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Beating Hearts by MissDomho


AN Hey everyone. How is everyone holding up? It's been an emotional day really for us Linkin Park fans with Mike posting his EP. I really didn't want to bring myself to listen to them as I know what they each would be about. And when I did bring myself too, I just cried. I shut myself off from the world for a little while as it pained me to see Mike go through that emotional stress of losing Chester through his lyrics and song. I am so sorry for going on about it as I know you all are experiencing the same as what I am going through, just want everyone to know I am here to talk. About anything. You all have been so wonderful to me, with your reviews and feedback. Us Linkin Park soldiers stick together and that's what we have been doing. I miss Chester so much :( I know his memory and his voice will live on <3

Anyway, I wanted to post this. It's another slashy fic as I adore my Bennoda boy's together intimately;) It's fluffy. It's light. It's slashy. Please let me know what you think as I absolutely adore all your kind words and support <3 thank you so much for your time xxxx


Beating hearts

Mike laughed childishly, eyes crinkled at the corner and face flushed pink as he finally managed to fumble the door to the room open with his key card. Beside him stood an equally giggly Chester, swaying only slightly and half leaning against the wall for support. It seemed despite their age, and despite how the emcee was supposed to be moderate with liquor, the champagne and various shots they had, had gotten them a tad more buzzed than they both expected.

Stumbling into the neatly arranged hallway of their hotel room they were sharing for the night, Mike kicked the door shut with his foot once the other man had followed him inside. It left them in semi darkness with exception for the one dim lamp the emcee had forgotten to turn off once he left for the karaoke bar that had been their entertainment for the evening. With his back against the smooth wall, the half Asian gracelessly kicked his converses off before shrugging the leather jacket off his shoulders. It hit the floor with a soft thud, and the man grinned contentedly when the singer reciprocated the motion with his own denim jacket, tripping over his own drunken feet as he stepped out of his combats.

"Oops...!" exclaimed the clumsy singer loudly, as he accidently ended up getting caught by Mike's strong arm when he tumbled to the side, a bashful smile on his face. "Excuse me - I think I'm drunk..."

The older singer simply laughed in amusement, not at all displeased with the sudden physical intimacy. Instead Mike kept his firm hand on Chester's upper arm, the grip was firm- but not forceful as the two men remained face to face. The younger man couldn't help- but admire the singer's features, the dark chocolate eyes framed by coal black lashes. Handsome soft features with a slim- but prominent nose, full red lips and creamy pale skin. He looked postively mouth watering for the young emcee.

The flush that had initially covered the older's man's cheeks was now slowly developing into a beet red blush, disappearing somewhere beneath the collar of a v-necked white tee shirt. Mike could feel the heat radiating off the brunette's face as well as he felt the firm muscles flexing and tensing beneath the thin fabric.

"Mikey, are you okay...?" asked the older singer insecurely, licking his lips with a dark pinkish tongue, and the act made Mike's mouth water in turn.

"I-." murmured the half Asian, the intent of their closeness made clear by the lust glowing bright and dangerous in his dark eyes.

He watched longingly with a predatory hunger as the older man's adams apple bobbed when he swallowed hard and loudly, noticing a faint sheen of sweat forming along his hair line. Dark, silky hair that looked well kept and always smelled like coconut, tickled with Mike's senses. Mike mused, joyfully taking in the scent of his older singer. The hands Chester had used to steady himself still rested heavy against Mike's pecks, hard nipples no doubt poking him through the black shirt layer.

The tension turned the air thick and heavy, swirling around them and making it almost difficult to inhale. So much anticipation, and such a long build up towards this moment. Mike had wanted Chester since he first auditioned for the band, maybe ever since he first laid eyes upon him many years ago.

Slowly, the half Asian man tilted his head to the side to allow the older singer the choice to pull away if he got uncomfortable as he closed in, filling the air between them. It was a courtesy he wouldn't have offered, had this been seventeen ago. Right now, he was offering an option and giving Chester the choice to back out and walk away. He was giving him the choice to pretend this had never transpired, if he didn't want to follow through.

Therefore, his heart skipped a beat when the singer didn't turn away. Their eyes locked, and Mike felt the surrender to the attraction almost as if it had been he himself experiencing it when Chester's dark eyes slid half way shut, his pink lips puckering just a bit to accept what was happening. The emcee wasted little time when his lips met the other's. It was a soft peck, and still it sent surges of desire down Mike's spine that nearly made his already weak knees buckle. If the hitch of the older man's breath was any indication, the moment was of equal weight to him.

With their lips still attached, if only barely, Mike sucked in a deep breath through his nose before crashing his mouth onto Chester's. This second kiss was in no way gentle, rather it was a desperate fight for power. Their teeth clashed at the initial impact, mouths greedily devouring each other as if attempting to eat the other man alive. Mike's hands went around Chester's waist, wandering and pushing the fabric of the older singer's shirt out of the way to trace the broad, strong back. Warm, soft skin met his tender fingers, and he relished in the shudder that passed through Chester's body at the venture.

