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Keys to the Kingdom by A.N.

The Slave

Author's Notes: This popped into my head the other day and I just started writing it. I have a big idea for the plot of this one, and I'm looking forward to sharing all of it with you guys. As always, your lovely reviews and thoughts are greatly appreciated :D


He was a tall man, four inches beyond six feet. He had broad shoulders, thick biceps and thighs, plus rock-solid calves. His dark eyes were somewhat sheltered by his dark brown locks. They fell over his face as he walked, and given the position he was in, he couldn't reach up and sweep them from his face.

As he walked, he thought about the type of day he was having. Before they made him start this journey, he had put up a good fight, and had been knocked over the head hard enough to lose consciousness. He had been out cold for lord knows how long, and when he came to, they decided to make him walk. They felt he deserved it for the way he behaved. To avoid upsetting them, he didn't dare look at their faces, and stared only at the ground.

They were afraid of him. They tried everything to keep him weak, from denying him meals to staging regular group beatings, not to mention never removing the shackles from his ankles. Today they had taken it a couple steps farther. His wrists were also shackled, and chained to his ankles, so he couldn't lift his hands more than a few inches. There was also a shackle around his neck, attached to a chain that someone behind him would jerk backward any time he walked too fast. He didn't dare look behind him to see who this person was, but he swore that someday, he would find that man, and rip apart his face.

His masters didn't know this, but he was always stealing food for himself during the night. He'd sneak away from his bed, which was nothing more than straw on a cold floor, and creep into the nearest kitchen to grab anything he could get. There had been times when he had grabbed raw meat by accident, and had to hide being sick from it as best as he could. So far, they hadn't caught on, but he knew that sooner or later, they would.

One of the masters in particular had been watching him more than usual. They always watched him, and he had gotten used to it, but this wasn't typical. Master Jerah would stare at him, like he was examining his body, and then would comment on his features to the others. He could tell that the other slaves knew what was going on, but they couldn't tell him. No one was allowed to talk to him, since the masters feared that he would get ideas in their head to run away or misbehave. The one time someone did try to tell him something, she was violently beaten to within an inch of her life. She was never the same after that. And everyone learned to never talk to the tall slave.

Despite how much of a trouble maker he was, a slave with his build and features was highly desired. As soon as he had hit puberty, which for him was age eleven, they had begun breeding him with other slaves. Their method of breeding was to lock him and another girl in a small outhouse, and exclaimed they couldn't come out until he had fucked the girl and come inside her. He usually was good at convincing the girls to go along with it to avoid being beaten, but it didn't always work. It was hard for him to sleep at night knowing that he had forced these girls into being fucked by him just to keep them from being beaten, sold or killed.

He had come to hate this dirt road they were walking on. It was the middle of the day, and the hot sun was beaming down on them. He was covered in sweat, and since he hadn't had a bath in over a week, he knew he smelled absolutely terrible. The slave drivers were sweating profusely also, and didn't smell any better. Their basic clothes looked even more basic as the sweat sweeped through them. Their horses didn't seem to be having a better time. For a moment, he felt like they were on even ground.

Around them were very few trees, so he knew there wouldn't be any forest for him to hide in if he somehow got away. Instead it was open fields as far as he could see.

The person behind him holding the chain shouted aggressively, "What are you looking at?" before yanking it so hard that his slave nearly choked. The man stumbled but quickly righted himself, in an attempt to avoid being yelled at more or hit again. He tried to walk forward, but the person holding the chain pulled it back hard enough to fling him onto his back. He coughed roughly, as his leash holder loomed over him.

This person wasn't a person at all. He was a giant. Well over eight feet tall, thick with muscle, and dressed in leather armor. His peach colored hair fell down around his face as he crouched, and then the human had full view of his face. All of his features were big and overly masculine, plus covered with the occasional scar. Suddenly the human wasn't the biggest person anymore.

"You're first." The human said in confidence. The giant grinned, then stood back up. He used the chain to lift the smaller man to his feet, then shoved his back to make him continue walking.

