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DNA by A.N.


Author Notes: Just a quick FYI - It helps to be familiar with the TV show Agents of Shield, at least up to the end of season two. However, I did my best to explain everything so that it fits into the show's timeline, and shouldn't confuse anyone. Anyway, enjoy!


October 23, 2014:

Slowly, his vision started to return. The world around him was pitch black, but he could still see through the darkness. Surrounding him was a barrier of rock, at least, he thought it was rock. It felt like lava that had crusted over, and was radiating heat. He had no idea what was happening to him, but he felt safe in this unusual place, and he didn't want to leave.

Now the hot air that was blooming from the rock was becoming to warm for him. His eyes could make out every fine detail of the crust, so intensely that his face began to ache. "Help... help me..." He whimpered. He wanted to move around, thrash even, but there was nowhere for him to go. This barrier was encasing him at all sides, and it refused to let go.

In the background, he could faintly hear someone calling his name. The more that person called, the more he could tell it was his wife. Her voice became louder and louder, to the point where his ears were ringing. The sound was vibrating inside his rock-like cocoon, making his skin crawl and his mind feel like it was being overloaded.

There was an odd thumping sound too, which reverberated between the rock wall and his skin. It was the strangest sensation, because it felt like the sound was dancing around on his flesh.

Crack. The tiny crack was only a few inches, but the sound penetrated him like a knife. The crack grew and grew, until a large chunk of the rock fell away. Through this hole, he could see his wife beating her fists against the wall, and her voice even louder now.

In an instant, the rock wall crumbled around him in a combination of chunks and dust. Mike gasped and dropped to his knees. "Oh my god, Mike!" Anna shouted as she crouched down in front of him. Her voice was so painfully loud that he clutched his ears and begged her to stop. He squeezed his eyes shut because even the natural sunlight coming through the windows was too much.

The cars honking outside, the ceiling fan twirling around, the coffee maker gurgling, it was all too much. Even worse was the fact that simple things like Anna's breathing and heartbeat were too loud for him. "Please... please make it stop." Mike pleaded with the universe.

"Hey," Anna whispered softly. She reached out and clutched his bicep with her right hand. He opened his eyes, and stared up with a look of confusion, despair and weakness. Her hand on his arm was so warm and soft, and the intensity of that feeling was all he could focus on. She pet his hair with her other hand, something that he had always enjoyed. But like everything else, it was just too much.

"Hey, look at me. Whatever this is, we are going to get through it." Anna said with a calm, soothing voice. Mike started to feel faint. He wobbled side to side, and Anna called out his name again. She tried her best to keep him awake, but his eyes rolled back and he collapsed to the floor.

October 25, 2014:

Joe tapped his bluetooth earpiece to accept the incoming call. "Hello?" He asked.

"I've got a mission for you." Director Coulson's voice was especially confident. "Small thing really."

"Really? I'm at the park with Lola." Joe said as he watched his daughter fly down the spiral slide for the eighth time.

"Ya know, everytime you mention your daughter I get her confused with my car." Coulson said. "I really need to get a handle on that."

"What do you need from me?" Joe asked, mildly annoyed.

"Boy don't you sound excited." Coulson teased. "Anyway, we've been getting reports of a man taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital two days ago, who's wife said he fainted in their kitchen."

"People faint all the time." Joe said. Just as he said that, Lola started running around the playground like the wild two year old that she was. Coulson could hear Joe laughing, and if his agent wasn't so close to the hospital, he would have called someone else.

"This guy is different. His name is Mike Shinoda. He's a-"

"High profile artist." Joe said, impatiently.

"Yeah, that. Went EMTs came to the house, they say they found gray crust all over the floor. This guy most likely went through terrigenesis, so I'm gonna need you to pick him up."

"Why can't Daisy do it? Isn't that her thing?" Joe asked. Just then, Lola tripped, and fell flat on her face. She immediately started crying, which forced Coulson to be quiet so Joe could attend to his child.

After Lola quieted down and went back to playing, Joe said, "Sorry, keep going."

"You're the closest agent I have to where this guy is. And your inhuman so there's that." Coulson explained.

"I have to bring Lola with me. Which means cutting play-time short which means she'll be cranky tonight. You owe me." Joe said.

