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The Professor by Technicolorlover


A timid knock came at his door. The Professor glanced up from grading his papers and let a ‘Come in’ welcome his guest before resuming his work. His guest quickly came in and closed the door behind him. He only looked up when the mystery person sat in the chair across from his desk.

He vaguely recalled seeing this student in his class before. Average student on a good day, failing on a bad day. Unfortunately, the bad days happened more often than not. Michael was the students name if he remembered correctly. Art major, but he needed this psychology class to graduate. And from the look on his face, he was clearly ready to do anything in order to get those last elusive credits.

His black hair was gelled and spiked to perfection and his facial hair was gone, giving him a baby-faced look. He was wearing a tight white button-down dress shirt that looked to be two sizes too small. It was tight enough that he could make out the hoops through Michael’s nipples. A black hoodie and large blue backpack were draped across his lap, his legs fidgeting nervously. The Professor let a sigh out, ready to hear the usual plea.

“What do you want Michael?” He asked, even though he already had an idea of what the answer would be. Michael gave a small smile and did he just flutter his eyelashes at him? Was he wearing eyeliner as well? He propped his arm on the desk and rested his head in his head, looking innocently up at his Professor.

“Well you see Professor Bennington, the final is coming up and I was wondering if there was anything I could do for some extra credit.” He said with a low voice that sounded like sex personified. Was it just him or did Michael purposely open some buttons on his top? Not that they needed much help, they all looked ready to give way if he so much as took a deep breath. The Professor pushed his black rectangular glasses up his nose before leaning back in his chair, his hands folded to his chest.

“As I stated at the beginning of the semester, I do not give out bonus points, no handouts, and absolutely no extra credit. Even if you got a one hundred on your final you would still fail Michael.” Michael looked up at him, his pink lips pouting and his brown doe eyes in a sad puppy look.

“Oh please Professor Bennington, this is my last class before I graduate. If I fail then I'll have to repeat the semester!” He let his teeth seductively bite his bottom lip. “Are you sure we can't come to an agreement?” That pink tongue quickly ran across his lips while his eyes ran up and down the Professor. The older man felt his cock twitch in appreciation. He quickly frowned and stood up, taking care to hide his growing erection. He went over to Michael and grabbed his arm, forcing him up. Michael let out a moan from the manhandling, which went straight to the Professor’s groin.

“How dare you insinuate that I'd sleep with you in exchange for a better grade. Get out before I call security.” That was when Michael’s hoodie and backpack fell to the ground revealing his lower half.

There Michael stood, with a tight red plaid skirt around his waist. The thing just barely covered his rear, he wondered how Michael made it across the university campus without drawing anyone's attention. Michael’s own crotch was at attention, tenting the skirt.

“What is this?” He asked, his throat suddenly dry. He was finding that his pants were much too tight suddenly. Michael broke his arm free of his Professor’s grip and pushed himself against the older man, grinding their crotches together. He popped a few more buttons on his shirt open, revealing his toned hairless chest, those small hoops peeking through the fabric. The Professor let a moan out from the friction.

“Something to persuade you Professor. Are you sure you're not interested? Because something tells me you are.” He pushed the Professor back into his chair and straddled the older man, brushing their cocks together. They both let a loud moan out at the contact, the temperature in the room rising fast. Michael leaned in and whispered in his ear, “You seem very interested in my offer Professor Bennington.”

Michael leaned in for a kiss, which the Professor hesitantly accepted. Michael was an excellent kisser, his plump lips coaxing his tongue out of him, his teeth grazing his bottom lip. The Professor undid the rest of Michael’s buttons and removed the tight shirt from his body, exposing the golden toned chest to him.

He hesitantly raised his hands to the younger man’s chest and gave an experimental flick on one of the hoops through Michael's nipples. He was rewarded with a loud moan from Michael and the younger man ground his hips to his, seeking some friction to his leaking cock. He smiled through the kiss and began to flick both the rings, causing Michael to hump his crotch like a bitch in heat.

Michael broke from their kiss to let a long moan out. Head tilted back, lips swollen from the kissing, eyes closed, he was a sight to behold. Leaning in to the exposed neck, the Professor began to bite at the small pulse point where his jaw met his throat. Alternating between biting, sucking, and licking, he sent Michael into a frenzy as the younger man lowered his hand in between them.

