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The memories by ValentineShinoda


Me, Chester and Ezra are looking at old photographs, the photographs make me very emotional because after everything we have went through we are still strong as ever. When we had Ezra while touring that was insane but we were so stuck that we had to do anything for money and that included having a newborn on tour. People say that on tour is not a good place for a kid to grow up but what people don't know that the people behind Linkin Park are a family and a family can help a couple raise a kid. Ezra don't look at me and Chester and see rock stars that do every thing bad that a band does when he looks at me and Chester he sees Daddy and Papa. We continue looking at the photographs and we get lost in the memories then out of nowhere for Chester he turns the page and sees an ultrasound photo of Ezra's. When Chester turns the page he turns to me and asks me,

"Is this another one of Ezra's babe".

I shook my head and reach into my pocket and pull out a few more photos. Chester was surprised and Ezra was clueless then I said,

"How do a little sis sound Ezra?".

I only found out the baby was a girl yesterday, Chester didn't fully grasp it so I said,

"Ches, we can buy all the baby girl clothes we want".

His eyes lit up in happiness and he hugs me tightly. Chester always wanted a girl and when I told him he was happy.


When Mike told me we were having a girl I felt like I was going to get my own little girl. When I thought about my family I have always thought that we were always going to be a family of three, Me, Mike and Ezra but it turns out we are going to be a family of four Me, Mike, Ezra and baby girl.

I never knew what having a girl was like. I never knew what it was like to name a girl either.

(A week later)

Me and Mike have been bouncing girl names off each other.

The first name I ever thought was Evangeline but this name didn't go well because Ezra's full name is Ezra lee Akio Bennington-Shinoda.

Me and Mike have already agreed on middles name for her, her middle names are Jay and Kaiyo. The middle name comes from Mike's brother's nickname, we picked this nickname and Kaiyo means forgiveness. We picked the middle name Kaiyo because through our lives we begged for forgiveness and in a way our little girl is forgiveness....

(To Be Continued)

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