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the thunder rolls by littleblacksubmarines


A/N: Hi guys! This is just a cute little fluff that I thought of, someone being afraid of thunderstorms is one of my favorite tropes and I'm not sure why. I write one for every fandom!

I have the hospital AU in progress, thanks to Penelope_Ink, Stefuh, and MissDomho! You guys seriously make me so happy with your sweet reviews and kind words. Yall are the real MVPs <3


A rumble of thunder roared above the house, startling Dave awake with a jump.

Fuck, he thought. At 40 years old, living ocean front, he was still afraid of storms. He looked over at his sleeping fiancé, on his belly, the moonlight shining off of his unusually bare back, small scratch marks visible from their earlier activities.

Dave looked out the window as a bolt of lightning danced out of the sky, another round of thunder jolting him up out of bed. He grabbed a shirt, tugging it on as he checked his phone to see if there was a tornado warning. A small wave of relief washed over him when there was none.

Unsurprisingly, Dave was met in the hallway by three crying girls.

“Daddy, I’m scared,” Alivia whined, as Dave scooped her up.

“I know, baby. Me too,” he replied, kneeling down to take Jessa into his arms as well, letting Jillian climb onto his back.

“I want Daddy,” Jillian mumbled to Dave, her little arms wrapped around his neck.

Dave nodded, retreating into the bedroom to let the girls crawl into the big, warm bed waiting for them. Jillian climbed over Mike, laying between him and the edge of the bed. Jessa and Alivia claimed the middle, leaving Dave the outside of the bed. Jillian fell back asleep as Dave, Alivia, and Jessa whispered quietly amongst themselves.

“How come you don’t like storms?” Jessa asked Dave, who was french braiding her hair to match Alivia’s.

“I’ve never really liked them, ever since I was a kid. I lived really far away until I was about your age. We had a hurricane once and it was so scary. I guess I’m always afraid of it happening again,” Dave supplied, thinking back to what he remembers of his Massachusetts days.

“Uncle Joe doesn’t like storms, either, Jessy,” Alivia said, before turning her eyes to Dave, “is he gonna come over, too?”

Dave chuckled, Joe was known for camping out in Dave’s basement during storms.

“I don’t think he’ll be out driving in it, baby,” he said, at least hoping that he was right.

“Daddy and Otis like storms. But they scare me and Jillian,” Jessa said, as her and Alivia burrowed under one of Dave’s many throw blankets.

“Well, it should be over soon, and then we can all get some sleep,” Dave said, settling down under his weighted comforter.

“It’ll be over soon, the thunder is getting quieter,” Mike informed, voice sleep-scratchy, rolling over to face Dave and the girls, “however, I think it’s going to storm all night, and I’ll bet that Joe shows up at some point. Otis will sleep through it all, I can put Jillian back in her bed and she won’t know.”

Dave groaned inwardly at the thought of storms all night, knowing that Alivia and Jessa wouldn’t want to go back to their rooms, and that Joe would probably be joining them as well.

“Of course this happens the day before we have to pack for tour,” Dave grumbled, causing Mike to chuckle, “Liv’s gonna be all tired when I take her to Linsey, and then it’ll somehow be my fault.”

“I know. Luckily two of mine will sleep through it, Jillian just wakes up because Jessa does,” Mike pondered, waiting until the thunder subsided to scoop Jillian up and take her back to her room.

Dave thought Mike was gone for longer than usual, but when he returned, Joe was with him, wet from the rain and looking like a lost puppy.

“Dude, can’t Heidi deal with your storm fear?” Dave asked, voice light and joking, as Joe grabbed a towel from the en suite to dry off.

“Her and Lola are in Hawaii, and I’m stuck here in thunderstorm central,” he mumbled, rolling his eyes.

Mike tried to control his laughter as he got back in bed, wrapping his arms around Dave, kissing a tattooed shoulder, and pulling him close.

“Well, if the girls wake up, it’s your turn to do damage control,” Mike laughed, as Joe slid in the opposite side of the bed, next to a pair of sleeping girls.


“Uncle Joe’s here!!!” Alivia exclaimed, waking the members of the bed up. Surprisingly, they had all slept through the storms that followed the first one.

“Daddy was right!” Jessa said, as her and Alivia jumped out of the bed, grabbing each other’s hands, and running down the hall.


Mike, Dave, and Joe all made breakfast for the household as all three girls came downstairs with colorful papers in their hands.

“We made you crafts to take on tour,” Alivia said, handing each of the men drawings of all of them sleeping together.

Jillian handed over drawings of each of their favorite animals, and Jessa drew a variety of flowers.

“These are great, girls, thank you so much,” Dave said, kneeling down to give hugs and kisses, his eyes wet with tears.

“I’m gonna hang them in my bunk,” said Mike, who also kneeled down, gathering all the girls in his arms for a hug.

“So am I, they’re beautiful,” Joe supplied, hugging the girls as well.

Returning to the breakfast tasks, Dave had a small smile on his face before he erupted into a giggle fit.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mike asked, starting to giggle as well.

“Just like you said a while ago. We really are the goddamn Brady Bunch!”