It made sense. He had been such a bother that the only being they believed could hold him at bay, was a giant. They knew he'd think twice about running from a giant, let alone making one angry.

Eventually the dirt road turned into cobblestone. For a brief instant he looked up, and saw an massive city before him. The buildings and towers were shiny and decorated with colors of blue, orange, red and violet. He could hear the sounds of the inhabitants. They talked, laughed, sang and played music. He wanted to be one of them.

The giant saw that he was looking around him as they entered the city. Fearing he would try to take off, the giant tossed him onto the ground. He grunted in anger, but his reaction was cut short when a fist slammed into the side of his face, and everything went dark.


The giant set the human on the hard tile floor. One of the slave drivers opened his canteen and poured a small amount of water on their slave's face. The man squirmed and gasped as the water hit him, and tried to shake it off him. His head was pounding, and the sun glare in wherever he was wasn't helping.

He groaned and slowly rolled onto his stomach. He realized he was moving a lot, and stayed motionless for a moment out of fear. When nothing happened, he looked to his left then to his right. The walls were made of a sea green stone, along with the floor's tiles. Each column was the same shade and had the same make, along with bright gold trim. Etched into the columns were depictions of creatures that looked like serpents surrounded by vines and other plants.

The throne room was massive, and felt more like a place where they could have balls and festivals, rather than just a place for the King to sit. From the palace entrance to the throne, was a blue and gold carpet.

The slave looked up when he heard a young man around his age speak. "You stand before King Kenji Shinoda, holder of the Sun Sceptre, ruler of Arlan and the Eastern Isles." The man said. He was Asian in appearance, with an oval shaped face, high cheek bones and his dark hair pulled back in a small ponytail. His eyelids had no creases, and seemed introspective. His body wasn't too thin or too thick, and his muscularity made the slave nervous.

"Who are you?" The King asked. He was sat upon a massive throne, made of gold. The throne's back was fan shaped, and the armrests resembled coiled up snakes.

"We have come from Noltan, to bring you this man." One of the slave drivers said. The slave recognized his voice. He was one of the men who liked to breed him. He'd be the next to go, after the giant.

"Why have you brought him? Is he a prisoner?" King Kenji asked.

"This slave is a good worker but he's given us more trouble than we can handle. We thought you might get more use out of him." A different the slave driver said.

"We don't engage in the slave trade in this country." The old man stroked his thick, gray beard. "I'm afraid we won't be able to do business."

"Your majesty, we have travelled miles with this man to bring him to you. Surely you can give us something for our trouble."

The slave stared up at the old King with pleading eyes. The King had a soft and gentle gaze, and he hoped that he would reach the old fellow's heart and persuade him to purchase him. "I swore to my people that we would never buy and sell each other. If we do business, then I will go back on my word and that sends the wrong message to my country. Take your leave of my palace, your slave included." His voice boomed throughout the throne room, and the slave's heart sank.

"Please your majesty, you aren't willing to-"

"Enough!" The King boomed, while pounding the blunt end of his sceptre onto the floor. The sound carried through the throne room, and exploded in the slave's chest. "Take your leave of my palace and do not return."

The giant lifted the chain, and started to pull the slave up from the floor. "I'm not going back!" He screamed, and thrashed around wildly. The giant continued to lift him until he was hanging in mid-air by the shackle around his neck. The massive being held the human close to his face, grinned and said, "Don't worry, I won't carry you like this the whole way."

The group turned to leave, and as they did, the giant dropped the slave to the floor, and dragged him along the tile.

"Your majesty, maybe we should buy him." Joseph whispered to his King.

"I understand your sentiment, but it is out of the question." King Shinoda whispered back.

"Please." The slave strained to say as the shackle was making it hard for him to breathe.

Blue static erupted in the far left side of the throne room. The static bolts grew larger, and caught the attention of the slave drivers. They cracked and popped loudly, making everyone flinch, except for the King and his advisor. They stopped, and watched as the air warped, until a man in blue and gold robes emerged. He had another man in tow, and tossed him onto the floor. He quickly waved his hand behind him, so that the static bursts would disappear.

