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Joy ride by AaronShinoda


Author Note: Hi everyone on LPF!!!! I have been lurking on here for sometime and thought...let's sign up! And write my own short slash. Warning it's my first time writing this! I will write more later..maybe?

Things to know about me...I'm male, gay and crushing hardcore on Mike ;)

Reading fiction helps me escape from what has happened this year </3 so thank you everyone for helping me!

Being this close to Mike is making Chester want to pull his pants off to make this a real party, but Chester doubt doing that in a moving vehicle is a very appropriate thing to do, considering safety and all that shit. So that's where they are at the current moment. You know, in his car. Well, more specifically driving on the back roads, but that extra amount of information seems pointless now.

The short car ride to Brads' manor is not so surprisingly filled with nothing but the sound of the radio. Oh, that and a good amount of sexual tension on both their parts. It would seem Chester's nervousness and mental instability from before is also completely forgotten once he starts fondling Chester's junk with one hand, the other resting safely on the steering wheel.

He's happy enough to return the favor though. With his hands fully on the wheel this time, it's Chester's turn to grope him a little; Chester rub his leg in the way that he knows makes him squirm, and then when Chester get his mouth close to Mike's ear, warm air blows in and he can see, feel him under his own palm, getting existed like Chester wants him to. Come to think of it, maybe that was a bad idea; he doesn't seem to want to wait anymore to have Chester fully.

That's indeed how they find themselves stopping on the side of a quiet road in the middle of the night.

He takes no time in unbuckling his seatbelt and facing Chester with the loveliest set of wide dark eyes, filled to the brim with the darkest tint of lust. Chester must assume that his own are the same, because as soon as Chester's lock to Mike's, it seems as though an open invitation has been sent out for him to ravish Chester right then and there. Not that he mind of course; his taste on his lips is one that he rather enjoy.

He grinds his angular hips into Chester's now, making Chester catch his breath. He wants him, this, here, now, just like Chester does, but as horny as he is, his need to tease forces Chester to hover over his luscious lips and lazily whisper into them, Chester's fingers in his hair, almost painfully pulling the strands to tilt his head back to have him under his own touch, to better manipulate and to control.

''In the car? I didn't know you needed it that bad.''

''I've been dying to have you all night babe. The way you had me all hot and bothered in the club you know.''

''That's good, but I'm sure you can do better. Come on, turn me on.''

''How about 'I want to fuck you until you're so raw than you can't walk for days. And when you do manage to get yourself standing, that you still feel me inside you'?''

''Much better, thanks.''

And they're back to sucking each other's face off. As things heat up and it's clear that light touches alone cannot quench their rising thirst for one another, Mike goes to turn the car off and he's guessing the stereo along with it, but he won't have any of that. Chester likes the background noise; it's just like the beat in the club.

''Leave it on.''

He does, after he tell him he quite enjoy music, any, during a good fuck. Fiddling with the radio, he finally settles for a random station of techno music. Good, because all Chester really want is his body back on his. Chester doesn't recognize the song but the gentle humming of the engine, or what he assume to be so, feels simply divine beneath his bones. So what if they're wasting gas and energy for a quick moment of divine pleasure?

And then he makes quite an erotic scene of sinking to his knees on the, what he assume to be mostly dirty, car floor, but Chester doubts he gives a fuck at the moment, because he goes straight for his prize; as he zips Chester down with his teeth.

Thankfully, Chester remembers quickly enough that he likes to be in control when he gives head and so he tries with all his strength not to gag him. But truth be told, with his hot wet mouth on Chester like this, he doesn't think he can resist for long before griping a fist full of his luscious dark hair and using him for Chester's own twisted desire, forcing him to take him as deep as his gag reflex with allow and beyond.

He twirls his tongue around the head a bit and then proceeds to dip it in the slit, already dripping with pre cum. Chester's breathing is labored, his head thrown back, and all he can do is moan at the top of his lungs. One goes even a little too high pitch for his own taste, but Mike seems to like it, because the chuckling from the back his throat sends Chester to a whole new world of pleasure.

Sadly, he gets off of Chester with an audible and charming 'pop' before he can finish what he started. Yup, he just wanted Chester completely hard for what's next, not that he's complaining.

He comes back up for a little more spit swapping it would seem, and knowing where his mouth was just mere moments ago makes Chester even hotter. He retreats soon enough, though a thin trail of saliva still lingers between them, a clear reminder of just how badly they both crave the contact of the other.

Mike's thumb grazes his lips teasingly; a gesture that sends sparks of desire down his spine. He wants Chester to open up, so Chester does just that. His index darts in, soon to be slicked with his saliva and then middle and ring finger follow one at a time, getting the same treatment.

Content with Chester's finger coating abilities, he slides down to the floor again, with all his best intentions clearly on display, gaze linked to Chester's. Yeah, there it is, the light tap at Chester's entrance, and he can't help but open up his legs a little more to grant him access, because fuck, this is the first step to what they both really are here for.