“Don't,” the Professor growled out before giving Michael a particularly hard bite, “if I see you touch yourself or cum, there'll be hell to pay. Do you understand Michael?” Michael nodded with a dazed look on his face. The Professor lowered his face to one of Michael’s nipples and lightly tugged on the ring. Michael threw his head back and let a string of ‘Oh God yes’ out, gripping the back of his Professor’s head tightly. By now he was frantically thrusting his hips, constantly moaning, begging to be touched. Without thinking, Michael grabbed his cock and spread his precum around his tip with his thumb.

Standing up quickly, the Professor spun Michael around so that he was face down on his desk, his hands pinned above his head. He leaned into his student’s ear and whispered harshly,

“What did I tell you?” Michael gulped nervously, his poor cock was caught between his abdomen and the hard wood of the desk.

“You told me not to touch myself Professor Bennington.” He answered. The Professor let his free hand grab Michael’s forgotten shirt and began using it to tie his wrists together.

“And what did you do?” He asked as he tightened the knot, confident that Michael would be unable to break out of the makeshift restraints. He grabbed a ruler from his desk drawer and held it tightly.

“I touched myself.” Michael whispered as tested his new bindings. The Professor lifted Michael's skirt up, only to be greeted with another surprise in the form of a red lacy thong between Michael's cheeks. He slid the ruler underneath the lining of the thong and asked,

“What is this Michael? I can't imagine that this is very comfortable for you.” He saw Michael's face flush with embarrassment.

“I thought you'd like this Professor Bennington. I've been wearing it all day, rock hard thinking of you seeing me in it.” He answered, his face starting to resemble a tomato. The Professor let the thong go with a loud ‘snap’ causing Michael to moan. Leaning to Michael's ear again, he whispered,

“You've been very naughty Michael. You're failing my class, you come in trying to seduce me for a better grade, and then you disrespect me by disobeying my orders. Now do you know what happens to naughty boys Michael?” Michael nervously wriggled underneath the Professor.

“What happens to them Professor?” He asked, even though he knew the answer. Raising the ruler, the Professor answered,

“They get spanked Michael. Now I want you to count each one or I'll start again.” And swinging the ruler down, he struck Michael's bare bottom, leaving an angry red mark.

“One.” Michael croaked out before another one hit his other cheek. He counted that one before three rapid strikes came in quick succession. He counted those too. Each strike went straight to both of their crotches and by the twelfth strike Michael’s rear was hot and red with tears running down his face.

The Professor dropped the ruler to the ground and ran his hand over Michael's over sensitive bottom, prompting a loud groan from the student. He pushed the string of the thong to the side before sticking a finger into the student’s hole, only to be surprised to see Michael was already lubed up and already stretched.

“Well now, what do we have here?” He asked as a second finger joined effortlessly, then a third. Despite already being stretched, Michael was incredibly tight. Michael's hips thrust up to meet the fingers as they grazed his spot, purposely missing it. Through the moans and tears of pleasure, Michael answered,

“I wanted to be open and ready for you Professor. Do you like it? I used my favorite vibrator and thought of you as I rode it. I came screaming your name Professor and I did it while wearing the skirt and thong.” His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he visualized Michael riding a vibrator, his member nearly bursting through the small sheer thong. He could just see Michael reaching underneath the skirt, underneath the thong, stroking himself in time with his thrusts, his whole body shaking with need and arousal before cumming all over himself before rushing over here.

“What would you have done if I had turned you away Michael?” He asked as he continued to pump four fingers in and out of Michael's hole, missing his spot intentionally, but teasingly just missing it. Michael's hips continued to meet the fingers thrusts as he answered,

“I didn't have a backup plan Professor Bennington. I was risking it all on the fact that you wouldn't be able to resist me.” Withdrawing his fingers, the Professor unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free from his boxer briefs. He didn't bother even pushing his pants down, there was something erotic about fucking the young man fully clothed while he was in nothing but a tight shirt skirt and thong. He didn't even loosen his tie or take his dark gray suit jacket off.

Rubbing his hard member between the cleft of Michael's ass, he let his precum ooze onto his student’s sensitive flesh, the temperature difference creating a sharp contrast that cause Michael to let a hiss out.