"See, I just keep thinking you're talking about my car-"

"I'm hanging up now." Joe said, unamused.

Coulson heard the click from the receiver. "He actually hung up on me." He said.

"Joe isn't exactly the friendliest guy we know. Is he taking the mission?" Daisy asked.

"Yeah, he took it. He didn't seem too happy about it though."

"Joe's main priority is his daughter, not us. That's why he's not part of my team. Also, it would have been really annoying to have two guys on my team named Joe." Daisy said.

"Let's make sure we have everything ready to receive a new inhuman. We don't know what this guy's abilities are, so we're pretty blind on this one."


Mike lay in bed uncomfortably, as the sedative they had given him had just worn off. For the past two days, in order to keep him from going into sensory overload, the nurses would administer regular doses of a medium strength sedative. It wasn't enough to make him fall asleep, but it was just barely enough to keep him calm.

He pushed himself up into a sitting position. His hospital room was tiny. He liked it that way. He wasn't a guy who needed a ton of space. Curled up in the chair beside his bed, was his wife, Anna. She had been here with him since he had been admitted.

The doctors didn't know what to make of his condition. They said it looked like a high-powered form of hyperesthesia, but that was all they could figure out. It didn't explain the rock cocoon, why he no longer had asthma, and why when the doctors examined his blood, his DNA was completely different.

Mike wasn't a stupid man. He had heard the reports of people with powers, and he knew it was only a matter of time before someone or something came looking for him. His only hope was that the doctors and hospital staff had done their best to keep this out of the news.

Anna calmly stirred awake. "Hey sleepy head." Mike said warmly. She sat up, stretched and yawned. He noticed the tired look on her face and dark circles under her eyes. "You should go home, be with the kids."

"They're staying with your parents. I don't mind being here." Anna said with no louder than a whisper. She had learned that Mike couldn't tolerate her voice, or anyone's voice if they more than whispered to him.

Mike was thankful that the kids had been in school when this had happened. He wouldn't have been able to handle himself if they had been there. "I think I want to go home." He said.

"Why?" Anna asked.

"I don't think the doctors can do anything." Mike said.

"The doctors are doing everything they can."

"They're trying to fix me. I don't want to be fixed." He said, growing agitated.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not the same. I feel different. Like, I'm me, but I feel like, like a different person at the same time. I think I'm supposed to be this way." He tried to explain.

Anna wasn't sure what to say. In an instant, her husband had gone from a normal man to someone who couldn't bare to be touched by her or anyone else, let alone listen her voice. She had seen him writhing in the hospital bed from how uncomfortable he was, and she knew at times he was in pain. "I'm scared."

"Me too." Mike said.

"Are you sure you want to leave?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"All right, I'll let one of the nurses know." Anna said. Mike watched her leave, and he could see that she wasn't okay with this at all. She was being a supportive wife, but deep down, he knew she wasn't okay with how he was now.

After the doctors and nurses pleading with Mike to reconsider for the better part of an hour, they finally gave up. They took their time with the discharge paperwork, because they truly didn't want to let him go.

Mike had already changed into his clothes, and was sitting on the bed impatiently waiting. Anna was pacing back and forth, since she too had lost her patience. Finally, Mike couldn't take it anymore, and started putting on his shoes. The sound of his shoelaces rubbing together was especially annoying.

"Where are you going?" Anna asked as Mike went to the hospital room's door. When she realized he was leaving, she blurted out, "Wait! It's too loud!"

Mike cringed at her loud voice, but he opened the door anyway. The funnel of noise hit him like a freight train. His first thought was to curl up in a ball on the floor and scream. Instead, his shut is eyes, and took a deep breath. The sound waves of the footsteps, coughs, and moans were bouncing all over the place. He kept his eyes closed and tried to focus only on the footsteps. They came in loud and clear, while the other sounds faded into the background. He knew where every single person in the wing was.

"Mike, are you okay?" Anna asked.

"Huh?" Mike said, quickly losing his concentration and focusing strictly on her voice.

"Are you okay?" She asked again.

"Yeah." He said while nodding. He went straight to the counter several feet away. "I want my discharge papers." He demanded.

