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Oh no! Not another Slasher Movie! by MissDomho


AN Back again! Currently finish up 'Guardian Angel', trying to push through the next chapter of it! Thought I would write this slashy standalone! Was watching Friday the 13th while watching it, it inspired me to write the standalone, lol ;) I miss writing slash hahah! It's quick and short!

Please read, review, like, anything my beautiful readers <3 you all are amazing! Thank you <3

Warning Nothing- but Bennoda lovin' <3 ;)


“Goddammit, Chester.”

Mike mumbled curses under his breath as he flipped through the channels on the T.V. All he wanted was to take a shower, and of course the little shit beat him to it. Again. He took some long showers, too. The emcee knew he'd be waiting for awhile.

With a sigh, the half Asian fallen into the bed, his back hitting the soft surface, mindlessly flipping through channel after channel in the shitty hotel room they were staying in for the night. All he wanted was to be in his own home for Halloween night, where he knew that he could at least use his own shower and not having to fight Chester for the only shower in the hotel room they shared. Tour life could really suck most times, he realised. The sound of Chester's loud, booming voice drifted out of the bathroom as he rolled his eyes with a smile along his tired features.

After what felt like hours of going through the channels, Mike found what must have been a Friday the 13th marathon. It was probably part IV or V, he thought. He stared blankly at the screen before him as Jason stabbed a blonde chick with big tits. He laughed dully, boredom irking his features now as he was slumped along the bed.

Chester strolled out of the bathroom now, steam following his lilth body as he was clad only in his tight boxer briefs. A few seconds later, and as if on cue, the movie cut to a sex scene. The smaller man was seen smirking at Mike as he crawled onto the bed, making himself more at home now between the taller man’s legs.

“Whatcha watching?” he asked smugly.

Mike shrugged. “Friday the 13th marathon was on. That's about as scary as our Halloween’s gonna get" He replied.

“Sure it isn't for this shit?”

Chester gestured to the screen, at the horribly acted moans and expressions. Only seconds later, Jason was there to get them both.

With a cocked eyebrow, Mike pulled himself up, now sitting upright on his bed.

“You think I'm into this shit? All I wanted was to take a shower. You just beat me to it.”

The Vocalist rolled his eyes.

“Oh, come on. I didn't actually beat you. I just had to bat my eyes a couple times and you let me have it. Not my fault you're whipped, Mikey" He purred as he pecked Mike on the cheek.

“Whipped? Me? Are you fucking serious? The only thing that's whipped is gonna be your ass if you keep it up, Ches"

Mike replied. His voice dripped with fake hostility. With a gasp and a feigned frightened look, Chester made a show of scooting away.

“Oh, no. I'm so scared. Or maybe I'm into that.” He giggled as he wiggled his eyebrows up at Mike. Sucking his lip in between his teeth. The half Asian narrowed his eyes now, shaking his head a little up at Chester. He grabbed Chester once he had seen the Vocalist try to move away from Mike as the emcee pulled him back into his original position.

“Oh, be quiet. I know you're a kinky little fucker, but you're not getting any from me.”

Mike smirked a little as he watched Chester's cheeks turn a bright shade of red at Mike's comment.

“I thought you were gonna take a shower" The now-flustered Vocalist mumbled, obviously trying to change the subject. Mike gave a shrug.

“I changed my mind. I like you right here" He murmured softly, tightening his grip around Chester's waist.

For a while, they were quiet, watching Jason come after the helpless teenagers and kill them off one by one with his machete. And then inevitably, there was more sex as the movie went on. Mike rolled his eyes.

“What's the point of even having these scenes in these movies? It just interrupts the movie from the point" He grumbled.

The smaller man turned to look at the emcee quizzically then. “This is part of the draw for most people, Mike. Why would you go to watch Jason kill a bunch of people when you could watch Jason kill a bunch of people, and also see some tits and stuff? Teenage boys see this shit because it gets them hard. Y’know, like you right about now.” Chester giggled softly and subtly pushed back against Mike.

“Oh, shut up, Chester. That's just coincidental. It has nothing to do with that. You really think I'd want that?”

Mike snapped back quickly. There was something a little too defensive in his voice.

“You wouldn't want this?” The Vocalist asked. Mike was about to question the lead singer when he turned around completely and sat on Mike's lap, grinding up against him. He closed his eyes and mocked the face of the girl on the screen. The hot friction between their bodies steadily growing more hotter as Chester grounded his smaller body against Mike. Enjoying the sight of the emcee's eyes fluttering as he was gasping for breath now.

“Oh, Mike. Please. Fuck me"

Chester whined in a high-pitched, girly voice. He threw his head back and let out a fake moan, eyes squeezed shut and mouth wide open. The taller man clenched his teeth now and tried his best to brush off the suggestive sight.

“Could you cut it out? I'm trying to watch this movie" He said, as calmly as he could manage. At first, it really had been a coincidence, but between the grinding and the noises the smaller man was making, his dick really was starting to get hard. Chester was quick to notice.

