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It Starts with One by MissDomho


AN Hey everyone! I am back with another fic! I know *groans* I really am sorry for the spam of fics lately! I have had this story in my USB which is has a few chapters that I have completed! My aim is to finish this story too!

Update on my other stories!

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Anyway! On with my latest project!

Warning This fic is random. Happy! Silly! Confusing! Full of rude words! Rude Bennoda! Silly band members! And to be honest I don't know if I should continue this :) reviews and feedback is very much adored! <3


It starts with one thing


"YOU...you are a dick."

Mike blinks. "I-" he stops, double checks the caller ID. Unknown number- but he knows that seemingly perpetually drunken drawl that’s almost unintelligible right now "Ches, is that you?"

"A dick!" Chester drawls. Loudly. There's loud cheering and screaming in the background of wherever his band mate is, the sound tinny and small over the phone's speaker before the unmistakable sound of glasses clinking takes over. A bar, then. Chester was at a bar, club, somewhere where he was unmistakably getting drunk. Which mistakenly resulted in the phone call Mike was recieving.

"And I hate you!”

Mike drops his head back down on the bed with a sigh and wonders how the fuck this became his life. Chester clearly was drunk once more again.

"Are you are drunk...again?"

He’s conscious of the fact that he’s stating the obvious- but he’s very tired, half asleep and doesn’t care. The Vocalist makes a sound that's half scoff, half cry "Noo I am not, Mi-Mikey Mikeey" Chester drawls out, he giggles loudly over the speaker piece and all Mike can do is groan.

"Oh my god" He says, sitting up to slap at his bedside lamp angrily. Checking the time as it was slowly approaching to two A.M in the morning. "You've drunk dialed me!"

"I have not" Chester says indignantly.

"You have!" The emcee growls. They have rules. After the shows, the band can inject liquid, burnt sugar into their scrotums for all he cares- but he needs his motherfucking beauty sleep and that is considered sacred to the emcee.

"Where are you?" He then asks, because drunk Chester may be annoying- but considering the life they lead, it can't hurt to keep tabs on his little band of mischief truants.

"You have the best lips, Mikey, did you know that? They always look so yummy...That all-all I wanna do to them is eat them up"

Chester says, completely ignoring his emcee now as Mike barely registers the breathy fucking wistfulness in Chester's tone because his brain is too busy screeching to a halt and throwing itself off a cliff.

"What did you just say?"

The half Asian man asks in a very flat tone that somewhat resembles words.

Chester hums. Singing loudly now which the emcee contemplates whether or not he should just hang up and go back to sleep. He was irritated. He was tired. And most of all he was bugging out over Chester's comment.

"Jesus, and your hands, Mikey...those long fingers of yours...I would su-"

Chester whispers now- but before he finishes what he has to say he pauses. Mike cranes his ear to listen, unsure why he had felt disappointed that Chester didn't finish the rest of what he had to say. Mike knew he had just woken up in a new alternative universe because the sound of Chester groaning just the thought of what he's saying is putting him on edge. Mike could feel his mind going dizzy now, he wasn't sure if he generally was just tired as it had been a long show tonight or the sounds of the smaller singer groaning, humming against his ear and through the speaker piece was making it harder for Mike to understand what was going on with his band mate.

"What the fuck has gotten into you, Ches? Where are you? I-"

"Th-the things I've imagined you doing with them-" Chester moans, his breath becoming more staggered and almost unbearably incomprehensive. -But hearing Chester's breathy voice and drunken stupor Mike flails, gets tangled in his sheets and almost falls out of the large hotel bed. Even the pain of it isn't enough to distract him from the next words out of Chester's mouth which - oh my god it was an ode to sucking and Mike can't-

Chester suddenly yells on the phone, a protested, slightly hurt."Hey!" before the line is taken over with really violent laughter. Mike gapes up at his ceiling from the bed. "What the fuck Brad, get your own damn Mike! He's mine?!"

"Shut the fuck up, Ches...He's my best friend!" An equally drunk Brad sounded the phone. There were muffled voices and Chester yelling. Music wafting through the sound piece and a very confused Mike sprawled along his bed as he has no idea what he was suppose to do now.

Brad - there's no other word for it - cackles. Like a Disney villain. Which to Mike he found it oddly disturbing- but all in all he was quite relieved that it was his best friend on the phone now and not Chester, to whom was pretty much trying to have phone sex with him on the other line earlier before. He had no idea what had gotten into his singer- but he suspected it had something to do with the large intake of alcohol he had been drinking tonight. And Brad was no better as he started singing the words 'I love you' to Mike, to whom was just laughing now.

"Oh my god!" Brad yells out. The singing soon coming to a halt to Mike's relief.

Brad screams over the phone as the guitarist wheezes as if he is choking on his own laughter. Mike pictures him losing whatever it was he was drinking through his nose. "Do me a favor and take a photo of Chester's face the next time you see him. I can't even-" He loses it again until finally the line goes dead. The sounds of Brad laughing echoing the emcee's mind now.

Mike doesn't move for a very long time. His mind a haze. Unsure of what had just happened- but most of all what possessed Chester to say those comments to him? Drunk or not. Mike wanted to find out- but first things first. Dropping the phone to his side, he then closed his eyes, darkness caving in on him until he has fallen asleep once more again.



AN I know this story seems really random. And maybe it doesn't make sense- but I promise you there is a story line to this! I just wanted to write something silly and fun and random at times. Let me know if I should continue this :)! Reviews, likes and feedback is simply adored!! <3

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