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Snapshots by tfybike


Mike's lips were trembling, his chest heaving. "Don't come near me, don't touch me. You have no right-"

Brad tried anyway. His hands found Mike's waist and gently pulled.

Mike cried out like he'd been burned.

"Don't TOUCH me! I hate you..." Tears were quickly welling up under his delicate lashes.

"How could you?" He whispered. "How could you be with her? How could you- make love to her?"

The desperate words hung painfully in the air. Brad's expression was taut as he met Mike's anguished gaze.

"I..." He swallowed. He wanted to wipe the tears from that beautiful face; wanted to undo the pain. "Mike...I don't know. It's been such a long time. We've all done things…we regret."

Even now Mike found he was fighting his desire to run into Brad's arms; to touch him endlessly, to kiss his mouth and to be kissed.

"I feel like I'm going crazy over this, Brad-" He looked down, his voice faltering. "It's like I'm sick with jealousy, it's too much. I feel like I could kill for you.…that's how bad it is. Sometimes it's like there's nothing I'm more afraid of than myself-"

"That isn't you, Mike. Look at me."

"Don't you tell me what's not me! You don't KNOW...you don't know anything!"

"I've known you since you were 13 years-old."

"Brad…it crushed me. It still hurts so bad. She can't steal you away from me like that, I can't stand her. Brad I can't stand any of it!" His voice grew hushed, strained with passion. "I don't want her near you. I…I don't want anything to do with her!"

"I'm not. With her. Anymore. Mike-"

"That's not the POINT. I can't just act like this never happened!"

"I know you can't do that. Mike you have to believe that I don't want to hurt you...I couldn't."

"That's the trouble isn't it? I don't know what to believe about anything. And it's like everyone wants to tell me who I should be with and what I should be doing. Didn't anyone ever think that I want to be with you? I should be with you!"

In one step Brad moved to him. Inches apart, their eyes met. Mike turned his face away.

"Look at me, please."

"I can't." Mike whispered, trembling. "Everyone wants to tell you what to do, too. It's always been about your cookie-cutter girls from law school, some cheap imitation of what we've always had together." His voice began to swell with emotion.

"I couldn't stop thinking about if you died. If- if something happened to you, and I had no right, no right to even be in a hospital room with you. To even see you. No right to, do anything! I wouldn't be one of your family. I'd be nothing more than a 'close friend'...nothing more." Mike's face took on the horror of that reality, his voice breaking as he stifled a sob.

His dark eyes fluttered upward tearfully and locked there, burning with need.

Brad couldn't take anymore. Mike's breathing hitched once, and they were galvanized.

They crashed almost violently into each other, kissing frantically. Brad pushed Mike against the nearest solid surface they could find as the half-Asian gripped him hard through his jeans.

"Make love to me. I want to have you for hours- oh Brad, I LOVE you- ohhh."

Brad spun him around, kissing his back, his neck as he forced Mike's pants off his body. He reached his hand between the darker man's legs, groping him roughly through the soft, silky underwear left behind.

"Mmmm...ohhhh that feels GOOD..."

Almost angrily Brad tore at his own belt, undoing his pants but refusing to take the time to remove them. He spat, hurriedly moistening both he and Mike as he leaned forward to whisper in his ear. "Are you alright? Are you ready?"

Mike looked over his shoulder with a nod, biting his lip.

Brad pushed the fabric of Mike's shirt out of the way, fervently kissing at the smooth golden skin of his back as he entered. Mike shook, gasped. He let out a loud cry and moaned.

Brad caught his lips with a bruising kiss as he began to make love to him, and soon it was only blinding pleasure, warm amber and deep burgundy, sweat and that magical spot and Mike's ears echoing with impassioned cries he knew he wouldn't remember soon.

When it was over and Mike was kissing his way down the front of Brad's body, he stopped right where he wanted to be and flicked his sultry, doe-eyes upward, smiling victoriously.

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