“I'm going to fuck you now Michael.” The Professor said bluntly as he continued to rub his erection between Michael's cheeks. “If you come before I tell you to, you'll wish that I was spanking you. Do I make myself clear?” Michael nodded weakly. Unsatisfied with that, he grabbed Michael's black spikes, forcibly bringing Michael's head up to his own head, his lips grazing the student’s ears. He harshly whispered,

“I said, do I make myself clear?” Michael gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, before hesitantly answering,

“Yes Professor Bennington.” Keeping his fingers threaded in the younger man’s hair, and the other hand grasping Michael's hip tightly, he thrust into Michael in one smooth movement. Michael screamed at the sudden intrusion, it stung even though he had prepped himself and expected it.

The Professor didn't wait for Michael to adjust before he began pistoning in and out of the tight hole. God, how was it possible that he was this tight? The sounds of flesh slapping flesh, his balls hitting the rim of Michael's hole soon filled the room.

Leaning his head down, the Professor began to resume his earlier work on Michael's neck, biting below his jawline, leaving dark red marks on the golden skin. He tightened his grip on those gorgeous black spiked, causing a moan to escape Michael's lips.

“I'm starting to think that you're failing my class on purpose Michael,” the Professor said as he grabbed his student's hip harder, causing finger shaped bruises to appear on the mocha skin, “you probably planned this little scheme at the beginning of the semester, didn't you?”

“O-of course not Professor Bennington.” He groaned out, his eyes started to roll up in ecstasy. The Professor forcibly yanked Michael's head back with a yowl, growling,

“Do not lie to me Michael and try to take me for an idiot. You've planned this all along. The skirt, the thong, prepping yourself. You knew what you were doing as soon as you walked into my classroom.” He thrust himself deeper into Michael, hitting his prostate dead on. The young man screamed in orgasmic bliss, saying,

“No Professor Bennington, I swear.” The Professor gave a predatory grin before stopping his movements, his hips slowing down to almost nothing. He dragged his cock in and out excruciatingly slowly, driving Michael insane.

“Please Professor Bennington, faster. Fuck me harder, make me feel it sir.” He begged, tears coming down from his eyes. The Professor ignored his student's please and continued his agonizingly slow movements.

“Oh but Michael, you're being naughty again. And naughty boys don't get to cum. Now I want you to be honest with me: did you fail my class on purpose so you could try and seduce me for a better grade?” He asked as he slowly penetrated Michael, dully hitting his spot. The Professor could see Michael try and hold on to his last shred of dignity, but it was slowly fading into nothingness. With one sharp thrust, he saw the mental debate end in Michael's mind.

“God, yes Professor Bennington!” He screamed. “I've been thinking of this from the moment I laid eyes on you. All semester I thought of you whenever I touched myself. I screamed your name every time I fucked myself, imagining it was you big cock fucking me. I've wanted you as soon as I saw you.” Twisting his head so that he made eye contact with his Professor, he begged, “Please let me cum. Fuck me, mark me, make me feel it Professor Bennington.”

Crashing his lips onto Michael's, the Professor began rutting himself into Michael like a man possessed. Biting those plump pink lips, he let his hand fall free from the black locks before lightly grabbing Michael's own large cock underneath the skirt and panties. He ran his hand up and down the length, his knuckles grazing the soft lace of the thong, while he swallowed Michael's quick breathy moans. Breaking away from the kiss, he bit into Michael's pulse, growling,

“Come for me.” Michael let a scream out as milky white stripes erupted from his member, coating the panties and the Professor’s hand. The Professor gave a few sharp thrusts before cumming deep inside Michael.

They both collapsed onto his chair, with Michael on top of him. They were both panting heavily, sweat soaking the Professor’s shirt and working its way through his gray suit jacket.

“Do I pass?” Michael asked as he rested his head on the Professor’s shoulder. The Professor smiled,

“I think we can work something out Michael.”

“Good, because this thing is starting to chafe me like a motherfucker. I dunno how women do it.” Laughing, he slowly pulled himself out of his lover and untied his hands.

“Thanks for trying them out at least Mike. You looked fucking amazing in them and the skirt.” Standing up and reaching underneath the skirt, Mike removed the panties and tossed them aside.

“Yeah well next time I'm wearing something more comfortable than a thong.” Chester’s eyes brightened at that statement. Hugging Mike from behind he asked,

“‘Next time’ huh? Does that mean you'll be willing to wear something like this again?” A dark red blush creeped across Mike face.

“Well it was unexpectedly hot and my ass looks great in a skirt, so as long as it's not a thong, I'd do it again.” Kissing his lover deeply Chester said,

“I love you Mike.”

“I love you too Chester.”

“Maybe you could wear heels next time too?”

“Don't push your luck.”


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