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My Miracle by MissDomho


AN Hey everyone! 'Guardian Angel' will be posted I promise...Just a lot later then I had planned as Work has me swamped and with my partner being quite sick, I haven't really had any time for myself! :( just a quick little Drabble that I wrote on my lunch break today while I watched Linkin Park winning at the AMA and the weird and bat-shit crazy shit that came after it....this little piece is about Mike and his thoughts on Chester <3 it's in the eyes of our favourite emcee :)

Read, review, likes- I simply adore!! Thank you everyone that inspires me to write, the readers and writers of this site, you all are truly wonderful <3

We love you Chesterbe <3


Maybe it's a little cheesy, but I've always believed that everyone, and I really mean everyone, gets one miracle in their lives.

Now, you're probably thinking about what mine might be. And, no, it isn't fame, it isn't having platinum albums, it isn't of the thousands of girls begging to sleep with me, and boys wanting to be just like me. It isn't about the money. It isn't about the fame. The cameras flashing. Making the front news headlines. All of that does mean something to me- but my miracle is much more simpler, and yet, a million times more complex.

My miracle showed me how to love again, how to trust once again.

My miracle had taught me to be confident in myself. Taught me to escape the gripping shyness that had always kept me in my shell.

My miracle has made me feel safe again. My miracle coaxed away the feelings of abandonment caused by so many losses.

My miracle merely use to walk into the room to make me feel at ease.

My miracle has a smile that lights up rooms, buildings, cities, maybe even the whole world. Eyes the colour of chocolate that can melt me into a puddle with just one glance.

My miracle is of a small man from Arizona, one who couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut.

My miracle was a friend to me when I needed one more than anything, sometimes the only constant in my life that kept me going.

My miracle is a million miracles in one. Mine makes life a miracle every single day.

My miracle is Chester Bennington and I miss him. Always and forever.



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