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I'll be Gone by Stefuh

A/N : This is mostly weird, confusing and sad, I'm sorry if it sucks.

Kinda inspired by the movie Sunshine and the lyrics from I'll be Gone.

Also I have another one shot but ... I'm pretty sure I didn't write it in the right verb tense? Should I still publish it or should I try to find someone to beta it first? Tell me what you think, thanks!

The man was staring towards the horizon trying to remember the last time he had felt the cold on his skin. He was now so used to living in a world were winter was present during the whole year, that he couldn't recall when he had actually felt shivers ran down his body. His memories were usually clearer but right now, sensing that the end was near, he had difficulties to recollect everything... He felt like the past twenty years had lasted for centuries.

If felt like he had been siting here for a while but he knew he couldn't move until the other man got here. If Chester wasn't present when that happened, there would be consequences. A part of him had thought about waiting for him in the cabin but he was scared he wouldn't be able to find him.

A sigh escaped his lips, most because he was bore of waiting than because he needed to breathe – and at the same time, a thick fog seemed to embrace his surroundings. He stood from his chair and looked up before seeing a familiar silhouette walking towards him and he couldn't help but form a smile on his face – it had been so long since the last time he had seen the younger man. The last time, they were both sitting next to each other in comfortable silence, waiting for Brad to come in the studio when Mike had turned towards Chester.

“Do you think we'll ever be able to finish this record?”

Chester had laughed at that moment, partly because he couldn't remember the last time it had taken them so long to actually write songs that were perfect enough to their standards and also, because it seemed like they were the only two who actually seemed to care about this album. Well, except for Rob anyway.

His laughter had soon died out when the place had suddenly shook and Chester had turned towards his friend, his eyes wide with fear as he mouthed “Earthquake?” and that was the last time he had seen Mike. He remembered clearly that unfamiliars hands had helped him got up from the wreckage of the studio and had took him outside. He had screamed Mike's name over and over again, tears streaming down his face as he knew his friend was still under the debris, but a hand a shushed him before he was pulled inside a black car. It was only years later that he had learned that Mike was alive, that someone had come to save him too.

Chester could clearly remember the last day he had spent with Mike before the world went to waste and before he became someone completely different.

“It seems like a lifetime ago...” said Mike when he finally stood before his former best friend. He looked at his hands and smile. “I can't even remember the last time I had a guitar in my hand.”

“Well... what's in the past is in the past. We have way much more pressing matters now.”

Mike cocked an eyebrow. “You've changed … even the way you speak.”

Chester had felt like shrugging at that moment but he had only stare at Mike for some time. “I didn't have a choice.” he simply stated and Mike shook his head.

“If I could have done anything, I mean, I tried but-”

“I know. But there's nothing we can do to change this.”

“I've never belived in fate. Even now.”

Chester watched behind his friend as the fog was slowly lifting and he watched the sun peaked slowly to the horizon. Seeing the light appeared on his friend's face, Mike turned around and actually gasped.

“It … I knew it would come but... It's making me sad.”

“We don't have much time.” Chester took the younger man's hand in his and led him to the small cabin that was standing a couple of feet from them. “If we don't do this now, everything will go to waste.”

Mike tugged at his friend's arm at that moment, stopping them from moving and Chester had finally groaned. “Maybe we've been lied to, maybe it won't change a thing. I don't think I could live with myself if it didn't worked.”

Chester was about to snap at Mike when he saw the tears glistening at the corner of his friend's eyes and he smile faintly before taking a step towards his friend and brushing a hand against his cheek to capture the tear that had fallen. “I wish it could be different, Mike, but... we have to do this. Everything will work out, I promise you.” He knew that his friend could see through his lies, he was as insecured as Mike right now, but he needed the younger man to have strenght and do what had to be done.

“Maybe if we changed position – I mean I know I'm not as powerful as you but-”

“Mike. No.”

“It's unfair, Chester.”

“If I could turn back time and erased what happened to us I would... I mean, I tried. I searched for someone who would be able to restore time, I even tried to search for someone like me but-”

“Time can't be reversed and you're unique.” Mike actually smiled after saying this. “You always were.”

“Come on. We have to do this.”

Chester opened the front door before closing it behind Mike, making sure the sun was blocked out from entering any windows. After making sure everything was secure, he went to the kitchen – that's where he had to do it.

“Haven't you felt alone all this time?” asked Mike as he followed his friend.

“Yes, but … I knew it was important. If it meant to save you-”


A shiver actually ran down his spine at the old nickname and he smiled. “I can't believe it's been twenty years.”

Mike's gaze lingered on his friend at that moment. Physically, Chester hadn't changed a bit since the last time they had seen each other. He knew it was because of the virus that had infected his body fter he was taken by them. He knew it wasn't natural, that his friend wasn't human anymore, but he couldn't help but feel old standing next to him. He was pushing fifty and Chester … Chester still looked shy of thirty.

