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rise like a phoenix by littleblacksubmarines


A/N: Hi guys! First I want to thank everyone who left reviews on my last story, ya'll brought so much joy to my heart, I can't thank you enough. Also, thank you so much for your well wishes on my engagement! It honestly means the world to me.

This story was inspired by my cousins asking about my tattoos when they were around four or five. Then I got to thinking, we don't know much about Phoenix's tattoos, so I'm gonna do what I do best and jump to conclusions about them!

Hope you guys like it <3 Also, I'm thinking of writing a chaptered series of the guys as doctors in a hospital. I worked on an ambulance for four years, been a firefighter for five, and now I work in a hospital. I love the medical field. What're your opinions on this? Please tell me!


“How come Daddy is called Phoenix?” Alivia asked Mike, who was sitting next to her on her bed, strumming his guitar to her favorite song.

“I think it’s because of the phoenix tattoo on his back. Your Uncle Chester started calling him that,” Mike said, brushing a piece of hair away from the four year old’s face.

Alivia nodded thoughtfully, seeming happy with the answer, but interrupted Mike before he could start singing.

“What made him get that tattoo?” She asked, eyes full of wonder.

“I don’t know, baby,” Mike replied, though he knew full well why.

“When I ask him, he gives me vague answers,” Alivia huffed, falling back on her pillows.

Mike balked at the fact his future step-daughter used the word vague, but just chuckled and tucked the covers around her.

“Are Jilly And Jessy gonna come back soon?” Liv asked sleepily.

“Yeah, babe, they are. They’re just at their momma’s house, with Otis.”

“Is Daddy coming home soon?” Liv asked again, looking like a cute, lost puppy.

“Yes he is. I’ll send him in when he’s home. Get some sleep, doll. I love you,” Mike said, kissing her forehead.

“Love you too, Daddy Mikey.”


“How the hell does your daughter know the word ‘vague’?” Mike called out to Dave from his spot on the sectional couch when he heard his boyfriend enter the kitchen.

Dave snorted, appearing with two bottles of water, plopping down on the couch next to Mike, handing him one with a kiss.

“She’s a smart girl, surrounded by a bunch of walking dictionaries, I guess,” Dave replied, leaning against Mike, taking in his calming energy.

“She was asking about your phoenix tattoo again. She thinks it’s great that I designed your sleeves. I think I’m gonna paint them on canvas and give them to her as a present,” Mike yawned.


“Daddies! Wake up!” Alivia exclaimed, crawling over the two men, making a spot in between them to curl up.

“Mornin’, baby girl,” Dave said, voice husky from sleep.

Mike mumbled something similar from where he was buried in the covers, he wouldn’t be much for conversation until he got some coffee in him. Dave continued to lay on his stomach, blankets tucked around his waist, exposing his bare back for Alivia to trace his phoenix tattoo.

“Tell me the phoenix story,” Liv whispered, she didn’t want to disturb Mike too much. She knew sometimes he had bad dreams and needed more sleep.

“Phoenixes are birds that rise from their ashes,” Dave said, “and each time they rise, they’re more beautiful than the last.”

“Did you rise from your ashes?” Alivia asked, laying down between the two men once again, seemingly satisfied that she got her answer.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Dave pondered, “we’ll talk more about it later. But for now, more sleep. The sun isn’t even up yet.”


“Uncle Joe,” Alivia whispered shyly, there was just something about the Korean man that made the usually bold girl bashful. He was so calm but could relate to her so much.

“Yes, Princess Liv?” Joe asked, scooping the girl up, his lilting voice smooth as honey.

“Tell me about Daddy’s tattoo,” Liv pleaded, resting her head on Joe’s shoulder, giving her best puppy dog eyes.

“Well, how much do you know?” Joe asked casually.

“That phoenixes are birds that rise from their ashes and Daddy rose from his ashes.”

“Yes. Your dad didn’t have the easiest time growing up. Things were rough for a long time for him. But, instead of being down, he chose to rise up, to remake himself, to become better.”

Alivia nodded, the wheels starting to turn in her head, “Will you help me make a picture for him?”


When Dave went to pick Liv up from her playdate with Lola, Aunt Heidi, and Uncle Joe, his daughter came running at him with a small posterboard in her hands.

“I made you something!” Alivia exclaimed, thrusting the picture into her dad’s hands, grinning her toothy grin at him, waiting to see his reaction.

There was a picture of Dave when he was younger, maybe around 12, a guitar on his lap, his face blank and no emotion in his eyes. Then, there was a beautifully drawn phoenix, tastefully done up in blue, purple, and pink. On the other side was a picture of Dave and Mike, arms around each other, a look of total love and admiration on both of their faces. Lost in their own world, Joe took this picture of them shortly after they officially became a couple.

Dave immediately teared up, “Oh my god, Liv, this is seriously so beautiful!” he exclaimed, pulling his daughter in for a hug.

“Uncle Joe drew the phoenix and Aunt Heidi found the pictures,” Liv said, pride in her voice, “I can’t wait until Daddy Mike sees it.”

“He’ll love it, baby, just like I do,” Dave said after collecting himself.

He hugged Joe, Heidi, and Lola goodbye, before buckling Alivia up in his Tahoe.

“You’re too smart for your own good, little miss,” Dave said, smiling at his daughter in the rearview mirror.

“I know! Daddy Mike says I’m just like you,” Liv replied, sticking her tongue out a little.

Dave’s heart continued to melt the whole way home. He’s glad that he rose from the ashes when he did, or his life wouldn’t be the way it is now.