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Escape by MissDomho


AN Hey everyone:) hope you all are well? Just wanted to share this with you. I needed to write this to help aid my semi- writers block XD. This idea inspired me as the other day my partner surprised me with taking me to a massage palor haha- but no sex was involved lol I know...To much information...but it got me thinking and inspired me to write this haha XD as I haven't written slash for a little while and let's just face it. I love Bennoda slash <3

Warning It's plotless...Shameless smut featuring our beautiful Bennoda boys. I need to release my inner demons as it has been a while since I've written slash XD

Please review, like, give feedback as I absolutely adore it all from you all. Thank you so much for reading my works <3 I will have my HS fic updated as soon as I can :) Thank you for all your time! Xxx



He had been watching him for a couple days. The Vocalist would walk with his shoulders hunched and every now and then, he would wince and rub his neck. So Mike had came up with an idea to help Chester with his aches and his pains.

They all poured out of the van at the hotel after another long flight, one of many they had scheduled on this leg of the tour. And it was still early. There were many shows lined up for them. And Chester was already feeling the stress from beating out those notes out for three hours of a night while the band was traveling all over the country. He needed some relief. Chester hoisted his backpack onto his back as he headed for the hotel.

"Hey, Ches?" The emcee was at his side. "Um, been noticing you got aches and pains already?"

"Yeah," The singer smiled. "Guess we're just not as young as we used to be? I'll be fine."

"I went ahead and booked you a massage. Go on down to the spa here at the hotel. They'll give you a good rub down and then send you to bed."

Chester's eyes widened for a split second. "What, now?"

The emcee grinned and nodded.

"Thanks." Chester appreciatively smiled up at his emcee.


The receptionist at the spa smiled brightly when Chester entered. He was shown into a small room with a massage table in the middle. A small water fountain in one corner gave a peaceful trickling sound. Vanilla-scented candles were lined up along one shelf and on another, there were bottles of oils and lotions. The singer was instructed to undress and lay face down on the table with a towel over his rear. But, before Chester did that, he examined the bottles, smelled the candles, and stood over the fountain, rearranging the rocks inside of it.

Finally, satisfied with the room, Chester kicked his combats off and then began to slowly undress. He caught his reflection in the mirror and noticed how his shoulders were leaning forward. Quickly, he stood up straight and winced at the pain in his back. With a sigh, he climbed onto the massage table and draped the towel over his lower half. The room was quiet now, still. It was certainly peaceful as Chester closed his eyes and listened to the rhythmic trickle of the fountain.

When the door opened, Chester opened his eyes- but didn't initiate to lift his head up. He saw two large black sneakers appear underneath a pair of crisp, white trousers. "Hey, man." Chester meekly greeted the masseuse.

He received a warm hand on his shoulder in return. The next thing Chester felt was warm liquid down his back and then two strong hands rubbing it into his skin in large circles. He sighed softly and let his body melt into the table. The hands moved up his spine to his shoulders and the back of his neck.

"Damn, you really know what you're doing."

The hands moved back down, skipping over his covered ass, and onto the back of his thighs, kneading and rubbing one and then the other. Chester felt a wave of relaxation wash over his trembling body and he gave out a soft moan. He was in such a state that he barely noticed or cared when the towel over his ass was gently pulled away.

More oil was poured onto him and the hands worked it into his ass cheeks. And then a finger was eased in between them and Chester let out a gasp at the sudden intrusion as surely he was not expecting this at all. Still, he didn't look up. Now, he was almost afraid to. His fingers closed around the edge of the table and, unconsciously, his thighs parted somewhat. Fingers brushing over his balls as a thumb was now being pushed into him.

"Fuck." He gasped.

A hand pressed down on his shoulder, pressing the small singer down as the thumb pressed in a little deeper. He had to look up, now. Had to see whoever it was that was doing this to him because, surely, this was not part of a simple massage. The face looking back at him made Chester smirk and shake his head.

"You're an asshole."

He put a finger to his grinning lips. Gesturing Chester to stay quiet as the cunning emcee's grin only deepened once Chester fell back down into the table. "Shh. I'm gonna get you so fucking relaxed."

Mike began to inch his clothing off as he then returned his attention to Chester's ass. Oiled up fingers gently breached him, slowly pumping and twisting while the other hand continued to massage and knead along Chester's cheeks and thighs. He moved back to the head of the table and when Chester pulled his head up, Mike was offering him his cock.

