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We're The Goddamn Brady Bunch by littleblacksubmarines


A/N: This is for Squashie, who left me a beautiful review on Domesticity and asked for more family life. You don't have to read that to understand this, but if you want to, you totally should!

I own nothing here and made everything up.

I just got engaged on Christmas, so expect all of the fluff and family fics from me for a while!


Life, Phoenix thinks, has been pretty damn amazing to him. He’s had a pretty good 40 years, but the last three have probably been the best. That’s because he has his beautiful little girl, the man he’s always dreamed of having, and now his kids.

Phoenix has primary custody of his daughter, Alivia. She goes with Linsey on the weekends, every other holiday, and the back half of Linkin Park’s tours. All things considered, Phoenix is extremely pleased with the arrangements. That four year old is his lifeline, he couldn’t bear any more time away from her.

Mike, on the other hand, doesn’t get his kids quite as often. Anna wasn’t as forgiving as Linsey, but Mike soldiered on and made the best of the time he got with them. The most important thing to Phoenix was that Mike loved Alivia like she was his own. Sure, the rest of the band loved her too, but Phoenix wasn’t dating the rest of the band.

Mike had eagerly accepted his long-term boyfriend’s invitation to move in, and that’s how the rest of the band, their wives, and everyone’s kids found themselves either helping Mike move his things, clean Phoenix's house, or preparing the three extra bedrooms for Mike’s kids. Alivia was ecstatic, she couldn’t wait until her Uncle Mikey lived there for good, or until Jilly, Jessy, and Oti, as she fondly called them, came to stay.


“Otis, how do you want your room set up?” Mike asked his son, who was helping his Uncle Dave cook dinner.

“Hmm. I don’t know, maybe blue and green with Transformers and firetrucks?” The ten year old replied, concentrating on following Phoenix’s example for homemade noodles.

Mike nodded thoughtfully before replying, “we can do that, little man,” a look of pure admiration on his face at watching Dave and his son get along so well.


“Jillian, how do you want your room, princess?” Mike asked his older twin daughter, scooping her up and planting a wet kiss on her cheek, earning a high pitched squeal and giggle.

“Blue with Cinderella!” The five year old exclaimed, clapping her hands together once, before wrapping her arms around her daddy’s neck and laying her face in the junction of his shoulder.


“Jessa Jess, how do you want your room, angel?” Phoenix asked the younger twin, who was playing in Alivia’s purple Snow White decorated room.

The raven haired girl was quiet before a large smile spread across her face, “Pink with Princess Aurora!”


Mike and Phoenix decided it would be smarter if they waited to paint and decorate the kids’ rooms when the kids weren’t there. Brad and Rob each brought a case of beer and came to offer their services, Joe was at home with Lola as Heidi was out of town.

They made fairly good timing with painting the two bedrooms and what Mike referred to as “the man cave” when Phoenix brought in a big box from the garage.

“What do you have there, Davey?” Brad asked, voice smooth and lilting.

“A surprise for Mike’s kids,” Phoenix replied, looking almost shyly at his boyfriend, “I made one for Liv as soon as Linsey and I found out we were having a girl.”

Mike looked thoughtfully at Phoenix, thinking of the decorations in Alivia’s room, when it came to him, “Dave..you crafted their names?” He asked, a smile spreading ear to ear as Dave nodded, pulling wooden letters out of the box.

Jillian Teresa, Jessa Louise, and Otis Michael were soon spelled out on the kitchen island.

“Do you think they’ll like it?” Phoenix asked, biting his lip.

Phoenix had painted them the same colors as the rooms, adding little decorations and gems tastefully.

“Damn, Dave, I’m about to have you make one that says Robert Gregory,” Rob chuckled, wrapping Phoenix into a one-armed hug.


After a fun day of taking the kids to the zoo and Hibachi, the Farrell-Shinoda clan were safely back at the house, the kids all too excited to play in their new rooms. Phoenix let the girls take a bath with a bath bomb in the garden tub inside the master bedroom, laying on his king sized bed, listening to them giggle and carry on and splash with a smile on his face. He didn’t think his life could literally get any better, as he heard Mike and Otis downstairs playing Mario Kart, laughing loudly and cheering each other on.

After the girls said they were done with the bath, Phoenix set three pairs of warm, dry nightgowns inside the door and gave them their privacy to towel off and change, though the Mother Hen in him made him stay right outside the door in case anything happened. He texted Mike to come up so he could tuck the twins in, Alivia was already in her room waiting for him.

Phoenix sat on his daughter’s bed, brushing her wet hair and braiding it so it wouldn’t tangle.

“Sing me, daddy,” Alivia sighed contently, leaning against Phoenix. This was their nightly ritual, he would braid her hair and sing Fathers and Daughters by Paul Simon. On the rare nights Liv wasn’t asleep by the end of the song, Phoenix would launch into Wildflowers by Tom Petty. Some nights, he would sing it anyway, watching his girl sleep, basking in the glory that he helped make such a perfect little human.


Finally in bed with Mike, the two lay side by side, scrolling through their phones, occasionally snorting and handing over their phones if they saw something they liked.

“You know what I realized today?” Mike said to Phoenix, who was laying on his stomach as Mike scratched his back.

“What’s that, baby?” Phoenix asked sleepily, opening one eye to look in his boyfriend’s direction.

“We’re the goddamn Brady Bunch,” Mike said, Phoenix could tell by the tone of his voice that he was grinning.

Phoenix couldn’t help but giggle snort, “I guess we are. Need a few more kids though to have the full effect,” he said, his hand finding Mike’s and lacing their fingers together.

It was Mike’s turn to giggle snort, “Yeah, and people in hell want ice water!”

The two laughed quietly before Phoenix spoke up.

“You know what I realized today?” He asked his dark-eyed lover.

“What babe?”

“We’re making Chester so proud,” Phoenix replied softly.

Mike was quiet before replying, his voice thick, “Yeah, baby. Yes we are.”