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Domesticity by littleblacksubmarines


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Phoenix snuffled and burrowed himself tighter under his pile of blankets. He was having a good dream, and wanted to hang onto it for just a little longer.


The small voice spoke again, this time with only the ferocity his sweet baby girl could give him. He felt his daughter climb on his back, and put her small hands on his head.

“What, Liv?” Phoenix asked, waiting for her to move so he could roll over and pull her close.

“Daddy, Uncle Mikey is here. He’s in the kitchen. Crying,” Alivia said, concern in her voice.

Phoenix sighed before sitting up and stretching, Liv giggling at the snap crackle and pops he made. He grabbed a shirt and picked up his four year old, clad in fuzzy footie pajamas, the moonlight shining off of her red hair.

Walking into the kitchen, Phoenix was greeted with the sight of Mike sitting at the island, a glass of lemonade in front of him. His eyes were red and watery, and Phoenix could see dried tear tracks on his beautiful, olive skin.

“Hey, Dave,” Mike hiccuped, “I’m so sorry for coming and waking your whole house. You just live the closest and I… I don’t know what else to do.”

Phoenix smiled, setting Alivia down on the island, and setting up a cup of coffee at his keurig. He knew that he would not be returning to sleep anytime soon.

“You never have to be sorry about coming here, Mike. I swear Liv has an Uncle Mikey radar, I’m surprised she wasn’t up waiting for you,” Phoenix chuckled, his daughter’s love for Mike was out of this world.

Mike smiled, he loved Dave’s daughter just as much.

“Miss Alivia Corrinne poured me this lemonade,” Mike said, winking at the little redhead sitting on the tabletop next to him, “and she didn’t even spill!”

“Good job baby girl!” Phoenix exclaimed, high fiving his daughter, who looked awfully pleased with herself.

The three sat and ate toast and eggs until Alivia requested to be tucked back in bed by her Daddy and Uncle Mikey.

Mike couldn’t help but take in the sight of his lover, with his pale, freckled skin, walking around so comfortably in a well worn t-shirt and a pair of boxer briefs, bare feet dancing across the tiled floor. Mike had loved Phoenix for as long as he could remember.

Once Liv was safely tucked into her princess bed with a princess canopy, Mike couldn’t help but want to be tucked into Dave’s king sized bed with the weighted comforter and too many throw blankets. He helped his love clean the kitchen, wash the dishes, and wipe down the counters and stove top. The domesticity of it all made Mike’s heart throb.

Sure, he had had a life like this with Anna, three beautiful kids of his own that he loved with all his heart. But after him and Anna had agreed that she needed more than what Mike could give her, that all seemed to go out the window. He still got Otis, Jillian, and Jessa, but it wasn’t the same. Plus, his love for a certain Dave Farrell seemed to swallow him whole.

But that love wasn’t one sided. Phoenix had loved Mike far more than he ever loved Linsey, which had been hard to admit to her. She took it swimmingly, she knew that she couldn’t give Dave everything that he wanted and that he couldn’t give her everything she wanted, either. What Dave wanted most out of that relationship was the four year old in the princess bedroom upstairs. He lived for Alivia Corrinne.

Breaking from his reverie, Phoenix placed a gentle kiss to Mike’s forehead, and then a firmer one to his lips.

“Come to bed, baby,” Phoenix whispered, grabbing Mike’s hand and shutting off the kitchen lights.

The two made their way through the dark house, checking once more on Liv, before Mike was shimmying out of his shorts and crawling into Dave’s impossibly comfortable bed, immediately folding into the man’s side.

“So what’s wrong, my love?” Phoenix drawled, running a hand through Mike’s hair.

Mike sighed and shrugged a bit, “holidays are always hard. Supposed to be the most wonderful time of year but it’s not for me. I miss Chester so much. I think about him every day,” Mike bit his lip, looking thoughtful, proclaiming “I want a permanent life with you, Dave.”

Phoenix nodded thoughtfully. “I miss Chester every day, too, my angel. What do you mean by permanent life?”

Mike shrugged a little again before blurting out, “I want to live with you!”

Phoenix chuckled slightly, Mike was such a chronic worrier and he always over-analyzed everything. Of course he would come up with a laundry list of reasons the two long time lovers shouldn’t take up permanent residence together.

“So why don’t you move in with me? You already have a key, we’ve been together as long as Liv’s been around, and we live together on tour.”

“What am I gonna do when I have Otis, Jillian, and Jessa?” Mike asked, looking Dave in the eyes.

“That’s what you’re worried about? Baby, I have two extra rooms, plus a whole room in the basement I don’t know what to do with. Otis could have a man cave down there while the girls can princess it up up here,” Phoenix said, brushing Mike’s hair out of his face.

“Dave, are you sure? What about Alivia? How would she react to having three extra kids around? And me?!” Mike exclaimed.

Phoenix chuckled again at his boyfriend, “we all know how much she loves you. And she loves your kids, too. I really don’t think it would be a problem,” he yawned.

Mike nodded, yawning as well. He had a lot to think about, even if he knew he wanted to go home and start packing right away.

“Get some sleep, Mikey,” Phoenix whispered, kissing Mike goodnight and flopping onto his stomach, one leg kicked up and one arm around a pillow.

Mike grinned, kissing his boyfriend one more time before assuming a similar position, falling asleep to peaceful thoughts of having one big family, of making Chester proud.