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Dead by Sunrise by Stefuh

Chapter One

So... I know there's like 100 vampires fic on this site and I haven't read any so I'm sure it's going to be really unoriginal but I still wanted to post it. I hope you'll still enjoy it. English isn't my first language so I'm sorry for my grammar and spelling. Also, sorry for the unoriginal title, ahah.

Chapter One

The club was packed again tonight as the young vampire made his way towards the bar. He had only been here a couple of times before but since his last experience had been quite unforgettable, he had decided to come back. He eyed the place while waiting for his drink, already knowing that he'd wouldn't be able to find what he was looking for. The young man would surely still be in his office.

"Type B+."

The barman put the drink down in front of the vampire and as he reached into his pocket to search for his wallet, the man behind the bar just shook his head. "It's on the house."

He wiped the counters down and Chester only nodded before taking a sip of his drink. This was only to keep him satisfied enough until he had the real deal. He could feel each and every person tonight, most of them seemed to be enjoying themselves but others … others were scared. They were the one vampires were mostly interested about. He could sense their body shivering, their palms sweating, and if he had been a newborn vampire, he would have had difficulties to resist to such a feast. But over the years, he had learned to be satisfied more easily, finding himself a familiar here and there to keep him sated.

Right now, he couldn't say that the person who was keeping him fed was truly his, because the young man had only accepted to be taken once before... but Chester had felt like the young man yearned for something more. Looking at him shivering under his gaze, he had first thought the man to be sexually attracted to him... but he had seen, after taking his first bite, that it was more than that. He wanted to be like him, immortal.

Chester had fled the club once he had realized that, he couldn't turn someone. He had never done it and couldn't began to imagine having that kind of power over someone. Sure, it could have sound very alluring when he was younger but now all he could think about was the fact that he would have to keep an eye on the newly turned. He didn't need more responsabilities right now. Unfortunately, over the nights, he had kept thinking about this young man, it was the reason why he had returned to this bar tonight. He finished his drink and sighed.

And since this drink had been offered to him by the same young man from who he had ran away a couple of nights ago … maybe he needed to rethink his offer. He got up from the stool and made his way through the dancefloor, cursing at the fact that there wasn't an easiest way to get to the office of the one he was looking for. Once he was on the other side of the floor, he knocked on the door of the young man.

A long time ago, he would have knock the door off his henge with his strenght. A long time ago, he would have taken the young man and killed him without a second thoughts. He was glad that he was more mature now. It might have took him a couple of years to get there and he was quite ashamed of it but … Now wasn't the time for a guilt trip down memory lane.

"Mike?" he called, shouting louder enough so the young man could hear him over the music.

No answer. Chester frowned and knocked again but froze when he smelled the blood. He found the door unlocked to see that the office was messy, like someone had a fight a couple of minutes ago. That's when he saw Mike's body on the floor.

"Who did this to you?"

Mike only groaned and Chester was by his side in a moment before trying to see where the young man was hurt underneath all the blood.

"Where's the wound?" He pushed slightly against Mike's chest by accident and the younger man yelped. "Fuck, I'm sorry."

There was only one solution. Chester put his wrist directly upon Mike's mouth. "Drink my blood, it'll heal you."


"Mike, we don't have time."

"Ches-" But he forced his wrist into the man's mouth and took Mike's chin in his free hand to make him bite his wrist. The young man tried to struggle but the vampire kept him down easily. As he rank his blood, he slowly began to heal and Chester couldn't helped but smile when he saw that he didn't look so pale anymore.

"See? You're alright now." As Chester withdrawned his wrist from the man's mouth and got up, dizziness suddenly hit him and he grabbed the edge of the desk to keep himself steady. "Wh-what …"

Mike got up from the floor and walked towards Chester fast enough to caught him before he fainted. Mike heard him moaned and he couldn't help but tremble, fearing that he had just caused the vampire to loose all his strenght.


"What the fuck happened?" were the first words Chester said when he woke up. The room spinned again and he doubled over before puking blood everywhere.

"Shit. Ches, I-..."

"Fuck, Mike, what the fuck." he repeated, spitting the rest of the blood that tasted foul in his mouth.

"That's what I was trying to tell you but you didn't give me time to explain!" Mike's eyes were wide with fear, partly because he didn't know if the vampire would want to kill him now that he had accidentely poisonned him.

"At least you're looking better."

While Chester was passed out, Mike cleaned himself up and made sure his wound was all heal. He tossed his bloody clothes after taking a shower and he looked like nothing had even happened. Chester, compared to him, looked like death.

"A succubus bit me."

"What!" exclaimed Chester, suddenly understanding what had happened to him. Succubus's saliva could be deadly for a vampire. "How did this happened?"

Mike just shrugged before looking away and at that moment, the vampire knew that whatever would come out of the man's mouth would be a lie.

"I don't know, she just knocked on my door, I opened and she was all over me before I could say anything."

" … Right. That means you won't be able to get your fix for a week."

"What! But-"

"You saw what that just did to me, I can't risk biting you." Chester was pissed, mostly because he had been tricked into getting succubus' saliva in his system but also because Mike was clearly lying to him. He wondered if that poison was intended for Mike or him... He believed the latter to be the right answer. He couldn't trust Mike right now.

Mike pouted, clearly hurt by Chester's tone. "Alright... So I won't turn into an Incubus or die suddenly because I've been bitten, right?"

"No, you're fine now that you've had my blood."

"And are you okay? I mean you just puked ..." He looked around his office. "Three bodies worth of blood."

"Yeah, I think I'm fine now." He took a step and his body immediately collapsed back on the floor.

Mike shook his head but couldn't helped but smirked. "Right, you're absolutely fine. You're gonna stay here until you've gained your strenght." He helped the vampire up and made his way out from a back door that led to his apartment.

"We can't do that, Mike, she's going to come back and kill us."

"I have no power, we won't be able to fight her if you're down. I'll call Brad for back up, don't worry. Everything's going to be just fine." If only he could believe that himself.

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