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Creep by Alerion

First Day Out

MY FIRST STORY! This is almost a direct rip of a story I did a few years ago when I was writing Michael Jackson fanfiction (don't judge I was 17 lol). I changed the characters and I will be switching the events in the story around but the plot is the same. So updates should be quick. Excuse my teenage writing skills and I hope you enjoy!



I still remember that first day. I was 17 years old, walking home with my friends Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson. We were seniors at Benito Juarez Community High School in Los Angeles, California.

“Did Anna invite you over this weekend for that party? Shit’s supposed to be lit!” Rob said, while smacking on some gummy bears.

I rolled my eyes. As if Anna Hillinger would ever invite me over her house.

“No” I shook my head and continued somberly. “I wasn’t invited.”

I don’t think Rob heard me. I had continued to walk for a moment before I realized that both Rob and Brad had stopped short.

I spun around to face them. “What?”

Brad rolled his eyes and shook his head, disgust covering his face. “Ugh, that freak. We gotta walk past his house.”

Rob had a matching look of disdain and I started to become worried.

“What freak?” I asked.

I was new to the neighborhood and I hadn’t met too many of my neighbors. Only having lived in LA for a just over a year, I had heard talk around school about some “creep” but had yet to meet or see them.

“That Chester kid.” Brad mumbled as he started walking again. “He just transferred to our school.”

I looked over at Rob, who was still looking disgusted and unsure, before shrugging and continuing our walk home.

When we turned on to the street Brad and I both lived on, Brad suddenly picked up the pace.

There was a very large house, the largest on the block and it was hard to miss. It was very nicely taken care of, with a beautiful garden out front. But I had never seen anyone coming in or out of it. Until now.

There was a boy I had never seen before, obviously around my age, sitting on the front porch. He had pale skin that stood in contrast to the black T-shirt and dark jeans he was wearing, he was very thin, and had long wild brown hair, about to his shoulders. His eyes were closed and he had earphones in, presumably listening to music.

I assumed it was “that Chester kid” by the way both Brad and Rob were trying to hustle in front of me.

“Hi!” I said and grinned.

Dark eyes opened and settled on me. “Hey.” Chester said, smiling widely.

“Shinoda!” Brad hissed, almost like a whisper. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Just trying to be nice, Bradford, goddamn.” I said, rolling my eyes.

Rob and Brad looked at each other and simultaneously grabbed me by the sides, basically dragging me the rest of the way home.

Rob and I were staying at Brad’s for the night and when we got up to Brad’s room, he pounced.


I feigned ignorance. “Whatever do you mean?”

“You, talking to that freak!” Rob chimed in.

“Oh, Chester? I don’t think he’s a freak. He looks kinda sweet.”

Rob started to fake gag while Brad just laughed, throwing his pillow at my head.

That following Monday, Brad missed school. “Food poisoning.” He claimed. “Got diarrhea out the ass. Most literally.”

So there I was. I didn’t have too many classes with Rob, and I didn’t fuck with the other kids so much, so I just did my own thing.

On my way home, it was drizzling. I walked home, just five blocks away, slowly. I loved rain.

When I turned only my street, I slowed my pace to almost a complete stop.

Chester was outside, but instead of being behind his gate, he was standing on the sidewalk. His hair was damp and kind of clung to his face.

His big brown eyes seemed to stare solemnly across the street, but he turned in my direction as he heard me cautiously approaching.

“Hi.” I said, quietly and with a slight smile.

“Hey.” He said, smiling back.

Not stopped to chat, I continued my short distance home, which happened to be located directly next to his.

As I was walking though, I had that uncomfortable feeling of having a hole stared into you.

Just then, Brad’s voice echoed in my head. “Freak…”

Then I laughed at myself.

‘Damn, Mike. Letting Brad’s dramatic ass get to you. And Rob will go along with anything.’ I thought shaking my head. ‘That boy is harmless. His ass might be a little strange, but he’s harmless. Nothing to worry about.’

All was quiet when I stepped though the front door.

“Ma?” I said. Silence.

I was home alone.

I walked upstairs and set my book bag down on the floor.

I got the strange urge to look out the window.

I looked out at the whole neighborhood. I could see Brad’s house. His light was on. I started to call him but I didn’t want to disturb him, if he really WAS sick, that is.

I looked at Chester’s house. He was still standing on the sidewalk and had a smile on his face.

But as I looked at him, I could have SWORN he was looking right back.

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