The singer opened his mouth and took Mike in slowly. He sucked on the head of Mike's cock while the half Asian ran his hands up and down Chester's oil-slicked back. Taking Mike deeper into his throat, Chester used his hands on the table to lift the top half of his body and start to bob his head a little, his lips curling further down Mike's thick length. He resisted the urge to continue as this was about Chester, after all, and, reluctantly, Mike pulled away. To which the singer cried out in surprise.

He climbed onto the table, straddling Chester's thighs now which he pushed them together. The emcee squeezed the singer's ass cheek in one hand while using the other to guide himself into Chester's tight ass. Very slowly, Mike entered him, making Chester hiss and groan, his forehead falling to the table once more. Once he was deep into the the singer, Mike pulled out and pushed back in, slowly increasing in rhythm.

"God, just how I remember it last time...So.Fucking. Tight" Mike groaned, going in further into the smaller man. The skin breaking apart around his girthy member as he pushed in slowly.

Chester gripped the table and winced, gasping with each deep thrust. Mike moved his knees inside of Chester's legs and as soon as he did that, the singer spread his legs wider, ankles falling off the side of the table. He tried to push his ass up, using his upper body strength as leverage- but Mike pushed him back down to the table as he fucked the singer good and hard now. The sounds of the table scraped against the hard floor as each men were now grunting and moaning from their oiled up friction as their tongues were swiping against each other once Mike sourced out for Chester's lips.

Changing positions, Mike was now pressing his back on the table as Chester climbed over him, giving Mike the view his back. He planted his feet on either side of Mike's hips, his hands reaching behind him, planted on the emcee's shoulders. As Chester bounced and rode Mike's cock, his own hard cock bobbed in the air. Mike's warm hands gripped the singer's hips and urged him to drive himself down harder and faster.

"Oh fuck" The emcee growled, his blunt talons scraping against Chester's alabaster skin, creating pink rivets along Chester's hips.

Chester pulled himself off of the half Asian and turned over. He straddled Mike and moved to lean over Mike's shoulder, placing his elbows on the table. The emcee planted his feet on the table for the singer to move his legs under Mike's raised thighs. This way, Mike was able to thrust himself up while Chester pushed his ass down. They went hard and fast that way, Chester crying out with every deep thrust, Mike's cock finding and slamming up against his prostate. His hard dick was trapped between their oiled, sweaty bodies and rubbed against Mike's stomach.

"Oh god Mikey" Chester was drowning with the lust that was spiralling out his shivery body as Mike mercilessly pounded into his smaller body.

Eventually, Chester found himself on his back, his ass perched on the edge of the table, legs spread wide. Mike stood and fucked the smaller singer as hard and fast as he could, making the him grunt and moan. Mike was grunting and groaning as well, his orgasm threatening to tear through his body.

"Fuck me harder Mikey" Chester groaned, picking his head up to watch Mike fuck him. His cock was throbbing against his stomach now. He knew he was going to come if Mike found that sweet spot just one more time.

But Mike started to slide out and stroke his cock with the head just inside of Chester, just past that ring of muscle. With a final, loud grunt, Mike came. The intense feeling of the emcee was throbbing just inside of him, against the sensitive flesh, triggered Chester's own orgasm. With his mouth wide open, a long, throaty groan left his body as ribbons of cum landed against his chest. With a final sigh, Chester flopped back against the table.


All Chester could do was lie there and pant, coming down from his high as he was staring up towards the ceiling. Mike moved about him, cleaning him up with a hot, wet towel. He pulled his clothes back on and then wrapped the Vocalist up in a thick terry bathrobe. When he picked the smaller man up in his arms, he asked, softly. "Are you relaxed now?"

The smaller singer wrapped his arms around Mike's neck and murmured, "Fuck, yeah."

It was then Mike took the initiative and carried him up to their hotel room and tucked Chester into bed. "The things I do for you." He whispered before kissing his singer's cheek.

A peaceful, serene smile played on Chester's lips before he rolled over. Sleep now descending him as words failed him once Mike had shut the light off before pulling his body up beside Chester. The two leading men had laid side by side, curling into each other as sleep ascended them both. Chester no longer felt pain as fell into a dreamless slumber.



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