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The Sound of Your Voice by xX_LP4Life_05_Xx

Your Voice

Author's Note:

Well hello to my beautiful LPFamily, fellow readers, writers, and lurkers. This story was originally suppose to be posted on New Year's Eve but too much was going on for me to have the time to sit and finish this and post it due to work and personal things. This story also originally was suppose to be a standalone but something in me is feeling maybe i can push it to more than just that. So please leave your amazing and inspirational reviews to let me know if i should continue with this.

Another Update: I am currently working on my next chapter for "In The Midst of It All..." so please my amazing readers, i have not forgotten it. Writing slash is a new territory for me and i want to make it close to perfect as i can because that is exactly what you amazing people deserve.

So without further hesitation, please enjoy my new possible multi-chapter story. And don't forget to leave your amazing rates and reviews please.


During these times of the year, I always seem to feel alone. I always seem to be physically alone. This year had honestly started out great. School was coming along nicely. Made a few new friends. Started a new job. Got a nice place of my own. And up until June, I had a wonderful girlfriend who I had thought about proposing to. Who I had thought about making my wife. Who I had thought about spending the rest of my life with. That’s until I came home one evening to find everything of hers gone. And to find a small handwritten note on my nightstand explaining how she couldn’t take it anymore. And that she had fallen in love with someone else. Five years just down the drain. And what’s even more fucked up about that particular day? I had just gone out to put a down payment on a ring that I knew she would love.

Since then, things have been a little hectic. Had a falling out with a long time best friend and he moved away not to long after that. My grandfather had been back and forth to the hospital. My mom and father we’re having financial troubles due to the medical bills from my grandfather. So they were putting stress on me for me being the oldest and needing to help them out with money. My house just recently got broken into and all of my expensive art and music equipment stolen. I was hitting the much harder classes in school and having trouble maintaining my grades due to all of my outside influences. And on top of it? I was alone. Having to deal with all this alone at the age of 22.

So here I sit tonight in this dark and quiet bar. New Year’s Eve tonight it was. And I had no one to spend it with. Well unless you count this glass of amber liquid I’m swirling around in my hand. Captain Morgan was my company tonight. I smiled as the older bartender placed another glass before me and I sipped down the remainder in my old glass and grabbed the other. He took the other glass and walked away without saying a word. As I sat there, watching the small TV screen before me, the sound of something purely angelic rang into my ears. I quizzically looked around for where the sound was coming from and then my eyes fell upon its source.

Standing there on the small dimly lit stage was a thin but muscular young man with nerdy looking glasses on. He held the mic in his hand so gently as his voice rang through the amplifier in the mic. I grabbed my drink and found myself moving closer to get a better look at him. I sat a table back from the stage and just looked at him in awe. He had bleach blonde spikes all placed gently on top of his head. He also had a lip ring in the middle of his bottom lip that every so often would gleam with a hint from the stage lights. What stood out most on him, besides his voice, was his beautiful tattoos. The ones that particular caught my eyes were the ones that adorned his wrists. They were beautiful red and blue flames that looked like someone had painted them upon his skin or as if he was born with them. But they seemed to give this young man a particular mystique about himself. He was definitely mysterious. And his dark colored eyes only made him more curiously intriguing.

Now I wasn’t one to call myself curious by any means, but seeing this young man perform on stage was driving a different desire within me altogether. As I sat and listened, his voice was starting to captivate me more and more. I loved the way his voice sounded through my ears. It made my hair stand on end when he sang certain notes. As I got up to get another drink, I came back to find that a seat at the table directly in front of him was available so I quickly took the seat and made myself comfortable. By this time he was grabbing an acoustic guitar and strapping himself up before returning to his stool in front of the mic.

“Well good evening everyone. My name is Chester Bennington and I am going to be your musical entertainment tonight.”

My heart skipped a beat at the sound of his speaking voice. Not only that, but he truly had a beautiful and unique name. And to know I could get the chance to listen to his voice for most of the night, sent a warmth throughout my body. Or maybe it was the alcohol doing that. But whichever it was, I was feeling really good right now.

“Well for my next song, I’d like to play a song I wrote. It was a song I wrote by myself, naked and fucked up on my bathroom floor with my guitar. It was a song I wrote about one day maybe making in it the music business. Maybe one day being able to go out and play for some fucking great people such as yourselves. So without further rambling on, this is The Morning After”

I smiled and chuckled at his humor. He definitely had a fiery nature about himself. Probably hence his flames. But the one thing that honestly struck me was with a voice like that, why wasn’t he famous? Why was he in this dark and dingy bar playing for a half drunk crowd? He deserved to be in front of a crowd of thousands chanting his name. I sat and watched him meticulously. I watched the muscles move in his arms as he played the guitar. Which honestly he was very good at. What wasn’t this man good at? I then looked up at the precise moment and caught his gaze. My chest seized and my breath caught in my throat. The moment only lasted a few seconds before he looked away but even in just those mere seconds, I felt like something had been shared between us. Some kind of connection.

I took another sip of my drink and then looked back up as he finished his song and the crowd in the bar were heard clapping and cheering. He said his thank yous and told the crowd he was going to take a short break to get a drink and then he would return. I watched as he stood up with his guitar and placed it gently back in its case. As he was bending over, I couldn’t help but stare. He most certainly had a beautiful backside. I then shook my head and looked away out of embarrassment. I had never ever caught myself staring at another man before. But for some reason, this felt different and okay.