“What's that I feel, Mikey? You like this, don't you?” Chester smirked at Mike, eyes drifting back and forth between his face and his crotch. Heat spread across Mike's neck and face quickly.

"It isn't my fault. You were fucking rubbing all over me” He mumbled, pressing a frown along his features towards the smaller singer. With a shrug Chester turned back to his spot.

“Have it your way, Mikey. It'll go away eventually,” He replied. He was glad Mike couldn't see the smile that wouldn't leave his face.

The emcee was silent for a few seconds. Soon, Chester felt an arm snake around his waist. Hot breath was on his ear a moment later.

“Now, you don't get to just do that to me, baby. You want it, don't you?”

The arm tightened around him and pulled him closer. Chester could feel Mike's hard sex pressing against his ass and it sent heat straight to his groin. He shivered, not ready to give in quite yet. Mike hummed in his ear, nipping it gently.

“We're being a tease tonight, hmm? You just let me know when you're ready, baby. I'll wait for you.” Mike blew hot air on his ear and made him shiver again. This only got harder for him.

Stubborn and determined, Chester sat still for a solid few moments, trying his best not to react as Mike's large, slender hands ran up and down his forearms and across his chest. He could be so patient with this, and Chester didn't know how it was possible. Usually ready to explode, the brunette never gave in to teasing when it came to this.

Mike finally broke the silence again. “I'm hot” He said softly.

He peeled off his fitted, black shirt and Chester couldn't help but turn to watch as he revealed a toned, tanned chest. “See anything you like, Ches?” Mike smirked.

“I give up. Dammit, Mike. I want you.” Chester sighed and gazed at the taller man defeatedly. The emcee simply looked down at him with a smirk and shrugged, revealing no signs of weakness. Until his soft, tender hands came to rest on Chester's hips again, pulling him back and grinding against Chester's ass.

“What do you want, baby? You have to tell me.” Mike's voice was low and quiet. He squeezed Chester's hips a little tighter.

Chester made a quiet sound and let out a shaky breath. “Fuck, you know what I want, Mikey” He mumbled. He was achingly hard already.

With a raspy laugh, Mike pulled him down harder. “I want to hear it out of that pretty little mouth of yours again.”

“I want you to fuck me" Chester whined. He managed to turn his head and give Mike a pleading look. One hand left his hip, slipping back to give the singer's ass a hard squeeze before sliding his underwear down.

“How hard do you want it?” Mike mumbled absently. He didn't even care to hear the answer; before it could come, he had reached to fingers around to go in Chester's mouth. The Vocalist sucked them eagerly for a few seconds, until they were slick enough. Mike pressed one against his puckering hole, teasing him for a few seconds and enjoying the soft whines he gave.

“I want you to fuck me until I can't walk.”

Chester whined again, and this time the sound was too much for Mike to handle. He pushed a finger inside of Chester and slowly started to move it in and out; soon, he'd added a second and a third. The singer moaned and sighed in a way that made Mike's already-hard cock feel even worse, almost painful. He unzipped his jeans only for the relief.

Already an expert on everything Chesters liked, Mike found his prostate with no problem. He pushed his fingers against it and smirked a little at the loud groan and bucking hips he got in return.

"That's it, baby’. You want more?”

Chester managed a nod. “God, please. Fuck me, Mikey. I want you.”

Shakily, Chester moved from his sitting position and got on his hands and knees. He arched his back and pushed his ass up in the air, and just that was enough to make Mike lose it almost completely. He practically tore out of his jeans and boxers, finally freeing his cock.

“Jesus, you kill me” He groaned. Mike slicked himself up with spit; sometimes, the urgency was too great for lube. However, one tiny bit of revenge from earlier was left within him. He gave Chester one hard smack, leaving a vague red handprint.

Chester gasped and yelped. Almost shying away from Mike's touch the second time. "Fuck, what was that for?”

“You said you wanted to get whipped"

The emcee replied with a smirk. He pushed himself slowly into Chester, making him groan.

“Yeah, it was hot, but a little warning would be great...”

Mike landed another hard slap across his Vocalist's ass as he started pushing into his smaller lover with slow, even thrusts.

“There's no fun in warnings.”

With another shocked gasp, Chester turned around to look at the tanned man. “Someone’s feeling a little evil tonight. Damn” He said. He rocked back to meet Mike's thrusts.

“It's Halloween, what can I say?”

Mike replied. He grabbed onto the smaller man’s hips tightly then, slamming into him hard. Not quite on purpose, he had hit Chester's prostate again. This time, the sound he made was almost a scream.

“Jesus, Mikey" Chester whined. He drew out the nickname as it slowly became part of a moan. His elbows and knees buckled beneath his weight, but Mike caught him before he could fall flat. He pulled the smaller male up slowly until he was sitting upright in his lap. He felt hot breath on his neck again as Mike pushed his lips along Chester's now-sweaty shoulder. He bit and licked across the exposed skin and made Chester shudder as he continued to fuck him with slow, jerky thrusts. He didn't know how the emcee was so strong; he could barely stay upright. He let himself fall back and rest against Mike's chest.

