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Until the End by ALifeForMusic


First of all, thank you for all your amazing reviews on Naivety! I was kind of overwhelmed to be honest, this is such an uplifting community. The support inspired me and I started writing something which I hope I'll be able to put up here soon. In the mean time – I decided to post something I've written quite some time ago. It is different for me, and the first drabble I've ever written. I'm pretty sure this is the opposite of what most people like to read on here, but I decided to post it anyway, can't hurt. :)

Credits to Breaking Benjamin, who inspired this drabble a few years back.

Again, thanks for all the support, and enjoy ♥


Until the End

Why give up? Why give in?

It's not enough, it never is

So I will go on until the end

We've become desolate

It's not enough, it never is

But I will go on until the end

There, by the window of a small room in a Los Angeles apartment, stands a man.

He stares into the distance despite the pitch-black of the night looming on the opposite side of the glass, his face expressionless.

His hair is messy, short brown curls that jut out in all directions after he runs a trembling hand through them repeatedly.

His hazel eyes are the only feature on his usually very expressive face that reveal clues to his emotional state. They stare into space, their gaze sorrowful yet elusively blank.

In perfect darkness and silence, he remains motionless.

He is alone.

Nobody sees the tears, now quietly running down his cheeks.

He doesn't know what to do.

A rectangular strip of light illuminates the scarcely furnished space for a few seconds before a taller, stronger man has entered the room and closes the door quietly.

A few heavy footsteps.

The smaller man lets his eyes fall shut as the taller man hugs him from behind and presses a kiss to the nape of his neck.

He loves this man.

The man responsible for his tears. The reason he is standing here again, waiting in the small dark room in front of the black window, like every night.

That man doesn't know how profoundly the other one is suffering because of him.

Because he is lacking the crucial information.

He kisses the smaller man.


But never on the lips.

Kissing someone on the lips, the taller man firmly believes, should be reserved for the person he loves.

And he doesn't love the other man.

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