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he's universal by tfybike

"God, you're beautiful. You know that?" Brad whispered to the dark man lying beside him.

They were lazing about in their big bed, the deep red sheets a perfect backdrop for Mike's dusky gold skin. The only thing the vocalist wore was an oversized button-down shirt that barely reached his hips, putting his shapely legs on display and not leaving much to the imagination. It drove Brad crazy.

"Mmmm…well, thanks for the compliment Mr. Delson." Mike gave a coy smile as he stretched, sighing contentedly. He shifted and reached out a hand to grip at the thick softness of Brad's hair, gently tugging. "These curls. Ah."

Brad let him touch for a moment, then scooted lower on the bed to focus his attention to Mike's bare legs. He started at his love's feet, picking one up and massaging it tenderly with both hands. A noise of pure pleasure escaped from Mike's lips as he let his eyes close and his head tilt backwards.

Brad watched the other man begin to relax and melt gratefully into his touch. "Are you tired, baby?"

"Mmm…I- I guess I am," Mike whispered, curling his fingers gently into the sheets. It was almost too hard to talk with the heavenly feeling of Brad's warm hands pressing and rubbing him. "I can't make myself slow down sometimes. I just try to do too much."

Brad chuckled, "Oh I know a little about that by now, Mike."

Slowly the guitarist released his hands as his lips traveled upward to tease at Mike's knees, prompting them to fall open slightly. Brad's rough beard met the soft skin of the Asian man's inner thigh as his mouth continued it's ascent.

"Brad. Wait."

The guitarist glanced up quickly. "Are you alright?"

"Tell me about how I'm beautiful. Like you said. Keep kissing me, and touching me. Don't stop...please." Mike met his eyes with sincerity, allowing an innocently sexy grin to play across his face.

Brad swallowed. "See, that smile of yours. You should be told how incredible you are every single day of your life. Shame on me if I don't-"


He was already working his way back down; tasting Mike with wet, sensuous kisses that made the man's spine tingle.

"I love these perfect thighs…" Brad whispered, his groin stirring at the words as he realized how erotic it felt to tell Mike what was going through his mind. In one fluid movement he gripped Mike's waist and slid him onto his side, laying behind him.

"Let's take this off." He whispered.

Together they discarded the cottony-white fabric. Brad moved his fingers to Mike's tanned back, tracing along the curves of his body, feeling the delicious warmth emanating from it.

"You're so soft…there's not a hard line on you. So sexy…"

He trailed his fingers down over Mike's stomach, across his navel.

"Mmm hey. I'm getting cold now...you got me naked again." Mike mock-scolded.

He let out one of his irresistable giggles, wriggling his back up against Brad's chest.

Brad felt the Asian man grow limp and utterly content against him as he pulled the duvet up around his love's waist. He let out a groan at the feeling of Mike's ass pressing into his lower body.

"Ahhm. You know, I just thought of another ridiculously sexy thing about you."

"Mmmm. Tell me." Mike murmured sleepily.

Brad chuckled. "Oh, no. That's too easy. I think I'll have to make you guess..."

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