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He Comes in the Night by MissDomho


AN Happy New Years to you all!! <3 what a year it has been :( seriously it has been a terrible year. But we all have pushed through the worse and continue to troop on through. It makes me so happy to be apart of such a close nit and friendly LPF community ^___^ Let's make 2018 amazing! And let Chester live on through fiction <3 love to you! Xxx

So here's my New Years standalone for you all. It's short. Fluffy. Slashy. Cheesy. Please let me know what you all think as I just wanted to write something light and fun <3


He comes in the night

He walks through the door, and Mike feels stuck. Well, not that he didn't think he was beautiful before. But it's only been just that, he's only been another man, of pure beauty. In the scarce light of the candles, it's dawning upon him. Mike sees his pale skin, his cheeks flushed slightly pink. He sees his graceful arms and fingers, his petite and slender figure. The emcee sees his brunette hair, shaved and short. But most of all he sees his high cheekbones, his fine nose and those emotional, strong beautiful brown eyes. He's clad in black fitted denim jeans and a thin, red shirt with it's sleeves torn off. Mike swallows hard, his own cheeks flushing red, instead of his healthy and natural pink tint.

He walks with Rob; who else? They're friends, not more though, 'cause he knows he ain't gay, on the contrary he's a homophobe. Or, so he claims- but he's seen him in quite compromising positions with guys as well as girls, not that he'd ever let him know that. But it makes him even more uncomfortable with himself, and the fact that he knows he has fallen for Chester. It makes his shoulders slump and his gaze waver as he sinks further down into the couch he's already leaning on. He's not his type anyway.

He catches a glimpse of the pale beauty whispering something to Rob, the drummer boy nodding and stalking off, before he begins making his way towards Mike now. The emcee bites his lower lip harshly, trying to gather his scattered thoughts. It won't work nearly as well as he'd hoped.

"Hey Mikey" He charmingly smiles down at Mike and the emcee tries smiling back at him, failing miserably. The blush still evidently spreading across his cheeks.

Mike feels his fingers come to rest on his under-arm, and he has to fight himself not to shiver. Have to fight not to look at him, let him see his darkened irises. How can he not have noticed before? And what's worse, He couldn't let him know. Chester will hate him, he'll think nothing of him. He wouldn't want to get near him. He sighs heavily trying his best to push his troubling thoughts away.

"What's wrong?" he asks, a concerned frown grazing his features and a small pout on his lips. God, those lips drive the emcee insane. Mike shakes his head and turns away slightly, suddenly shy to be near him. Why the fuck is he shy? He's never been shy with him before. When he turns his head back, his face is mere inches away from Mike's now, his eyes shining with concern and something else, darker, no, Mike must be imagining it, for in the split of a second it's gone; the darkness vanished. Mike's eyes widen.

"Come here" he urges coolly and he's sure Chester's gotten the hang. As he grabs Mike's wrist, leading Mike off of the couch and dragging him through the rowdy and drunk crowd, Mike mentally winces. Of course he's understood. Now, he's going to kick him from the band. He's going to yell at Mike, insult him, throw him out.

When they stop, in the small shut off corridor, shrowded in darkness, he lets go of Mike's wrist and turns to face him. Mike backs a few steps, raising his arms and taking a slightly more defensive stance. Sensing Mike's insecurity, for his unreadable expression softens notably, he even directs a small smile at Mike. It was then Chester walks slowly up to Mike, and the emcee blushes harder, backing away a step or two. Only to find that he's trapped by Chester against the wall. Suddenly his hand connects with Mike's cheek, and he flinched.

The emcee thought the Vocalist would hit him. But the touch is soft, Chester's fingers tracing his cheekbones, his jawline, and coming to rest at Mike's chin. For the first time, Mike dares meeting his gaze, not minding his flushed cheeks or his own quivering lips. The smile musing on his own pale, pink pair of lips was genuine, and Mike feels his other hand come to rest against his chest, caressing it gently. Swallowing harshly, Mike doesn't know what to do. Mike has never experienced this with another man before. Sure he's made out a couple of times with young men from his past, - but nothing too serious. Never like this. Never with an emotional build-up. And has he ever fucked? Only once or twice when he was with Anna before he broke things off with realising he was no longer in love with her. But With a man? God, no. And he was frightened at his display of, what is that? Affection? Attraction? He couldn't tell the two apart.

"Mikey, I..." the Vocalist trails off, averting his eyes for a second before staring directly at Mike, almost looking through his emcee. "I know you... I mean, the way you look at me....you want me, right..?" his tone sounds just as insecure as Mike felt inside, makes Mike feel for him even more than he already did.

Mike nods, trying to come up with something to say.

'Y-yeah...' Mike whispers, his nervousity and shy character getting the best of him. he damns himself a little.

He leans in a little closer, now his slightly parted lips are mere inches from Mike's, and he can feel Chester's hot breath tingling with his own. They look so inviting, and he even notices his tongue snaking out as he licks them briefly.

"W-well, I-I kinda don't want you... I.. I-I think I, you-y'know..." Mike continues, trying to get the fact out that there's not just want he felt for him. He feels stronger, deeper. Mike catches a flare of recognition within his chocolate depths, and suddenly it all eases. The tension kind of wears off.