Meanwhile, the singer's hands had found their way into Mike's dark tresses, twining the neat hair between long fingers and fisting them as if clinging to reigns. A soft tug earned a ferocious growl.

With a hiss, low in his throat and guttural, Mike spun them around despite his unsteady coordination to trap the singer against the wall. Panting, their eye contact was brief as the kiss broke, chests heaving. Mike felt each rise and fall as their bodies molded together, his cock twitching with the prospect of a sexual outcome. Fuck, did he long for any sort of physical experience involving this gorgeous man he had between himself and the red, wine wallpaper. Red really did do Chester justice, he had to admit. It complimented his features well, his fair skin contrasting magnificently against the crimson wall.

But all his thoughts scattered with another soaring kiss, the force behind it breaking his own bottom lip and making them share the iron tang of blood between their mouths. That accompanied by Chester's taste of liquor and sweet and sour sauce from their dinner drove Mike completely wild.

His hands dropping, he felt along the line of Chester's ass, squeezing one firm bun in each palm. They felt like moulded rock- but at the same time soft and pliable, just the way Mike liked a male ass to be. The brunette's hands were still busy, rubbing and caressing Mike's neck and jaw with tender motions before disappearing into his hair again, sending eletric currents through the emcee's system and pulsing all the way to his groin.

"God, Ches" Mike murmured softly against Chester's hard kisses.

The emcee could feel his cock throbbing, hard and needy. Pushing their lower bodies together boldly, Mike once again upped the game to find out whether the older man would follow his lead. An equally hard shaft digging into his lower stomach was evidence enough that they were both on the same page.

When Mike finally pulled back to break the kiss, his face felt warm as he watched the downright dirty gleam in the older man's eyes, while a thick string of saliva broke between their swollen lips. Damn, Chester's lips alone looked like a rosebud, swollen and bright red, ripe for the picking.

"I need you." Mike admitted softly, the heavy breathing making his voice rasp.

A sheepish expression came upon the the singer's features, a shy flicker of a smile, and then he whispered.

" I figured. Do your worst."

The younger man didn't need more encouragement, once more plunging his tongue into the eager mouth meeting his. His hands made quick work of sliding up the front of the older man's shirt, traveling up the hairless pale chest to find tight pink nipples and pinch them. The muffled moan it earned him encouraged the assault, twisting the nubs alternately until he felt Chester writhe, a straining bulge digging hard into his own.

Breaking the kiss long enough to catch his breath, he skillfully yanked the shirt over Chester's head and disposed of it by tossing it over his back. One quick motion and he'd shed his own in a similiar manner, tossing it to the side.

"Shinoda" breathed Chester, and Mike couldn't help- but raise an eyebrow in confusion at what he knew was a curse word, earning him a small shrug and a naughty grin before the brunette singer added, "You're so gorgeous."

"Fuck, as if I compare to your damn self." Mike laughed although basking in the sincere compliment.

Another moment of appreciating the bare, slim chest before Mike dove in again, this time burying his face at the hollow of Chester's neck to salt it with nips and kisses. The taste of salty sweat and the musky tang of lust on Mike's tongue triggered the desire to leave dark hickies, the half Asian sucking the hot skin until it turned a dark shade of purple. He couldn't care less if anybody spotted it, it wouldn't be his problem, besides he knew Chester would have hindered him had he been opposed the notion.

"Stop teasing me." Chester's husky voice begged.

"Alright." Mike agreed with a short nod of the head, nipping the junction of Chester's jaw before grabbing him by the wrist and leading the singer towards the bed room with long, half unsteady strides. Although they'd both sobered up from their alcohol intake, the lust was still clouding both their minds considerably.

Well within the four hotel room walls, Mike spun them around and pushed the smaller singer backwards to land on top of one of the soft beds. Mike watched with glee, a pleased smile spreading across his face as he the singer lay spread out before him. His long limbs were splayed awkwardly across dark satin sheets, bent at one knee and elbow, and his matted chocolate brown hair crowned him like dark halo around the flushed pale face.

Wearing only black jeans and black socks, Mike allowed his eyes to travel up and down the body, feasting it with his lustful eyes.

The half Asian took a moment to calm down the jitters of nerves taking over his body before he dropped both hands to unbutton and zip up his own jeans, parting the flaps and slipping one hand inside to grasp himself through the fabric of his thin boxer briefs. Giving a couple of firm strokes that made his balls tighten, he watched with delight as Chester squirmed on the bed, rubbing his thighs together and whimpering while eagerly looking on.

"You like that? It's only getting better from here on out." Mike mused in an attempt to tease and provoke, winking seductively.

"I should fucking hope so." Chester responded cockily, eyes defiant and daring the younger man to approach while his right hand went down to squeeze himself through the tight confines trapping his cock.

If the way those jeans were tented was any indication, Mike thought, Chester had no intention of turning him down right now. Pushing his jeans down his legs hurriedly, his thick socks and boxer briefs followed as he shredded them. When he stood up to his full height, naked and needy, his dick was standing at attention as if it too was eyeing the flesh spread out in front of it.

