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Trigger Happy by Umi

A Summary Of The End That Surprisingly Wasn't The End At All [August 2008]

Mike doesn't like to admit how much he actually enjoys therapy; mostly because he's getting blackmailed to attend it.

"If you slack off we'll find out. And then you can go find yourself a new band." - Rob.

Mike also doesn't like to admit how thankful he is that Chester never fully recovered from his amnesia. His therapist says it might be some kind of dissociation. That, even though the initial retrograde amnesia was – at least partially – caused by traumatic brain injury, it's his subconscious that prevents the memory of that specific day from coming back to him.

To Mike that day wasn't particularly traumatic at all.

But Chester's brain obviously drew a line when it came to his boyfriend getting himself beaten up and hate-fucked by their drummer (and being shitty at pretending to not have loved it), the band breaking up over it, a lot of whiskey, and the shock of a car crash – all within less than 24 hours.

Mike is a lucky bastard and he knows that.

It's been eight months.

He still has his boyfriend.

Still/again has his band.

And a therapist who's really good at not rolling her eyes at him.


Btw, for those of you who speak German:


I put the rpg this is based on online a while ago (or, well, am almost done doing so)

But it's not necessary to know it/have read it to understand the ficlets here.

(Or at least that's what I'm aiming for ~)

And for those who missed this fic's summary on my profile:

This is a collection of ficlets based on a text rpg I had with a friend a few years ago - in non-chronological order, but with "time stamps" in the chapter titles where necessary.

- unhealthy!Bennoda

- Romance/Angst/Drama

- mostly Mike-centric bc he's the asshole I played

- "problematic" portrayal of mental illness and a certain personality disorder in particular

- rape is a recurring topic ~ and I expect suicidal tendencies and a colorful bouquet of all kinds of self-harm/-endangerment to have a few cameos as well... which is the reason for it being R-rated btw

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