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of mike and brad by tfybike


"It feels like you should be having a smoke or something right now." Mike giggled, feeling the answering chuckle that vibrated through the slender rib cage beneath him.

"In bed? I don't think so Shinoda. Even if I did smoke, this isn't the 60's."

The two men lay blissfully, their waists wrapped in sheet as the late morning sun slanted through the window across the room.

"D'you know something?" Mike didn't look up, his cheek pressed to Brad's chest as he absentmindedly stroked at the soft hairs there.


"Chester was the only one I told about my feelings for you."

Brad's eyebrow lifted at the mention of their beloved friend. "Did you?" He sighed deeply and brought his hand up to the raven hair, stroking across it gently.

"Uh huh." Mike's voice was warm as he continued, "He always thought I should talk to you about it, let you know."

"That was good advice..."

"It was. You know he had this shit-eating grin when I first told him, he was so excited. He couldn't stop saying how he'd always known."

Brad's smile was pained, bittersweet. "Our Ches..." He whispered.

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