The slightly younger of the two men stood. He was dressed in a brown leather jacket, and cream colored pants. His boots were a dark brown, and suited for combat. His face resembled the King, with his soft eyes and square jaw. He stood up quickly and said, "You didn't have to throw me on the floor." He snapped, getting in the face of the other man.

"You're welcome Jay! I could have just left you there!" The man in the gold and blue robes snapped back.

The King covered his face with his hand and sunk into his throne. "Boys..." He boomed in frustration. This caught his sons' attention. "We have guests." King Kenji said, gesturing toward the slave drivers. The older of the two lifted his hood from his face. The slave saw his dark brown eyes widen at the visual before him. His jet black hair was messy, and falling over his forehead. Unlike his brother, he had a longer face, and his features were cuter looking instead of masculine. On each of his cheeks were a pair of tattoos of white symbols, obviously part of a language the slave couldn't read.

Blue static erupted around the robed man. In flash he was standing beside the chain that the giant was holding. He stared up at the massive being without any fear or anxiety, and instead only anger. "Mike, don't." Jay warned.

Instead of listening to his younger brother, he took hold of the chain, and made it and the shackles crumble to dust. The slave was afraid to move. For the first time since he had been enslaved, he did not have cold metal keeping him confined. He didn't know what to do.

The giant was startled at first, but then sneered as if he was going to attack. The robed man showed no reaction other than to step backward and help lift to the slave to his feet. "I'm taking this man." He said confidently.

"No you're not." The giant growled. The other slave drivers behaved as though they wanted to put up a fight.

"I wasn't asking." The magician said.

"Mike, that's stealing." Jay tried to scold him. He disliked slavery just as much as anyone else, but he wasn't about to fight a giant and several men with unknown capabilities in their throne room for a single man.

"The young man is right. Where we come from, stealing is punishable with death." The giant said.

"Michael, I understand how you feel, but let him go." The King said firmly.

"No." Michael said.

"I will not have violence in my throne room, or anywhere else in our palace!" King Kenji growled.

"Please! Please! I will do anything if you buy me! I will clean, cook, work the fields, hell I'll even fight in your army if you buy me! I won't make any trouble! Please, please don't make me go back with them!" The slave shouted.

Michael gently took hold of the slave's bicep, and pat his shoulder with his other hand. "Calm down. Everything will be all right." He said. He pulled a small bag of gold from inside his robe, and tossed it at the giant's chest. "Now get out." He said as the giant reached down and picked up the bag.

Feeling utterly defeated, the slave drivers and the giant turned and went to the massive palace doors. The guards opened them, and the hostile men left angrily. As the doors closed with an impressive thud, each Prince breathed a sigh of relief.

Michael turned to face his father, who was looking at him with a mixture of disapproval and admiration. "Thank you! Thank you!" The slave shouted as tears started to roll from his eyes.

"Hey, you don't have to cry, it's okay." Jason said as he walked up to the man they had just bought. "We'll take care of you." He said gently.

"What's your name?" Michael asked. The slave appeared afraid to answer. "It's all right, you can tell us." He said sweetly.

"Robert." His voice was quiet. In all the years that he had been trying to escape, he had always been bold and confident. Now he was too exhausted to be that way.

"Okay, Robert, let's get you cleaned up." Michael said. They started to walk with him toward the stairs on the other side of the throne room.

"Before you go anywhere, I have something to say to you." King Kenji said. His sons stopped in their tracks. The King stood, and adjusted his bright white robes as he did. "What you did was noble, but not very smart. Those men will not forget. Arlanians will come to know that we bought that man, when we swore we never would trade humans. That man, and everything he does, is your responsibility."

"I understand." Michael said. "Come Robert, your new life starts today." The Prince said enthusiastically, while patting his back. The two men walked their new acquaintance up the stairs, and for the first time in a long time, he felt safe.

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