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A time for Giving by MissDomho


AN Fic number two <3 Merry Christmas once more again! Xx

Also the events that inspired me in this fic means something dearly to me that has finally happened here in Australia! And that is finally they have finally legalised Gay Marriage. It has been so long in the waiting for this to happen :) as Australia is finally moving forward and it makes me proud to live in a place where I know soon, someday my friends can marry each other <3 it truly has been a beautiful ending to such a horrible year. Sorry for my rambles, just I am extremely happy <3

Warning Nothing- but sweet Bennoda loving!


A time for giving

December 2017

Christmas was always perfect. Always so beautiful. With the smells of cinnamon and cookies tickled the air lightly, while their Christmas tree sat in the corner of their living room, festooned in red and gold. Beneath it sat piles of carefully wrapped gifts, some from family and friends, some from the Band, some from fans. Some from each other.

Wrapped in his thick fluffy white robe, the emcee sat beside the tree, a mug of hot cocoa cradled in his hands. The scent of pine needles made him happy and closing his eyes, he listened to the carols which tinkled from the large stereo. Somewhere in the house he could hear the Vocalist moaning and whining about being dragged from bed at some ungodly hour. It was Christmas, he was supposed to get a lie in. He could get to sleep in after they would exchanged gifts.

Finally the brunette appeared, still looking bleary eyed as he pulled an old hoodie of Mike's over his own head. His hair matted in a million different directions, giving him a pure look of innocence.

Holding out Chester's mug of steaming hot cocoa, Mike motioned him to the floor in front of the tree. “Come on baby. Gifts and then back to bed.”

Chester pouted at him. “Promise?”

The emcee grinned happily. “Promise.” Putting his mug down, he reached over towards the back of the stack of gifts. They really didn't need so many- but everyone they knew always insisted on giving them things. Grabbing a flat box, he held it out, his heart pattering a little.

With a confused look, Chester took it from him. Lying the box flat in his lap, the Vocalist plucked at the thick, glittering ribbon and carefully pulled away the paper. Opening the box, he peered inside to find a beautifully decorated book.

“What is it?”

Mike just smiles softly. “Open it and see.”

He did and Mike's heart flipped as he watched his lover's face change from mild annoyance to pure happiness. The first page, the half Asian knew, was decorated with a photo of them all taken in the summer of 1997. When Chester had joined the band which they were formally known as 'Xero'. All of them looking so young and so innocent, who would have thought that after so many years of struggle and hard work they would end up like this. The caption read “Where it all began”. It had taken him months to put the book together- but it was worth it to see the look on the smaller singer's face as he carefully turned each page. Each one was decorated with photos of them as a couple, photos of their families, of the band, all of them telling their story right from the beginning to now.

Putting it to one side, Chester leaned closer, giving him a kiss. “Thank you. You're so thoughtful.”

Mike returned the smile. A moment later and a long box was handed out to him. It was crudely wrapped, Chester obviously having had other things on his mind rather than the neatness of his own gift wrapping. Slowly easing the glittery paper away, it was then the emcee peered inside. There were three smaller boxes, each bearing a number from one through to three. Taking out the first one, he opened it with a chuckle.

Inside was a bag of his favourite Starbucks coffee. A brown tag was attached to the top, the words 'Drink me' scrawled across it.

“Okay, so, I am guessing number two is something to eat?” Mike asked.

The older singer merely just raises an eyebrow. Taking out box number two, he then opened it, his laughter getting louder now. Inside were a bunch of different shaped cookie cutters. Another brown tag was attached to one shaped like a music note, the words 'Eat Me' written on it.

“So, number three, then?”

Chester just shrugged, giving nothing away. The emcee opened the third box and saw nothing but shredded pink tissue paper. He frowned.

“Reach in it" Chester murmured.

He did, his fingers now closing around something small and metal. Drawing it out slowly, he found it to be a simple, silver ring. A brown tag was tied to it. With his heart pounding, Mike turned over the tag.

'Marry Me?'

Emotions crashed in to him, his heart breaking and healing as tears began to prickle his large, brown eyes. Rubbing a hand over his face, Mike choked and looked to his lover. Concerned brown eyes looked at him, pleading silently. Say yes. Say yes. Say yes.

Crawling across the floor, he climbed into Chester's lap and draped his arms around the older lover's shoulder, the ring still clasped in his hands, tightly.

“Yes, yes, a million times yes!"

He felt Chester let out a deep, shuddering breath, strong arms wrapping around his waist and holding him close.

“I love you" Chester murmured. “I love you more than you'll ever know and I'm so happy we can finally do this.”

The tears began to fall and Mike pulled back to look at his lover. “And I love you too. It'll be an honour to spend forever with you.” He chuckled. "Can't believe twenty years has finally brought us here.”

When the singer held out his hand, Mike dropped the ring into his lover's palm. The tag was taken off now and the emcee held out his left hand, the tears coming all the more harder as the ring was slid on to his finger.

“Together,” Chester whispered as he kissed away Mike's tears.

“Forever,” Came Mike's tender reply.




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