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Confusing what is real by MissOriginal


I’m new to this so, first of all I want to say that this is my first attempt at writing a LP fanfiction and also my first attempt at writing in English, since it’s not my first language. I’ve been reading a lot of amazing stories here for some months now and I’m not really sure if I’m ready to post my writing, but this story has been on my mind for a little while and it’s getting on my nerves so I thought I may as well post it and let you guys decide if I should continue or not. I started writing this before the release of Mike’s EP, and that caught me off guard since the story that I’m writing is set after what happened in July. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but as I said, I needed to put this out of my system. You guys let me know if I should go on with this or not, any feedback is much appreciated.



It’s been a little over six months since all hell broke loose. Maybe it sounds a little dramatic, but that’s how it felt to Mike.

Since then he’s been trying to find a way to put things back into perspective. But in what perspective? He asks himself.

He knows exactly what the situation is and that nothing he does now is going to change it. He knows that the only thing he can do at the present moment is to accept the reality of it all.

So, he tries to do this the only way he knows how, which is, getting to work.

The guys had already left, either of them to their respective homes but Mike stayed in the studio because he didn’t feel like the song that they’ve been working on the entire day was ready yet.

They are still working on that song that he played at the concert in honor of him. These days it seems like nothing goes the way Mike envisions them to go. The melody is off, the lyrics don’t sound genuine, his voice doesn’t come out the way he wants. It’s all wrong.

He gets up frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. The weight of all the last months heavy on his body. He lets himself fall on the couch of his home studio lying down and staring at the ceiling.

He’s so tired.

He shuts his eyes trying to block the lights and maybe rest for a little while but not even five minutes have passed and he hears a loud thud just outside of the door of his studio.

He opens his eyes, a scared look on his face. Who could it be at this hour? He thinks, while picking up his phone from the floor beside him. It reads 12:10 AM.

He knows that the guys have their keys for emergency situations, but they have never used them without warning Mike first. Rob, Dave, Joe and even Brad would call him before coming in. The only person who wouldn’t do that is no longer here.

Mike gets up from the couch and makes his way out of the studio and into the hallway. He doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary there so he decides to walk further into his house to see if he can find the source of the noise.

But as soon as he takes a step further he sees something move out of the corner of his eye. He turns around quickly only on time to see a shadow going into the studio and the sound of the door slamming shut follows right after.

A shiver goes down Mike’s spine and if he wasn’t scared before, there’s no denying this now. He doesn’t know what to do, whether he should call the police or go in there by himself.

Anna is out of town visiting family and she took the kids with her. He’s glad for that, at least they’re safe.

But he’s here and he needs to make a decision right now. Taking a deep breath as he clench and unclench his fists, he walks slowly toward the studio.

He grabs the door knob and after gathering his courage and taking another deep breath he opens the door and walks in without any more hesitation.

The room is dark but he doesn’t remember turning the lights off. Now the only light source is coming from his laptop screen.

As soon as Mike walks in he regrets his decision as he realizes he just went in there empty-handed and there is definitely someone sitting in his home studio couch.

Trying to find something that he can use as a weapon, Mike grabs the first thing that is close to him and it turns out to be a microphone. He doesn’t remember leaving it there but, oh well, Mike doesn’t remember a lot of things these days.

Still thinking about the microphone in his hand and how stupid he feels trying to use it as a means to hurt someone, the emcee gets thrown back into reality when the lights come back on.

Mike’s body is suddenly frozen in place as he stares at the person sitting in the couch in front of him. He gasps trying to find his voice and opens and closes his eyes a few times as if doing that would make this moment disappear.

But it doesn’t. And Mike just stands there, microphone clutched in his right hand, open-mouthed and trying to make his mind work.

Because he is there. He is there. A mischievous look on his face and his trademark grin as he says – Hi, Mike! – And now he’s standing and looking at Mike as if waiting for him to say something.

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