He semi-closes his eyes, only to put his lips to Mike's. The emcee gasps a little- but soon he relaxes. The emcee realises Chester is not teasing him. It's only a soft peck on the lips at first- but it turns into something so much more. They pull back, kissing again. Softly, with no tongue. Mike feels him tilting his head a little, giving the emcee better access. He doesn't dare doing much though, afraid he'll ruin the moment, afraid he'll do something Chester is not comfortable with. With him, you can never be too careful.

When they pull away, he looks Mike in the eyes, a grin splitting his face almost ear to ear. "You're not very experienced, are you, with men I mean" he whispers, and Mike can hear the sly hint in his voice. Mike realises then he's up to something naughty.

"No..." The emcee mumbles, letting his gaze fall to the floor. Gently, he takes Mike's arms, as he hasn't dared moving them either, and places them at his hips. Mike slowly wraps them around his middle, returning to looking at him. This time, the grin isn't sly- but anxious, full of expectation.

"Fuck, the things I could teach you, Mikey..." he murmurs hazily, leaning in beside Mike's ear and nibbling at his earlobe, nudging his neck. Mike shivers.

Then he feels his soft lips against the bare skin of his neck, Chester's tongue snaking out every so often as he drenches it in kisses, biting softly at Mike's skin. The emcee makes a tiny, part nervous, part content noise at the back of his throat. When he reaches Mike's collarbone, he begins unbuttoning Mike's shirt. He can stop him, though. Mike's not very drunk- but slightly buzzed. As he begins sucking at Mike's nipples, biting them gently, The emcee can stop him. As he traces kisses down Mike's stomach, sliding to his knees, sliding his thick, wet tongue along Mike's taut stomach. As he unbuckles his denim jeans and frees Mike's erection, as he feels the cool air hit it. He doesn't stop him like he should.

"Now, I'm gonna teach you something..." he smirks, as he brushes his lips against the head of Mike's hardening cock. "Remember it, for me." he then adds, then he takes Mike in his mouth. The emcee tilts his head back against the wall, moaning loudly and bucking his hips up against his warm, wet mouth. The tighter, faster he goes, the less Mike knows what to do, the more his mind drifts away. He's never recieved a blow-job this good before, so Mike lays his shivering hands on Chester's shoulders and whispers his name again and again. Mike comes hard, gasping and letting the wall behind him support his weight as he could feel Chester buckle the emcee's pants up and re-buttons his shirt for Mike again. Mike feels his body shake, his vision having faded away.

His head comes back up to Mike's, and he kisses Mike, softly, soothingly. This time, Mike feels Chester's tongue poking at his lips and he simply opens up for him. He tastes of strawberries, and some sort of sweets, and nicotine; he smells of strawberries, sweet cologne, shampoo and that nicotine again. In his mouth, Mike tastes himself, too, no booze, though. He hasn't had a drink yet, Mike realises. He's completely sober. Testing, Mike holds his smaller singer to his chest, tracing his back with his own hands and Mike feels him gasp quietly into his own mouth. A gentle touch- but Chester wasn't expecting it. He didn't see it coming.

"Ches..?" The emcee asks nervously when he's recomposes himself enough to speak coherently, pulling away and feeling the singer move a little closer to him, now pressing against him, wanting the closure. It makes Mike feel bit more confident. His mouth is dry though, and he could feel a flutter beginning to settle in his chest.

"Yeah..?" he responds, smiling again- but with some odd chill darkening his irises that Mike couldn't quite put his finger on. "What's wrong?"

"I... I think I m-might... love you" a frown digs into his forehead and Mike tries again. 'I l-love you, Ches.'

His eyes widen up at Mike, a faint hint of realisation shining within his hard, calculating bright brown orbs.

"...Are you sure?" he asks Mike- but not with that harsh, questioning tone he usually speaks in, the one Mike was expecting. Instead, his voice is hopeful, soft, caressing even.

Mike looks straight into his eyes, a thing he rarely does with anybody and definitely not when it comes to him, and nods, "Yes. I am."

This time, his entire face is beaming up at him. Chester's eyes were so bright, he's never seen them sparkle so intensely - he believes him. He kisses Mike again, hesitantly with all his emotion behind it, then pulls back. God, he's so beautiful. Mike couldn't get it out of his head. He couldn't get Chester out of his head, how soft he is. He loves him. It's all so clear. He's in love with him. He loved him. Like that. He knows that now. He thinks he might always love him

"Oh, Mikey..." he sighs happily, an almost dreamy look on his face. Mike laughs a little, amused to see Chester like that. It's so uncharacteristic. A side of him he's never really seen, only on very few occasions, and never directly because of anything Mike has said or done. Mike holds him closer, and the emcee feels his singer's arms slide up around his neck, holding onto Mike. "I... I think I might love you too, and..." he pokes his tongue at Mike, " If you want a New Year's vow, I meant it" he winks and Mike chuckles at him before pressing his lips against Chester's.

"Happy New Year" they both whispered softly, the sounds, the excitement, the cheers from their band, friends and family all seems so far away for the two leading men as all Mike could see, taste, hear was Chester.



Thank you so much for reading everyone <3 sorry for the ending, wanted to end it on a good note:) Here's to a fabulous 2018! Love to you all xxxxx

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