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Hold Me by tfybike

The boyishly charming man with his unruly curls and twinkling smile had always belonged to him. HIS Brad.


"Don't leave, just, don't -"

Brad shook his head as he moved to the pleading man and brought a gentle thumb to his mouth. "I'm not." He whispered. Mike realized how warm and alive his usually lonely studio felt now as he closed his eyes against Brad's touch...

He had been constantly aching for the younger man's presence in the painful, desolate months since Chester had left them. It was almost a physical need he couldn't explain; to see Brad with his own two eyes, to watch him moving and breathing and being. Just that was enough sometimes.

But Brad had looked at him from under his lashes and said "If you need something, anytime..." and suddenly it wasn't enough. Mike had smiled and given a fake cough that turned into tears swimming in his eyes...

Now he could hear his own voice telling Brad he couldn't be alone and the next moment Brad's long finger was ghosting his quivering lips. They were so close. All Mike could focus on were the strands of gray in Brad's beard.

"I- Brad he meant so much to me you know that-" Mike stuttered, his hands gently grasping at Brad's t-shirt. "He was one of my best friends-"

The words spilled out as Mike's eyes found Brad's, the sympathy and emotion he saw there making the tears release fully down his cheeks.

"Brad, I miss him- it hurts-“

Their bodies had moved against the closed studio door; its knob gently grazing at Mike's back the only thing keeping him grounded in this space, this reality. And Brad's hands...holding him upright, encircling his waist tenderly. Suddenly he dipped his head and brought his mouth to Mike's neck.

"I know…I do too. I miss him so much… all of us do. I'm here, it's ok."

Mike inhaled sharply at the sensation of Brad's beard against his neck, the calming words whispered into his skin making him melt.

"I won't leave. Shhh. It's alright..." Brad began to spread soft kisses across Mike's collarbone and down his shoulder, then with a groan he brought his lips back up to devour the older man's neck once more.

Mike gripped the slender arms, hard.

"Oh Brad-"

Then he reached both hands up to grasp the back of Brad's neck, burying his fingers into the thick curls as he pulled him in close, closer.

"Brad do you know how I feel?"

It came out as one whispered breath, matching their rhythmic movements against each other like music, the words nearly lost inside their panting and soft moans.

"D-Don't you know-hmmmm how I feel about you- how I've always felt..."

It wasn't a question, but a desperate concession he was making as much to himself as the man pressed against him. Mike pulled back slightly. His dark eyes, wet with tears, flickered open and settled onto the pair of soft lips in front of him.

In one movement he pulled the other into a burning kiss; a lustful sigh escaping him. Despite the Asian man's zealous act Brad quickly found dominance, his large hands cradling Mike's neck as he moaned roughly.

As quickly as it had happened Mike tore himself away, and this time it was his own smaller hand pressing against Brad's mouth.


"No, no don't say anything."

Brad's handsome face was flushed with passion as Mike's fingertips silenced him tenderly.

"Don't please." Mike's voice was thick, sensual, still quavering slightly. "We don't have to talk about this right now..."

Shaking his head with a fragile smile, his face nearly touched Brad's again before he turned it away.

"I've been having dreams again...bad dreams...ever since-"

Brad tilted Mike's chin back to the center. “Tell me.”

Looking into the gentle brown eyes, Mike caught a glimpse of the innocent boy he once knew. Forgetting his own fears momentarily, Mike pulled him into a soft, comforting embrace.

“I have to be there for you too Brad, I know how much this is hurting you. Hmmm-“

Brad moved his mouth to Mike in answer, tasting the words left on the older man’s tongue as their kiss became visceral and needy like before.

Mike broke away again with a gasp. “When you’re here, I- it’s the only time I feel safe, Brad...the only time I feel like everything’s ok..."

His hand came to Brad’s chest, fingers threading into his shirt, reveling in the feeling of his warmth, his solid comfort.

"All I want is for you to hold me when you’re here. I don’t have answers, I don’t want to try to figure it out right now I can't. I just want...you...and me...here..."

That’s all I want.

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