He goes straight back to nudging until he gets one in, then another and then the third and Chester thinks that that's all he can take before he explodes in his pants, tight as they are, Mike's dick just begging to be release from its denim confinement, he's sure.

With expert hands, he does. It's lovely you know. Just big enough, just long enough to not be uncomfortable. The right size to make Chester moan and cum from the friction on the prostate of its penetration alone, a talent they've manage to grasp after some well wasted time of exuberated practice. Well, that's only because he's very demanding when it comes to finding the right angle.

He's on Chester again, his lean body pressing Chester all the way down in the passenger seat, eager for what is about to unfold, but Chester's got other plans.

He gently pushes Mike back down in the driver's seat, which is funny, because he's actually the one in control here. Somehow, his clouded lustful mind finds a way to push the seat back for more room and a better access to Mike's body. Chester spits in his hand; his dick warm to the touch and gorged with desire, as he prepared his willing invasion of Chester.

''I want to ride you.''

Mike only nods, too turned on to answer it would seem, but like Chester needs his permission anyway.

Chester then lowers himself onto his rigid member, one hand on his chest, the other guiding him into his tight virgin ring. The burn is wonderful, but what can you expect with only spit as lube. It may be hot as hell, but there's always a little more pain. In addition, their half clothed bodies speak volume about the way they need it: fast and hard.

Now he's fully in, and he's smart enough to give Chester time to adjust to the intrusion. He feels so good inside him, so warm and pulsing with the arousal of a man yet to be satisfied, and Chester likes the fact that he's the only one in the position to do so.

Chester wiggles himself up and down a little to take the sting off, but fuck; He think he's ready to go now. With both hands on Mike's chest, holding the weight of Chester because he wants to be able to admire the lust in his eyes, and Chester wants him to see the need in his. He's only slightly surprised as Mike starts bucking against him and the newly found friction on Chester's prostate makes him thoroughly thankful for this turn of events.

They seem to have developed quite a rhythm. The car is filled with the sounds of them; the smacking of heated skin against skin and the rawness of guttural moans mesh together quite well in such close quarters it would seem.

This is how they like it; cramped and so god damn hot. In this moment, all Chester can see, feel, hear is Mike. He doubts there's anywhere he looks better than on his back. Only in sex can you feel this close to someone, because love can be faked, but not so much physical desire.

Chester can't help but to drag his short nails all the way across Mike's chess to reach his navel after an especially hard thrust and Chester is quite pleased with himself, because he can already see that it's going to leave a mark on his strong body. If he didn't know that he was Chester's before, he will surely get the point when he's done with Mike tonight.

From Chester's new position, sitting straighter on top of him than before and looking down, with his hands now caressing his strong tummy, the angle of penetration is much deeper. It makes Chester go wild; riding harder, wanting completion from this act. He's close too, Chester can tell in the way he tightens the claw like grip he already has on his hips. So maybe he likes the pain a little, sue him.

His orgasm takes Chester a little by surprise though. Chester didn't even notice when he started pumping Chester's erection. Hands-off is more Chester's thing, but no matter, his hands on Chester were wonderful all the same. The rhythm picks up again, a tad gentler then before, as to not disturb Chester's temporarily spent form, but not for long, because he releases in Chester soon after, his convulsing canals having egged him on when Chester's half limp body was completely against his own.

Their second go is much smoother, after a small recovery period filled with gentle caresses, what with his cum as lubrication and all, but that's just fine with Chester. The slow pace and deeper trusting does not take away from the urgencies of the moment. In fact, the passion is only intensified, as the radiant heat of time well spent lingers in the form of slowly dripping sweat and clammy tangled limbs, and pleasure that cannot be worded, but instead grunted as the sole part of a mismatched whole.

Then the moment of clear oblivion comes again, though none the least less appreciated then the first. Muscles constrict, a deep jolt from within, begging for release, as breath becomes heavy, panting in anticipation, ready to take the fall. And all the effort is finally paid off, not that the road wasn't paved with delight as well: tingling and white hot fire behind closed eyelids.

Chester kisses him a final time before clumsily rolling off and back to his seat. They take a moment to compose themselves and clean crevices in any way possible before taking back to the road. The literal bumps along the way remind him of what they've just done and Chester smiles in spite of the pain. His grin widens when Mike turns to him and tells Chester that the mess of cum staining his beloved car now was totally worth it. They will see if he still feels that way tomorrow, when he's scrubbing the black leather seats to take off the specks of crusted white pigments.

They then stumble into Brad's manor, giggling and still happy from the lingering contact high of sex, because what could ever be more of a feel good drug than sexual gratification? Oh dear, in the heat of the moment, that last part may have come out as a question, but trust him, getting fucked sideways always takes the edge off.


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