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Alcohol & Breakfast. by Iridescents.


A humid bedroom atmosphere.

Nothing but the traces of the night before, covered in unorganized clutter, the rays of the sun peaking in cracks behind the curtains, and the underwear belonging to two strangers and I. One with a personality that screamed to be awkwardly social in his surroundings but comes to break through his shell when interacting with well known acquaintances. And another one that shows a false self by being the well-known guy in school. A jack of trades, to put it short. But , once all doors are closed the public don't see him as the guy who thinks up insane ideas and brings them to life, especially in this situation that we're all in. A bottle of Jack Daniels, paired up with some strong weed will put a guy who has a great sense of creativity into one hell of a mess.

Alcohol is one hell of an invention to bring people into a false state of enjoyment, yet, the fun ran out quickly for me. I wasn't on the strong side of drinking and yet, for some reason, I always became jealous of how this guy can down something so high in alcohol proof. From my assumptions, strong stomachs do go far in people like him. Now, the only fun that it lead was a head-splitting headache with the spastic aches surrounding my muscles.

I became the first one to be awaken by pain and suffering. You should call me the chosen one to deal with such agony. With the spasm being too unbearable, I tried to turn my body to the opposite side where the nightstand was placed but then, getting lucky with bad luck, I saw the last person who I shouldn't be waking up with.

A Cheshire-like grin slowly appeared on his face with the hint of sleepiness.

"How was last night?" An unanswered question came over me as I tried to reached the muscle relaxers that were laying across the stand. With so many failed attempts to reach them, I'll probably weaken my own arm until he sluggishly grabbed two pills and gave them to me.

"Need water?"

I answered that question by swallowing the pills and turning back to the other side, face in front of another guy that was sounded asleep, with snoring and sleep-talking about the fullness of breasts galore.

Scoffing out of irritation he tousled my black hair and said, "I didn't know you can still do that. Though that grown out since you were a kid?"

"I lied." Telling him the truth, I was trying to get into a comfortable position before his hands finally crossed over to my bare shoulder blades. Being seductive won't get your way out of this one.

"Man, last night was one hell of a fuck."

"Learn to properly use English." I retorted back groggily. A sucking noise from his teeth came back in retaliation.

"I guess last night fucked up my brain. Making it hard to communicate with others around me." A dragged out yawn came from him as he propped his head with the back of his hands, slowly looking around at his surroundings while I try not to holler out in pain, not waking the other guy up from his sleep.

"You can't even communicate with me, and we're friends." I chuckled under my breath before letting out a small hiss from the movements of my legs trying to get into a comfortable position.

"Anyways, is she up?"

"Yeah, she told me that she was going in the kitchen to get something to eat." He looked at me for a brief moment while turning his attention to the guy still fast asleep.

"She must have did a number on Rob. Poor guy's all fucked out."

"Her techniques were so good on him, he came all over her in about less than a minute." Both of us are trying to stop the hysterical laughter that came upwards to our mouths. Stiffing every chuckle, we tried to get our best attention to something else in particular from last night. And that was,

"But, dude, did I hurt you anywhere or something?" Redness grew quickly into my cheeks as I shuffled underneath the covers. "No, man. I'm cool."

"You sure?"

"Yeah." A sigh of relief came out as he turned to face the back of me, slowly bringing his fingers to trace the lines of my collarbone.

Sometimes, the man can be the definition of a hopeless romantic.

"Just making sure." A brief moment of silence came around us until I broke the ice with something I would say deemed awkward. "But still, it was kind of hot. You and I making out while she was giving him a hand job, then whispering all kinds of kinky things. 'I know you like watching them' or 'It's cute how you are getting turned on by watching two guys' and all other things. What a naughty little thing you are." I looked over at Rob and gently played with his appearing bedhead.

"You've done good, soldier."

A light chuckle came from the guy on the other side of me while beginning to get from the bed that was littered with used condoms, butts to appear from joints or cigarettes, and a pair of unclaimed socks. Looking around the trashed room he then let out a sigh before putting on a undershirt. "I know this may sound crazy, but, I want everything to be like this all of the time." I looked at him with a puzzled expression. What did he mean?

"You know, to live carefree like this all the time. Not giving a damn about the little or big things in life and being able to do something of your worth." He then grabbed his glasses that were laying by his feet and wiped the fogged lenses with his shirt. "Life will never be fair but, as long as we got one another, then everything will be fine." Putting his glasses on he faces the back of my head again and tousling with it one more time. "I wish it was more like this, but, less fucked, you get what I mean?"

"I know." I replied back with sincerity in my voice, knowing full well that the words he was speaking was the truth. If there was a pause button, we would press it instantly. To get away from the boredom of life in general, especially being a teenager with one year shy away to becoming an adult. It's difficult to grasp a concept of being a good little kid, trying to impress your parents and teachers, and other senseless stuff that wouldn't let you be prepared for the real depths of our world. Then, I came to realize something. The guy who is sitting next to me, the one that I'll always shoot the shit with just about everything, drink until dawn to talk about our problems in life-whenever it may be school, work, or personal things, and the one who I always put my trust with when things don't go in my favor. He is the one that fully understands our problems and knows that we'll survive this together.

"But still, I'm glad you're with me on this." I turned to face him and out of nowhere (and not not even hearing the sound of the door opening by any chance) I see the girl who left the bed previously performing a blowjob on him. All this talking about trying to bond in the most difficult times and I didn't even notice the faint sounds of moaning, groaning, and one 'Fuck, that feels so good'.

"And you need to get on this too." He grunted while roughly grabbed the girl's hair and forcing her to use a deep throat technique.

Yeah, fuck you too, Chester.

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