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Dare by MissDomho

It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss...

AN Hey everyone! I just wanted to write this short standalone, I wrote it the beginning of this year- but scrapped it as I was very busy and completely forgot about it until I found it on my USB lol...it was half written. So I thought 'why not?' It's short. Maybe a Drabble? I know I'm too early for this now as the year isn't even over yet, or maybe I am too late seeing as though I was going to post it the beginning of this year lol.

Anyway! Please review, like, give me feedback. It's really cheesy lol- but at the moment I have writers block for my 'Guardian Angel' story and 'Star-crossed' too. And with Work right up my a** it's been a little hard for me as of late to get my motivation and drive back into me. I will push through it though! :)

Warning Nothing really...but fluff between the two leading men<3 drunk wives and etc :)


Their bandmates and friends chanted at them. Streamers were seen flying in each and every direction of Mike's and Anna's manor. The smells of perspiration and cheep beer waftered through the air around the living room.

“Do it! Do it!”

Both Mike and Chester were seen standing there, looking at each other.

“This is so weird” Chester remarked, rubbing the back of his neck. A shade of red was seen spreading along his cheeks.

Mike shrugged and smiled down at his band mate. “I don't mind.”

“Do it! Do it!” the chants continued. At some point, a very drunken Brad Delson had dared them to kiss to ring in the new year. It might have also been their drunk wives who also encouraged for the kiss to happen; Anna and Talinda, as they were both seen slung along the couch, exchanging quick whispers between them both as giggles were slipped in between their lips.

Their bandmates, the four of them were seen stumbling along the floor, trying to catch up with their footing as they were trying not to fall in the process as well- but for what it's worth, it really didn't matter at that point that Brad had dared them as everyone at the party was beyond drunk, including the lead Vocalist; Chester, as he also too had a stagger to his legs- but to Mike, he couldn't help the victory smile that irked his features as for many years he had been secretly crushing on his fellow band mate; Chester Bennington for quite some time and finally, as he stood in front of the man of his dreams that he was about to kiss, he knew nothing was going to stop him from doing what he had been dreaming to do since he had met the said lead singer 18 years ago.


The countdown began. Mike wet his lips slowly, simply enjoying the kick he got out of it once he could see Chester's hauntingly, beautiful eyes snapping away from Mike's eyes just so he could watch the emcee drag his tongue along his wet, pink pillows.


Chester then cleared his throat, his head being rattled side to side, his attention seeking back into Mike's eyes as he warned Mike.

“I'm not gay, so don't get any ideas...”

Mike rolled his eyes. Knowing this all too well. There had been moments of their past where Mike has always tried to make a move- but every time the Vocalist was always seen cowering away, like a dog with its tail between its legs- but tonight, he wanted that all to change now. He knew Chester wanted him secretly as he was just to afraid to admit his true feelings for Mike. He was just as afraid as he was.

Mike had his suspicions, as he had seen the way Chester would always look at him, those near miss moments up on stage when Chester would lean in to kiss- but pull away at the last minute, the harmless flirting between the two leading men. Mike knew exactly what he wanted and that was to have Chester all to himself, so when Brad dared them both he jumped at the opportunity of it if, if meant having Chester to hold. His mind was set out to kiss Chester and tonight there was nothing stopping them. This was it. This was going to happen. His fantasy now a reality.

He always had always fantasied what it would be like to taste Chester for himself as there had been times where he would conspicuously watch the lead singer kiss his wife with such passion and romance, that the young woman was seen whimpering and panting beneath his touch and hard kisses as the emcee had always wished that it had been him that Chester was kissing and fondling and not her.

He could see Chester was getting nervous now. Shifting side to side, left foot to right foot, his teeth grazing his bottom lip, almost as if he was sobering up within seconds now to realise what was about to happen between him and Mike.

“Eight!” The band and wives screamed out.

“We don't have to do this" Mike said reassuringly, taking a step closer towards his smaller singer.

“But I wa-” Chester's face grew hot as he stopped himself from saying what he meant. The numbers that had been shouted out around the two men seemed to have been long forgotten now for a moment as Mike could feel his heart pounding, his throat closing over, knowing very well what Chester was about to say. Chester wanted this too?

Before Mike could utter a word, he was brought back to reality once he could hear the shouting around his body, the sounds of laughter, their band mates and wives chanting pulled the two men out from their minds.


Mike reached out, touching Chester's wrist lightly, his fingers curling around Chester's tattooed arm pulling the older male towards him until noses were seen grazing. Chester tried to look away, into the crowd, almost as if he was avoiding Mike's alluring stare that almost captivated the singer to kiss him right there- but with very little will power he managed to deter his attention away from the emcee. His eyes met with Talinda's as for a moment he could see her staring up at him.

The evil glint in her eye was enough to make something stir in his body as he swallows thickly. He watched as Anna pull Talinda closer to her own body, their lips were seen ghosting over one another which made Chester's eyes bug out. What the fuck was going on?


Eventually Chester's gaze returned to Mike, who stared back at him defiantly. Those big brown eyes seemed to burn a hole through him, he was terrified to look directly into them.


Mike took one step closer. Chester could almost taste bitterness of the cheap beer along the emcee's plump lips. It made him cringe. It made him wonder. It made him yearn to kiss Mike. It made him realise what he was doing was a mistake.

“Let's give them a show, hmm?”

The Vocalist's heart raced at Mike's suggestion. His brain fogging over. His eyes fluttering in and out of consciousness. He could barely breathe once he felt Mike's warm breath fan along his own lips, he could feel the quiver in each of them as he tried pull at his restraints which only made Mike tighten his grip on each of his wrists even more now. Their broad chests were now touching. Mike's hardened sex pressing against his lower body which only made Chester gasped to notice that the emcee's excitement had risen for the occasion. He didn't know what to think of if except hold in a strangled moan of his own in the hallow of his throat.

“Happy New Year!” The band cheered. All of their wives were laughing. Anna had already placed her lips against Talinda's as they were too preoccupied in their own guilty pleasure to see each of their husband's perform their act of secret desires.

Before Chester could begin to protest, Mike snatched him up by the shirt, tilted his head, and kissed him. It was a chaste kiss, at first – sort of a prolonged peck – but when Mike pulled away, Chester didn't let him. They closed their eyes as the cheers died down, Chester cupping Mike's face in his hands while Mike idly massaged his lower back. Grounding their hips together as they both moaned ardently in each other's mouths. The vibrations rippled through out their hot bodies as they both didn't realise that their wives had stopped kissing for themselves as their mouths were jarred opened, they each were seen gaping up at their husbands.

They came up for air once their mouths and their tongues grew tired- but that didn't stop the two leading men as they both dove in again. They hardly seemed to notice the myriad eyes on them, let alone that the band mates and their wives; including their own, had mostly gone silent. Mike smiled into the kiss, relieved, and held Chester closer as the clock struck 12:01.

"God you're amazing" Mike murmured against Chester's lips as all the Vocalist could do was smile into the kiss. Realising just how much he needed to feel Mike close to him as he pulled the taller male closer into his wavering body, his lips weighing in on Mike's lips. His heart fluttering with happiness now.



AN God this is so cheesy lol. I am so sorry XD just wanted to post something fun and silly! <3 as my last chapter that I wrote was quite sad and tear-jerky for me eep. Thank you all for your time <3 hope to see some feedback as I adore it!

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