The yelp of surprise Mike released left him indignantly flustered when Chester launched upwards to grab him by the arms and tackle him to the bed. Not that he couldn't have fought back- but somehow he enjoyed seeing the determination and smug grin on Chester's proud face when he laid naked beneath the older man's tight, taut body.

His hardened member rubbed against both their bellies, smearing small beads of pre cum all over already sweat dampened skin. The soft mattress and covers felt cool against Mike's heated skin. The burning hot body above and against him setting him on fire. Tonight, he would be just fine with taking the backseat. The marvel in Chester's eyes said it all, and when hot wet lips covered a bright pink nipple, Mike couldn't bite back the groan passing through his lips. That same curious mouth bit down only lightly, earning a small shriek.

Sitting back on his haunches above him, Chester made quick work of fumbling for his own jeans open and soon enough his dick bounced out, the fat tip sticky and glossy with wetness. The hint of a nest of near black, wiry hair at the base turned Mike's irises black as his pupils swallowed them whole.

The brunette crouched back down, holding himself up on his hands, one palm placed on either side of Mike's head, their dicks barely brushing. For a moment, some sort of contemplation was visible in the dark orbs and Mike worried that just maybe, the older man might have changed his mind. He was relieved when that didn't seem to be the case as their bodies molded together.

"What now...?" asked the singer, sucking his bottom lip, and for the first time the emcee realised Chester must be new to man-on-man action.

"How about this...?" Mike suggested with a coy grin, an amused and possessive look passing through his eyes as he took a hold of Chester's shaft, giving it a firm squeeze and watching the other man's face scrunch up in pleasure. Wide, hazy eyes stared down at him.

With the liquid heat pouring in from his body and settling in his groin, he gave the older man a couple of slow, taunting strokes and watched him flinch as his hips stuttered at the skilled touch. Mike didn't doubt that Chester was trembling at the understanding of the difference between a female hand and a male one. After all, a man knew best what a man liked.

"Mi...Mikey...!" he moaned, hips bucking forwards as the emcee rubbed the pad of his thumb against the dripping tip, catching the pre cum on it before he brought his hand to his face as he sucked his thumb clean. The groan it earned made Mike chuckle darkly.

"Get down here" he cooed, his hand leaving Chester's cock as he hooked his long legs over the backs of strong pale thighs, Mike's hands on narrow hips as he urged the older singer downwards until their hips were aligned and pressing closely together.

Nothing really compared to the feel of another rock hard shaft against his own, Mike had to admit. Chester seemed surprised and shocked by the sensations as the emcee ground his lower body into his, and Mike moaned as he allowed his head to drop back into the pillows, teeth bared. Another buck of his hips and the older man began to move with him, dark hair once again, clutched in a vice as Chester's strong hands held into them when he would thrust his hips.

The emcee kept his hands down low- but allowed them to move to the older man's ass, long fingers spreading the cheeks only enough to allow the tip of one index finger to trace the small pucker. It fluttered at each touch, Chester grunting above him and his over grown, dark hair falling across his forehead.

And my what a sight that was. Mike forced his heavy lidded eyes to remain open, even as his dick pulsed and twitched at the frequent stimulation, watching through narrowed orbs how Chester's bottom lip quivered uncontrollably. How his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes squeezed shut. How his nose wrinkled. How his mouth formed silent words- but did not make a sound.

Tightening his legs, the emcee helped his companion speeding up, thrusting hard up against the needy body above him. Burying his face at the side of the older male's neck, the smells became his undoing. With the scent of male musk filling his nostrils, he came silently, warm wet seed soiling their bellies. Two more stuttering, jerking grinds and Chester followed him.

Mike gasped, opening his dark eyes to stare up at the pale white ceiling above them as he traced his fingers down a damp, tab back. Drawing circles with his fingertips as the other man rode out the last aftershocks of his orgasm. A wet kiss pressed to his shoulder made him shiver, body sated and feeling heavy. His legs slowly unwound themselves to drop to his sides, the sticky mess glueing their chests together. Chester was lucky he didn't have any chest hair to wash cum out of, Mike thought to himself half in amusement.

Mike gave the older man a small nudge which was meant as a hint to roll over- but instead Chester picked his head up, giving a concerned and slightly worried look. Mike couldn't help- but affectionately roll his eyes and give a small smile. The relief washing over the singer's face could only mean one thing.

"I really do like you Mikey" Chester murmured softly against the hazy high he was coming down from, the words simply took Mike by surprise as all he could do was just lie there, clutching Chester close to his body as he realised Chester also liked him as well. Pulling the smaller man closer, smelling the twinge of alcohol between the singer's lips, he pressed a tender kiss to them. Wordlessly, he would tell Chester just how much he actually means to him as they both kissed softly, with sleep falling between their heavy-lidded eyes. With Mike clutching the singer close to him as they laid side by side that night, their hearts were beating together as one.



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