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clear by tfybike

Somehow I came through it. He called my therapist to schedule an appointment for the next morning. As I began to come around, to calm down… he massaged my shoulders the way I loved. I was chilly, he helped me into my softest, warmest clothes. He laid me in his spot on the bed, he left the lights on.

Anything I asked, he did it. Anything I didn't want, he didn't force.

Minute by minute, hour to hour I was better. I knew that was because it had been a bout. My meds were strong enough to return me to a relative stability. It was a moment.

Regardless of anything, he had been perfect. He had been so completely attentive to me, so tender but so strong. How could I doubt his love for me after that night?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

When I wake up early I see that he's slept on the chair, giving me the whole bed to myself. I can't even feel guilty I'm just so happy to be looking at him lying there.

Later once we're up for breakfast, I do apologize for my words of the night before. They feel slightly foreign to me; I had changed so much in only hours. He's gentle but firm as he says, "Don't even think of apologizing. What you said, it was how you felt…and it's nothing to be ashamed about. You were so right to tell me. So brave."

His hair is unruly…his voice sounds low and husky. I can't get enough.

"But we have to do even better, Mike. I can't let you go through what you did...it's not right..."

He looks at me and he wants to pull me to him. I can see it in his eyes but he's hesitating…this isn't about him. He wants me to have my space.

So I close the gap, I want those lips of his. I want that rough beard on me, everywhere. I tell him. I tell him and the next minute we're against the countertop and it's that fiery passion the two of us share. It's UNREAL. It's the best feeling I've ever had.

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