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Blackout by Stefuh

Chapter 1

So, this is my first Linkin Park fanfic but it's also the first time I'm writing in english so I'm really sorry for any mistakes! Please, feel free to tell me if you see something wrong.

Rated NC-17 for blood, gore, ect...

Also, I'm warning you that updates will be slow.

Chapter One

Chester laughed as he stepped out of the restaurant and the cold wind hit him hard in the face. He squinted his eyes to see through the darkness that was covering the parking lot, and stopped walking suddenly before frowning. His heartbeat quickened while something strange formed in front of his eyes, but it faded before he could make sense of what he had just seen. He must be hallucinating.

He turned to Joe. "Hey, did you see the lights..."

"What lights?"

Chester shook his head and took off his glasses before sliding a hand across his face, guessing he was only tired. He had not drank any alcohol tonight but he could not help but quiver at the thought that the last time he had had such an hallucination, it was because he had drank too much. "Nothing, forget it ..."

He walked to his car before greeting his two friends. Joe and Mike had decided to go out to eat after practice and Chester had joined them. He must have seemed more troubled by his vision than he would have liked, because his friend took him by the arm to stop him.

"Are you sure you're okay, Chaz?"

The young man looked up at Mike before nodding. "Yeah, I'm just a bit tired."

"Okay ... get some rest, see you tomorrow."

Chester climbed into his car and remained motionless behind the wheel for a few seconds before finally starting the engine.

In the last years, he had become used to having hallucinations either because of the alcohol or the drugs he had took, but it was certainly the first time he had had such a clear vision when he was sober, and that was frightening him. As soon as he would get home, he would take a shower and go to bed.

He had spent a lot of nights writing, trying to find the perfect lyrics to the new songs the band had composed recently, and it was surely affecting him. Maybe taking a break for a few days would do him good. He would have a lot of band practice in the next few months, if he could write most of the lyrics before things get hectic, he would surely have more time to rest. He made his way back home quickly, wanting only to put more distance between himself and the parking lot where he had seen the dancing lights.

When he finally laid his head on his pillow, he felt a shiver run through his body, thinking back to the hallucination. Something was definitely wrong, but he could not pinpoint why he was feeling so intensely frightened. He felt tears running down his cheeks and he wiped them quickly, trying to tell himself that the feeling of terror that had just invaded him was only an illusion. He realized he was suddenly shaking, and he turned to the side before curling up and wrapping himself with the covers.

Calm down, Chaz. Everything is fine. Everything is fine...

He finally closed his eyes and sighed, trying his best to forget the evening. A few minutes later, he felt his heart begin to beat normally, as the pressure on his chest finally seemed to leave, and his body relaxed. He finally fell asleep peacefully.


Chester awoke with a start, sweaty and breathless, facing the street across his apartment. Disoriented, he looked around before finally figuring out where he was. He quickly searched his pockets before finding his keys and ran to the door to unlock it. He climbed the stairs two by two before finally reaching his front door. After closing it behind him, he slipped against the opposite wall, trembling. That's when he noticed that his hands were covered in dirt.

He took a few minutes to catch his breath before getting up and heading to his bathroom. The brightness of the light made him jump and he closed his eyes. For only a second, he saw the same dancing lights he had seen earlier behind his closed eyelids, but he felt himself starting to shake violently. He ran the water to clean his hands and splashed his face to try to wake up. All his senses were on alert, but his brain was confused.

Where had he spent the night?

When Chester finally turned the tap off, he noticed that something brightly red was running out from under his shirt. He raised his right sleeve to see that he had a bruise quite large just above his wrist, distorting the flames that rose up his arm. He raised his sleeve a bit more and grimaced when he noticed that he had hurt himself and that the blood had stuck to his shirt. He closed his eyes and tugged at his sleeve, grunting before looking at the wound. He couldn't really comprehend what he was seeing, it was as if a giant leech had stuck to his arm and bit him. He tried his best to heal the wound, praying it would not get infected. When he finally found his gaze in the mirror, he pulled back, frightened. The white of his right eye was bleeding, yet it did not hurt him.

"Fuck, I really don't have money to treat that ..."

Maybe it would go away by itself if he leaved it alone... Trembling, he took off his sweater before examining the rest of his body. He sighed with relief when he saw no other injuries. He went to the kitchen before opening the bottle of vodka that was standing on the counter and taking a sip, it would surely calm him down. He stared at the clock on his wall, trying to understand how it could already be past five o'clock in the morning. Carrying the bottle, he dropped to the couch, he couldn't go back to sleep now, if he was sleepwalking, surely it could happen again...

However, he slowly felt his eyelids close despite his will, he was so exhausted … only sleeping a few minutes wouldn't hurt him, right?

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