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White Noise by SonataNocturne

This is how the endings start

A/N: Had this idea in my head for sometime and finally got it transferred to written form. The world is slightly AU but will get to it in the next chapter. Read also my other stories 'Lost In The Echo' and 'Nobody Can Save Me' (which isn't finished yet).

Disclaimer- Don't own Mike

Warnings: Rape and violence

Sorry in advance :S


Mike had had a long evening at work and he was exhausted. His work wasn't hard but he didn't really have proper breaks. Barely keeping himself awake he started to walk to home. Luckily it wasn't a long way there and soon he would be in his bed sleeping like a baby. It had started to rain and it was nice and chilly for a change. The moon was in the sky making the pavement glisten. He popped his earphones on and got some music blasting from his phone. Music was a good company but it also kept him awake. The streets were deserted in that part of the town but it wasn't wonder since it was so late and the middle of the week. Luckily he didn't have work in few days and could just relax with his hobbies.

He didn't see it coming. He really should have had, but he was too tired and didn't pay attention to his surroundings. Someone stepped behind him pulling something over his head so that he couldn't see what was happening. He didn't even get to scream properly. It was more like an quick: "Eep!" and then he was pulled inside a van. It took seconds for him to even realize that he had been kidnapped. Or something like that.

"What the fuck?!", he yelled his voice muffled inside the thing over his head. It smelled like sweat and something else that he couldn't quite put his finger on. The car started to move at the same time startling him.

"Shut up", someone trashed him against the side of the car roughly chest first. "That off and cover his eyes. I want the mouth free", another voice said.

He was grabbed by his hoodie and then tried to swing his arms but got his head hit against the cold steel instead. "That would leave a mark", he thought. The thing was pulled off of his head with his earphones that were still playing his favorite tunes and replaced with a blindfold and then he was pushed on the floor. Now he was confused and scared.

"I really have no idea what you want from me but I don't have money and...", he started but stopped when he felt a sharp kick on his side. He felt a snap and it hurt like shit. He was certain he had a rib broken. At least one of them.

"He said: SHUT UP!", the person yelled right on his ear when he was trying to catch a breath grimacing.

"We don't like to repeat ourselves", the voice continued on lower tone.

"Were here", a third voice joined the other two and he noticed the car had stopped. They hadn't driven that far.

He tried to get up but was punched in the face. "That will leave a mark too", he thought when he felt blood starting to flow from his nose. He coughed and groaned. They certainly didn't mind to hurt him, which made the panic arise. He was trying to breathe calmly and figure out what to do. Then he heard shifting inside the car and waited what would happen next.

A weight was then on top of him holding him on his shoulders pushing thumbs deep into the sensitive skin under his collarbones. He gasped and wriggled.

"You know... We have watched you for some time already. When we heard you would have this rare late shift we decided it is time", the person whispered in his ear voice filled with excitement and anticipation. Mike's heart dropped when he felt something hard on his leg. "That isn't what I am thinking, it can't be."

"Go on with it. We don't have the whole night you know", not so patient voice hovered on top of them.

The other man grunted and started to unbuckle Mike's belt. His mind was screaming all kinds of warnings and questions and he felt like he would go crazy. "What is this?". Then he was turned on his stomach roughly which made him yelp.

"Give me a hand?", the voice said to another. He tried to kick but it was in vain. The person was sitting on his thighs. The other voice came closer and ripped his hoodie off of him following with his t-shirt and then grabbed his arms. Laughing the other got up and pulled his pants down continuing then with his boxers. "What the hell?!", he screamed and was rewarded with another kick to his ribs. He gasped and grinned from the pain. Now he was totally exposed only some thin fabric between him and the floor. And scared that this wouldn't end well. They would most likely just kill him.

"You really don't know how to shut up?", the voice muttered. "I don't mind you screaming and pleading which you will soon do, but talking... That is a no", it continued.

He squirmed but it wouldn't help. He felt like crying but was still too shocked by the situation to comprehend it. Echoes of small metallic noises and words changed between the men filled the van for a moment.

Then the person shifted behind him and slowly thrusted inside of his virgin opening. "No no no no no no no....." Just like that. He squeezed his eyes shut and screamed from top of his lungs. Not just cause it hurt like hell. But cause he was so beyond humiliated. It was like all of his pride and dignity were being drained out of him. The walls were now crashing down and the time froze completely.

"Please don't...", he pleaded when the man pushed him harder against the floor impaling him again violently. He could feel the warm member inside of him invading the most private part. He cried out in fear and pain. It felt like being cut in half and he felt his skin ripping. He tried to fight and pull his hands free but the other man was way stronger than him and the hard grip on his wrists stayed. Tears ran from his eyes wetting the blindfold. He was choking on his sobs. And they laughed. They laughed like it was funny. He couldn't believe his ears. "This isn't really happening. Right? I am having a terrible nightmare and will wake up soon", he thought desperately. He bit his lip to lessen the pain but it didn't help. All his senses were heightened and more he tried to escape it mentally more it hurt.

"He really is a good fuck", the man grunted directing his words to the others pumping in and out of him gripping his thighs roughly. He wished he could just shut them out but it wouldn't happen as long as he was conscious. When he was screeching from the pain rushing trough him it seemed only to excite the man more. It felt like he had the air sucked out of his lungs.

"Let me go, please...", he begged sobbing. He was now hyperventilating between the sobs and salty tears were stinging on his eye that was swollen under the fabric covering them both.