I watched him walk off the stage and over to the bar. I contemplated on making a move and going and saying hello but part of me felt I was going to make a full of myself had I moved. So I just remained seated. I then looked over at the clock. Only an hour now until midnight and until the new year. I truly wondered what the new year held for me. Maybe I would try and start up my own band. Maybe use my musical talents for more than just playing around with. As my thoughts wandered a little more, I hadn’t noticed that someone had taken a seat across from me. As I heard the sound of a glass touch the table, I practically jumped out of my skin. The other person must of noticed because then I heard the most beautiful laugh ring in my ears. I then looked over to find the amazing singer that was previously on stage sitting directly across from me.

“Sorry man, I didn’t mean to scare you. Didn’t realize you were so lost in thought.”

He spoke with true sincerity in his voice.

“The name is Chester. Chester Bennington.”

He then held out his hand for me to shake. A curt smile playing on his lips.

I reached my hand out and clasped our hands together. Shaking it slowly. His touch sending a wave of electricity over my skin and causing goosebumps to form. All the while sending a shiver down my spine.

“Mike. Mike Shinoda.”

I said with a hint of nervousness in my voice. My heart was racing like a wild fire and my breath choking in my throat. I let go of his hand and tried to regain any control of myself back to my brain. Get a hold of yourself Shinoda. What is going on with you?

“Nice name. So Mike, I’ve never seen you in here before. And please don’t think of me being too forward but what is a handsome guy like yourself doing out on New Year’s Eve alone? Shouldn’t you be spending it with your girlfriend or something?”

I blushed lightly at his comment and looked down at my drink. I then noticed he had leaned forward on the table while sipping on what looked like Jack Daniels, looking at me curiously. Up close, he had an angelic looking face. His black thick nerd framed glasses made his dark eyes stand out. And when he smiled, he had the cutest dimples poking out on his cheeks. His lips looked rather soft and inviting as well. Keep it together. Don’t fuck up. Just talk causally. I then started off slowly, trying to hide my nervousness now.

“Well, the reason you’ve never seen me in here is because it’s my first time here. I’ve been to other bars but this one tonight was closer to home so I decided to stop in. And I don’t have a girlfriend. That ended about 6 months back. She left me for someone else.”

I picked up my drink as he gave me a look of concern but then it quickly changed to something else that I couldn’t quite place.

“Ouch. I’m sorry man. She must have been a dumb bitch to leave someone that looks as good as you”

I gagged on my drink at his sudden bluntness.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I smiled and gave a soft chuckle, “ But it’s okay. I’m better off without her.”

A smile was quickly placed back on his features, followed by a soft nod as he took a sip from his drink.

“I’d say so. Well you have me curious. What is it that you do Mr. Shinoda?”

He asked with a flirty kind of tone.

I chuckled at the formal name saying and smiled back at him.

“Well Chester, I am currently in college for art. I work at a design studio downtown. I make music at home in my spare time. And enjoy long quiet walks on the beach”

The last line had us both laughing as we both took a sip of our drinks. The warm amber liquid truly giving me some sort of courage. Or maybe it was the fact of how comfortable I was starting to feel around him. My mind hadn’t decided just yet. But as curiosity started to scramble my brain. It made me want to know more about this vocal god sitting mere inches from me. I leaned forward ever so slightly and rested my elbow on the table top, placing my chin in my palm and looking at him very curiously. In a semi hushed tone, I asked…

“What about yourself Mr. Bennington?”

He gave me a little of a serious look at calling him so formally but then leaned back forward before slowly running his finger around the brim of his glass then looking up at me with an ever so seductive tint to his gaze.

“Well let’s see. What about me? Well, I just graduated back in July with a Bachelors in English. I’m single. Just thought I’d throw that in there just in case you were wondering.”

My face warmed ever so slightly to thought that this beautiful creature before me was in fact single. “You wonder how I am single? Damn. How are you single?” I thought to myself as I sat back in my chair and sipped my drink slowly as he continued.

“I currently work at a record store that is also downtown. I am also a singer, as you can tell, though I wish to make it big someday but don’t see that happening. I write and play my own music. And when I need time and space to think, I find myself taking long quiet walks on the beach.”

I found myself becoming rather intrigued at the blonde beauty before me. I chuckled at his last statement. My eyes then glanced at the clock as eleven thirty was approaching. Damn, I hadn’t noticed I had been talking to him for almost 30 minutes. But as much as I love to hear him talk, I’d rather him sing some more. And with the liquid courage flowing freely through my veins, I found myself speaking my mind openly.

“So, are you going to get back up and sing for me? I mean sing for the crowd?”

Damn it! Did i really just say that? Yup, i think that is enough alcohol for me tonight

I looked down quickly as my words finished exiting my mouth. Greatly wishing I could shove them back in. My face glowing red now. I thoroughly appreciated the dimness of the bar at this point. I then heard his sweet chuckle, completely unfazed at my previous comment, as he got up and came around in front of me, softly smiling down at me. His warm body just mere inches from me as i could smell the sweet smell of lavender radiating off of his skin. He then leaned down, his warm breath ghosting off my ear and sending chills down my spine.

“Sure, I’ll get back up and sing for you Mikey. Just make sure you keep your eyes on me. Because that’s exactly where I want them. Among other things.”

He whispered huskily. He then stood back up straight and winked at me. Turning on his heel, he then swayed as he walked back over to the stage. I watched as he walked away, now biting my lip from his last comment. Desire now starting to pulse throughout my now feverishly warm body. I then softly shook my head and chuckled, realizing he had just given me a pet name. Though it was strange hearing it, I truly liked the sound of it coming from his lips.


So i truly hope you enjoyed it. Please don't forget to leave your amazing rates and reviews. Thank you.

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