“Almost there, babe.”

Mike's voice was nearly a growl. His hands rested on Chester's thighs and somehow managed to bring him down harder.

Chester let out a strangled groan. “Touch me” He pleaded.

The half Asian was happy to oblige. He wrapped a hand around Chester's throbbing cock, never breaking his pace. His mouth found its way back to Chester's neck, and soon his shoulder. Between his swollen lips, he sucked and nipped the sweaty skin until a deep purple mark was left there.

“I'm going to come" Mike mumbled. He gave a low moan that nearly sent Chester over the edge. His breath became ragged and Chester could feel him start to tense. Somehow, the singer found a little bit of strength left in him. He slammed himself down hard on Mike, curses and moans flowing freely out of his shivering lips. “I want it in me"

He whined. His vision started to blur as he felt his own orgasm building, almost driving him crazy.

Mikes was gone only a second after he said it. His hand clenched Chester's thigh as he filled him. Just the feeling was enough for Chester. Only seconds later, he was coming into Mike's hand. He fell limp against the taller man, panting.

“Mike, I can't move,” Chester managed, breathlessly.

Mike's strong arms lifted him off and gently laid him on the bed.

“Good, that's how I wanted it to feel" He said with a lazy grin. He already seemed to be catching his breath. He was quiet for a moment before adding, “I still need to take a fucking shower.”

“I'd join you, if I could walk,” Chester replied. A snigger between his lips.

“You don't need to be able to walk.”

Chester was about to question Mike, but before he could say another word, Mike had scooped his smaller lover up as he was now carrying him off to the bathroom. Chester smiled up at him as he sat him down gingerly in the shower.

As he turned on the hot water, Mike gave a reflective look. “Well, it's Halloween, and we just had sex, and now I'm thinking,” He said.

“About what?” Chester asked.

“I wonder how long before Jason comes after us, too.”


Brad padded groggily to the hotel lobby to meet up with the others. It was too early in the morning for breakfast- but Mike and Chester had insisted. At least the rest of the band looked as grumpy as he did too. One thing they could always agree on was that any time before noon was too early in the morning. Besides, he had stayed up all night watching the Friday the 13th marathon that had been on. On top of that, someone in a nearby room had been too damn loud.

With a frown, Brad stole a donut straight from Chester's hand as he sat down beside the singer. “Why are we doing this breakfast thing again? I like sleeping.”

“Hey, that was my fucking donut! And besides, it's fucking 11:30, Delson. It doesn't kill you to get up at this time. And we have to leave soon. There's a show tonight, after all"

Brad watched Chester pull his weight up, then wince and sat back down. After a shared glance exchanged between the singer and emcee, Mike went to get a new donut for him from the buffet table in the restaurant. Brad found that odd, but chose to ignore it as he munched on Chester's half-eaten sugared donut for his own.

“Did anyone else hear the screaming last night? It was coming from a room pretty close to ours” He said. Brad's eyes crossing over the eight sets of eyes that were all staring back at him, formally known as Joe, Phoenix, Rob and Chester. Mike soon returning to the table as he had taken his seat close to the lead singer.

At the mention of it, Brad added, a continuation from what he had began saying. “I heard it. It sounded a little like you, Chester.”

The lead singer's cheeks flushed bright red and he seemed to be formulating a response. As his mouth opened, though, Mike cleared his throat as he began speaking on Chester's behalf.

“You probably did hear Chester. We were watching Friday the 13th too and someone got a little startled. Didn't you, Ches?”

The expression on Chester's face changed to an awkward smile. For someone who excels in self confidence and self-righteous, was now acting the complete opposite now once Brad cocked an eyebrow up at Chester to find the lead singer sinking further into his seat, blushing profusely as he quietly gnawed at his donut.

“Yup. Terrified. You know how much I hate scary movies,” He mentioned in a timid voice. He gave Mike a secret smile before Mike would wink at him as the younger emcee gave a slight nod.

“Well, we should probably be heading out. I could use a nap on the bus, anyway,” Mike said. He stood up then.

Brad looked up at his best friend suspiciously and got up, too. “Alright. Whatever you say.” He finished off the rest of the donut in his hand.

Before Mike headed off, he scooped Chester up in his arms to help the singer to his feet as all Chester could offer him was a small smile. Brad watched as the smaller man once again winced slightly from under his breath.

Brad was pretty sure he knew the truth behind the screams he had heard last night as they were anything- but that. They didn't sound terrifying at all as they were the screams and moans of pleasure moreorless. The lead guitarist suspected they had nothing to do with Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th movie- but they had everything to do with Michael Shinoda.



AN Thank you for reading my fic ;) its short and blah, letting my bennoda porn out lol. <3

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