"I want some too.", the man holding his wrists grew impatient. The other behind him groaned and sighed.

"On your fours", he commanded pulling out of him. Mike gasped to the sudden stinging sensation.

"Now!", the man shouted stepping on his ankle which twisted nastily. Yelping Mike did what he was told to do. He knew he really didn't have a choice and tried to calm himself by thinking it would be over soon.

The man adjusted himself behind him again holding painfully on his hips when he felt the other man grabbing his chin.

"Now be a good boy and open your mouth. And no teeth or you will regret the day you were born!", he stroked Mike's bottom lip with his finger. "He doesn't mean he would... it can't be", he thought.

The man didn't want to wait anymore and slapped him hard on the side of his face making him gasp and open his mouth. Which was just perfect for the man who took the chance and showed his raging hard on in his mouth. He almost gagged when the taste the foul saltiness of the man's member hit his tastebuds. The man started to fuck his throat pulling from his hair to get deeper. "I should have had my hair cut when the boss asked. I should have".

"Good boy", the man behind him muttered and pushed himself inside Mike again slowly adjusting to the rhythm now when there were two inside of their fuck.

He screamed in agony which came out muffled when the man started to pound in him again mercilessly. It was like he was being ripped apart. Then the smell of his own blood hit his face with full force and he felt like throwing up. He tried to push the man out of his mouth but the man grabbed his wrists again pinning them behind him and spat on his face.

"Don't you dare to touch me", he growled in a voice that made Mike's skin crawl and pushed further in his throat.

His mouth was burning and the blood still trickling from his nose didn't help with the breathing. Nor the possibly broken ribs. Drool was dripping from the corners of his mouth when he tried not to gag. The man fucking him was picking up the pace and all he wanted to do was to disappear. "Why me? Why are you doing this to me?", was the question that was hanging in the thin air that was filled with groans and panting and the smell of sex. The feeling was so horrifying. He felt so powerless. Caged and used. He wanted to escape and forget it all. The hard rubber on the van's floor was getting his knees to this road rash kind of state and the fabric in between didn't help anything. He couldn't take it much longer.

The man groaned and sunk his teeth on Mike's shoulder spilling his filthy cum inside of him making him shiver and whimper. The man fucking his mouth laughed and hardened the grip on his hair. He had now the boy only for himself for a while. Mike felt dizzy and his knees were giving in but fearing what would happen if he wouldn't pull through he tried to focus to anything else so he wouldn't fall. But it didn't take that long for the other man either and soon he was shooting his hot load on Mike's mouth making him feel sick. The man let go of his hair patting him on the cheek demeaning him even more.

"There. I have had enough of the screaming already", the third man spoke. Same time when he was about to spit the cum from his sore mouth it was covered with duct tape forcing him to swallow it. It burned on the way down his coarse throat and he fell on his side bending in fetal position shuddering intensely. He felt the thick cum leaking out of him mixed in his own blood. "It has to be over, it has to be. Please let it be over....", he was thinking feeling the world spin.

Again some quiet talk in the van and shifting around. The third voice came then on top of him. "You're such a nice little fuck, aren't you? Dripping cum and used...", it said making him want to die then and there.

He didn't really care anymore. It was too much. He was hurting but he was also mentally beaten. Torn bare to his bones and he didn't want to deal with it. The man behind the voice licked his neck making him whimper and squirm. He nibbled hard enough to leave mark on his collarbone. Mike wanted to tell him to not to touch him. To let him go. But he couldn't. And it wouldn't even matter. They weren't finished with him.

The man twisted him roughly adjusting to the position he wanted. Mike screamed against the tape when the man pushed himself inside of him. He grabbed his throat pressing on his windpipe painfully and groaned on his ear something filthy. "Please just kill me and put me out of my misery", he thought feeling his breathing getting heavier. It would be a relief. But no, it wasn't their plan. His throat was soon released and the man thrusted harder on him. Mike clawed the man with his free hands with all of his powers left.

"Stop that struggling. It is annoying and will only lead you hurting more", the man grabbed his arm twisting it and making him groan from pain and then fall silent.

That was it. Now he felt like he was a rag doll being tossed and moved around. He wanted to struggle but didn't have any strength left and felt better of dead. It was all too much. Like he was being cut with a blade from the inside and every single movement stung like thousand needles. He tried to focus to the few voices around him. To anything really to escape the pain and the humiliation. He sobbed and turned his head away from the tongue that was on his neck and jaw. Same time the man grabbed his waist leaving more bruises behind. He fucked him hard and ruthlessly making his consciousness blur. The pain was taking him slowly over the edge.

"You feel so amazing...", the man whispered hoarsely on Mike's ear pushing even deeper into him pinning him down. With one more whimper Mike's brains shut down finally and he fell mercifully to unconsciousness. They didn't care. He was just a hole for them. Or two holes to be exact. The man was soon finished with him pulling out wiping his dick on Mike's own boxers.

"He passed out? Really?", one of them slapped his cheek.

"Who cares. Toss him outside with the sheet and the clothes. Don't want his blood staining the floor", the other laughed. The third one joined the laughter and stomped on his hand to make sure he wasn't pretending. Even though it wouldn't really matter. They were finished with him for now.

The van's side door opened and he was rolled on to the sidewalk wrapped to the white sheet hastily and his clothes tossed after. But he didn't know any of it since he was still unconscious. One of the men gave one final look to their victim grinning and pulled the door back closed before the van sped up leaving him to the rain.


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