Mike smiled and thought back on how he had gotten here in the first place. After the incident that had plunged the world into this cold and dark atmosphere, the people who rescued him told Mike that on this day, he would have to go see Chester and that his friend would know what to do to save the planet. It was of the upmost importance that he showed up. Mike had thought about it for 20 years, wondering if these men were mad, that he shouldn't trust them … He had tried to contact his best friend many times over the years but without success. Once, someone had told him that he would only see Chester again when the right time had come. For a while, he thought he was going insane … the cold always made him feel terrible and he was alone with his thoughts most of the time. Everything was bleak and he wish he could go back to that afternoon where he was laughing with Chester about the fact that Joe had once again forgot to bring his wallet to the restaurant and Mike had to pay for him, telling Chester that maybe they should try to forget to bring the dj the next time. He was only kidding of couse. It was such a long time ago, Mike felt as if it was a different lifetime. This supposed meeting with the older man was the only hope he had. If he could actually save the world and see Chester again... they had warned him, that he would be different, that something had happened to him during the earthquake. He wouldn't be human anymore. Mike hadn't believe that as well … So when he woke up this morning, seeing that it was finally the day were he would meet Chester … he had drive fast to reach his location and had almost ran up to the meeting point before stopping to catch his breath when he saw his former best friend. He felt as if he was going to be sick, Chester was actually there. Unfortunately, the look on Chester's face had broken his heart, he looked so hopeless... this had sobered Mike down. Even if he could see his friend again, Chester would die today. It was his fate, to save the world from this darkness. He had also seen his eyes, they weren't the same as before … he was clearly not human anymore.

“... and I had to work on the wires the whole afternoon, even if this door is interdimensional, it still needs electricity.”

Chester's voice had snapped Mike out of his thoughts and he joined his friend in front of the door that supposedly lead to the basement. Mike wasn't fooled though. He had only learned of that special door this morning – it was the portal that would lead to the other world. If someone was to cross it and be engulfed by it's light, the old Gods would see it as a sacrifice and the current cold sun would fade out and bring back the brighter one – the one who would restored the Earth's balance to what it was before that famous earthquake – the night Chester had died to become something more. At first, he hadn't understrood why Chester was the one who could save the world, but he had learned that he was the only one who had survived the virus – what would make his skin strong enough to let his body intact for the Gods. Otherwise, the light could diminished him into nothingness.

Chester was the true hero here, a worthy sacrifice, Mike was only there to support him.

“So... where do we began?”

The older man looked at his friend as tears formed in his eyes.

“What's wrong, Chester?”

“I think everything had just taken a toll on me. I'm tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You see, Mike, this has already happened.”


“I lied to you about time travel.”

“What do you mean?” Mike frowned.

“You think you know what's going here but you don't.” Chester sighed. “We've had this same conversation six time already. Something always went wrong... Either because the portal wasn't ready enough or you didn't show up or you tried to stop me and nearly ended the world... The first three times before that, you weren't even there. But they saw how miserable I was, all alone, trying to...” He ran a hand in his short hair and sighed before looking away. “I've been alone all this time, Mike. And … when they found us again at the studio, for the fourth time, they figured... that you could help me. And everytime you showed up, I thought about how I wanted you to live, so I walked through the door, or at least, I tried to. You're the only reason why I'm doing this, Mike.”

The younger man was speechless for a while before he got up to Chester and hugged him closely as the older man began to sobbed against his friend. “I'm sorry you had to go through all that, I really am but … why can you remember and I can't?”

“Because of what I am.”

That didn't really made sense but Mike wasn't sure he would understand even if someone explained it to him. “So... you're telling me that if something goes wrong, we can do it all over again?”

Chester shook his head. “This is the last time we can try.”


“They took too much liberty trying to recreate this scene and it... If we try again, the world will fade into nothingness.”

Mike gulped. “So if we fail today, the world will end, and if we try to save it again, it'll go to hell too?”


“Wow, that's amazing.” he said, sarcastically.

He watched as Chester entered a code next to the door and it opened, revealing a light so bright Mike thought he would leave this place blind. The older man turned towards Mike and smile faintly.

“This is it.” He looked at his watch. “We don't have much time now.”

He squeeze the other man's hand and let go, before looking at him one final time. The look of sadness in his eyes was what broke Mike at that moment – he couldn't let his best friend do that. As the light began to fade to let Chester in, Mike took a small vial from his pocket and open it before drinking his countain. He had stole it the day Chester was caught – they had injected him the poison directly in the studio – but the person who poisoned it had dropped one vial. Mike had kept it in case it would come in handy and … he had been right. Maybe he wouldn't be strong enough to keep the virus into his bloodstream and he wouldn't be enough for the Gods – if that happened, Chester would have to sacrifice himself anyway – but he had to try. He couldn't stand there and watch his best friend die. Chester's eyes widened, realizing what Mike had just done and he quickly took his friend by the arm and pushed him against the table before pushing two finger's into Mike's throat. The younger man gagged a moment before taking the small knife he had always kept on himself and sharply took it to his friend's troath. Chester's grip on him loosened as blood began to pour out of the wound, his eyes wide, a gasp escaping his mouth – he couldn't belive the younger man had just stabbed him. Mike then took his weapon back before putting a hand on his friend's wound.

“I'm sorry.” he whispered. He knew that Chester would heal in a matter of minutes and he closed his eyes for a second before brushing his lips against his. The kiss was light and Mike's lips were gone as soon as they had appeared. While Chester was too shocked to move, the younger man pushed him violently out of the way and stepped through the door.


Chester extanded a hand towards his friend, his heart stopping at the thought of what had just happened, but it was too late. Mike's body evaporate in front of him and he was gone. The portal closed behind him and the door disappeared. Tears came to the older man's eyes as he felt his knees gave up under him and he collapsed to the floor, sobbing.

Outside, a faint pinkish light had appeared, indicating that Mike had succeeded. Another sun was setting, bringing back the warmth to the Earth.

After what seemed an eternity, Chester got up and went to the living room before opening the front door, feeling the glow of the sunshine on his skin – something he hadn't thought he would feel again, something he shouldn't have been able to feel again. He raised his gaze to the sun and felt the emptiness that his friend's death had left in his heart.

Mike had just saved the world and Chester could do nothing but stand there, at a loss.

He was immortal. His grief would stay with him forever.

The End.

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