"They'll be ready in a few minutes." The nurse said with a smile and sweet voice. The sweetness didn't make the volume any more tolerable, however.

"You've kept me waiting for over a half an hour. I want my discharge papers now." Mike demanded angrily.

"And they'll be ready in a few minutes." The nurse said, smiling less and removing all sweetness from her voice.

"That's it, I'm leaving." He said. "Anna, grab your stuff, let's go."

"We can't just leave." Anna said, growing frustrated.

"Yes we can." Mike said, confidently.

"Fine." She said. She grabbed her purse, swiftly put on her shoes, and followed him down the hall.

The walk out of the hospital and into the parking garage was a long, wordless one. As Anna unlocked her car, Mike heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and was faced by a somewhat short Asian man, who had a little girl tucked in his left arm. "Hi there." The man said.

"Um, hi..." Mike said, slightly suspicious even though the man had a child with him.

"I'm Agent Hahn, with S.H.I.E.L.D." Joe said as he showed his badge. He noticed that they were both looking at him oddly. "Yeah, I know, I've got a two year old with me and I'm not wearing a supersuit."

"Hi!" Lola cheered happily while waving.

"Why are you here?" Mike asked.

"Did you eat a fish oil tablet right before this started?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"It's a long story. The short version is terrigen got into fish oil tablets recently, and inhumans have been popping up all over the U.S. You were covered in a dark gray crust, right?" Joe explained. Mike nodded. "Then your inhuman, like us."

"What do you mean like us? What are you talking about?" Anna asked.

"I hear people coming. Their running up the stairs. They're clicking guns..." As Mike said this, three men burst through the door to a stairwell twenty feet away. Mike and Anna both ducked down and shrieked as they opened fire.

Joe remained where he was. He watched the bullets ricochet away from them, and one ended up striking one of the men in the chest. Mike looked up and saw the little girl holding her arm out, and what looked like a reflective barrier surrounding them. Joe pulled out his handgun, which prompted Lola to lower the shield. He fired two bullets, striking each man in the heart before they could even open fire again. "Good job kiddo." He said.

As Joe put his handgun back in his waistband, he said, "Do you want answers?" Mike nodded. "Then I'm taking you to where you can get them."

"What the hell was that?" Anna yelled at Joe as he moved for the rear driver's side door.

"That was a shield." He said calmly, while opening the door and putting Lola in the backseat.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Anna asked irritatedly.

"Putting her in the backseat. She's two years old." Joe said as if this was totally normal.

"Anna, it's okay." Mike said.

"Keys please." Joe said, holding out his hand. Anna didn't budge.

"What? No!" She shouted.

"Anna I can hear more people coming. He saved our lives. Give him the keys!" Mike ordered.

Anna reluctantly released the keys. Mike climbed into the front passenger side, and Anna into the backseat with Lola. Joe hopped into the driver's side and started up the car.

"I'm taking us to a safe house where some of my people can pick us up." Joe said as he backed out of the space and whipped the car around.

"Hey be careful! Your kid's back here!" Anna shouted.

"She's used to it." Joe said as Lola placed an oval shaped shield around herself and bopped against the wall.

Mike fastened his seatbelt, and Anna did the same. She tried to put a seatbelt around Lola, but the shield prevented her from doing so. "I can't put the seatbelt on her!" Anna shouted, panicking. Clearly it had not sunk in that Lola was also inhuman, and did not need a seatbelt.

"Oh jesus christ Anna! She's got a bulletproof shield thing around her!" Mike shouted, agitated.

"They are definitely married." Joe mumbled to himself as he navigated through the parking garage.

After a couple of minutes of speeding through the garage, Joe made it to the street level. He pulled out quickly, and barely dodged traffic as he did. "I hate to break it to you, but as soon as I know for sure that we aren't being followed, we have to ditch your car."

"What?" Anna cried out.

"We can get another car." Mike said.

"This car was expensive!" Anna shouted.

"It's very hard for me to drive when you keep shouting." Joe said loudly.

"Anna I don't care about the car! I care about my life!"

"Well what about my life? You care about that too don't you?"

