I do, one can never be too careful." He smiled sheepishly, the scent of the taller male was starting to spread now that his hood was down and his cloak hung open. The Vampire grabbed Mike's slender hand and drug him into the room.

"You know your kind is forbidden to be here?"



AN Hey everyone...hides...Sorry for it being short. Just wanted to introduce the characters as Chester!Vampire and Mike!Werewolf...should I continue? Please let me know :)! Xox

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