"SHUTUP!" Lola hollered in the most adorably angry voice. Both Anna and Mike turned and stared at the child. "Dad's driving." She said calmly.

"Thank you Lola." Joe said, already growing exhausted by his passengers.

After driving for several miles, silently, with Lola napping in the back seat, they made it to Joe's only pitstop on their journey. He pulled the car over near a billboard, where another vehicle was parked. The non-descript white van made both Mike and Anna nervous.

Joe noticed their anxious expressions. "Really? If I wanted to kill you I would have done it already." He said. He got out of the driver's seat, and went around to the back to get Lola. He carefully picked her up so as not to wake her. "You guys coming or what?"

Just as they stepped out of the car, another man opened the driver side door and lifted himself out of the seat. Mike and Anna were immediately taken aback by his muscular form and many, many tattoos. "Hello, I'm Chester, I'll be your driver this evening." He said with a high pitched and hyperactive voice.

"It's not even noon yet." Joe teased.

"Hey, if I say it's the evening, then it's the evening." Chester teased back. Lola suddenly woke up, and realized that she was being carried by her father, and that Chester was there. She stuck her tongue out at him, which made Chester place his thumbs in his ears and stick his tongue out at her. This made Lola try to climb over Joe's shoulder, and make funny faces at him. Joe rolled his eyes as he opened the side door and placed Lola in the seat.

"Honey, be nice to Uncle Chaz." Joe said to her firmly.

"No!" Lola protested while crossing her arms.

"Yeah!" Chester called out. He could never tell if Lola just liked teasing him, or if she actually disliked him.

"No!" Lola called back as Joe sat beside her.

Mike and Anna climbed into the van. "I can't believe I'm climbing into a van with a two year old inhuman who's having a yes-no battle with a tattooed bodyguard." Anna complained.

As Chester got back into the car, he called out once again, "Yeah!"

"No!" Lola shouted, and it was a long shout too. Mike couldn't help but laugh. Chester laughed too as he started up the van.

At first, everyone was quiet. After a long while of silence, Joe decided to break it. "So, uh, what do you do?" He asked Mike.

"Um, I'm an artist."

"No, I mean your inhuman ability. What is it?"

"I don't know..." Mike said slowly. "I, I have... feelings. I hear, see, smell, taste and feel everything. It's like it all gets in, all at once." Mike explained.

"Wow, that sounds both awesome and scary." Joe said.

"Yeah, it is." Mike said quietly. "If I may, what do you do, as an inhuman, I mean?" He asked.

"It's not what I do, it's what we do. I ate a fish oil tablet three months ago. After I went through terrigenesis, I realized Lola went through it too at the same time as me. But she hadn't had any of the fish oil. I'm the weapon, and she's the barrier. I never miss, and her shield never fails." Joe explained poetically.

"That's very beautiful." Anna said.

"I for one think what you can do Mike, is really fascinating. And effing creepy." Chester said.

"Watch the language, baby's on board." Joe warned.

"I didn't say the word." Chester whined.

Lola started to drift off again. Joe wrapped his left arm around her and she used his side as a pillow. "Using her abilities wears her out. That's the only downside." Joe said.

"Hey uh, Chester, what do you do?" Mike asked.

"I make water move." He said.

"You make water move?" Mike asked. "That's so cool!" He blurted out. Lola sat up quickly and shooshed him, before putting her head back down.

"When we get to the safe house I can show you." Chester said. He loved to experiment with and show off his ability. Other inhumans tended to be reserved about their abilities, but he wasn't like them.

"When did you go through terrigenesis?" Mike asked. He felt weird asking that question, and saying 'terrigenesis', but this seemed to be the thing that these inhumans did. For now, until he had all of the answers, he was willing to go along with it.

"A few years ago. I did it the old-fashioned way." Chester said.

"What exactly is the old-fashioned way?" Mike asked.

"It's complicated." Chester said, dodging the question.

Joe motioned his hand over his throat, telling Mike to cut the conversation short. He turned on his bluetooth, and dialed a four digit number with his phone. "Hey, it's me." He said. He paused for a moment then said, "Yeah, I got them in time. We're headed to Chaz's place. We'll need pickup."


When the van reached the safe house, it wasn't what Mike and Anna had expected. The small house was in a decent looking neighborhood, with the ocean and a beach as a backyard. "It's kinda cute." Anna said.

"Come on, let's go inside." Joe said quickly. "It's only been an hour since I called for our ride, so it'll be a while before they come get us." He said as they all followed him to the house. Chester unlocked the front door and welcomed the group into his home.

Mike immediately noticed how quiet it was. Aside from the roaring ocean waves and sounds of sea life, plus the noise of his group shuffling around, not much else could be heard. This was a complete contrast to the hospital.

The house smelled sparkling clean. He wouldn't believe that Chester actually lived here, except that his person smelled just as clean as the house did.

The living room was a decent size, and was separated from the kitchen and dining area by a partial wall. Along the wall was a mantle, where several pictures of kids were lined up, along with a photo of Chester standing beside a woman. To the right, down the hall, was a bathroom, two small bedrooms and one larger bedroom. Though it was a roomy home, it was also very compact.

Joe set Lola down, who was wide awake at this point. The instant her feet touched the floor, she started running around like the wild child she was. "And she's off!" Chester cheered as he closed the front door. "Can I get you guys anything? Water, coffee, hot chocolate?" He asked.

"Coffee would be great, thank you." Anna said, showing she was in a more friendly mood.

"Water will be fine, thanks. I've been awake for two days, so I shouldn't have caffeine." Mike said.

"Okay, make yourselves at home." Chester said then went into the kitchen. Anna sat down on the couch, and Joe in one of the armchairs. Mike went to sit by Anna, but Lola ran up to him and grabbed his hand. He could feel every single impression in her hand, as well as each line that made up her fingerprints. As she began tugging on him, she started telling him he had to run around with her.

"Lola, leave him be." Joe said firmly.

"It's okay, I don't mind." Mike said. Lola let go of his hand, and darted into the kitchen. Mike slowly jogged after her, although it was more a fast walking pace and pretend jogging.

Anna started to laugh. Watching her husband run in circles around a wall over and over again was adorable. It was hard to believe he could tolerate this, after everything he had been through lately.

"Grr, I'm gonna get you!" Mike teased, which made Lola shriek happily and continue running. After playing peek-a-boo around the wall, Lola realized she couldn't outrun Mike the normal way. In an instant her body seemed to contort side to side, and she was suddenly by the front door. She gave out a playful, child-like giggle, while Anna and Mike stared in awe.

"What was that?" Anna asked, curiously.

"We call it warping. It's the other thing she does." Joe explained very briefly.

"The other thing she does? How many abilities does this kid have?" Anna asked.

"Just those two." Joe said, not really picking up on Anna's shock and awe at his daughter's power.

Chester finished getting the coffee maker ready and started the brew. As he began filling up a glass of water for Mike, he watched Lola warp into the kitchen and hide behind the dining table. Lola warped back toward the living room, and started darting all over the place. Anna and Joe's eyes couldn't follow her at all, let alone see her half the time. "Good luck!" Chester teased at Mike.

Lola squealed loudly as Mike reached out and snatched her up around the waist. The child didn't seem to care, but Joe stared at Mike with total confusion. Chester almost dropped the glass of water. "How... did you do that?" Joe asked, his voice seeming cautious and concerned.

"Do what?" Mike asked.

"That! How did you do that?" Joe said, intensely pointing at Mike's arms, which were still holding onto Lola. He let her go, which made her start warping again. "Do that again." Joe demanded.

"Uh... okay..." Mike said as he watched Lola flit all over the living room. Joe watched Mike's eyes, and he could see what was going on. Mike simply held out his arm, which stopped her in her tracks.

Lola giggled again, and ran over to Joe. "Did you see that?" She said pleasantly. She ran back over to Mike and exclaimed, "Do that again!", while grabbing his hand.

Mike couldn't tolerate how high-pitched her voice was. When she grabbed his hand he cringed, and clutched his face. Lola snatched her ear and backed away from him, shouting, "It's too loud!"

"I think we just figured out the other part to your ability." Chester said.


More notes: This was so much fun for me to write, and I can't wait to read your reviews! This is a new one for me, so I'm open to all kinds of advice. New chapters to come soon :)

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