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Starting to Fly by Stefuh

Chapter 1

So ... another roommates fic ... I know, I'm sorry, I guess I love them a lot or something, ahah. I'm sorry if this is a bit messy as I don't know anything about Art, Psychology or the American School System. This fic is almost complete, I only have the epilogue left to write. I hope you'll enjoy it. The title is from a Grey Daze song.


Chapter One

Mike sighed as he placed the book back into the shelf. He couldn't believe Joe had left the campus just like that after they had promised that they would spend the rest of their University years studying together and throwing game parties in their room – they had talked it so much over the summer before they had began their first year. They had been lucky enough to have them granted permission to shared the same room and yet – Joe had still left suddenly, deciding that University wasn't for him after all. Mike could understand that, but still, everything he had planned in his head had just disappeared right before his eyes, now he couldn't think how this was supposed to be the best years of his life.

At that precise moment, Mike was absolutely sure it was going to be absolute hell.

First of all, he was going to have a new roommate which he was sure wasn't going to be as studious as him. Sure, he didn't mind parties here and there but he didn't want to spend all his time partying when he needed to get good grades. Studying Art History had been one of his passion for a long time, he had decided to get a degree in it at University before maybe continuing to Art School. He knew that his art wasn't that great yet and he figured that studying in depth the different styles wouldn't do him wrong. Plus, he had earned a scholarship after graduating high school, so it wasn't like he was wasting his money nor his time.

“Mike, you can go now.”


He was brought back to Earth by Heidi who was standing behind him, smiling. “Your shift is over.”

“Oh, right. See you tomorrow.” He smiled politely at her before making his way out of the library.

He had began working there only a week ago, taking only small shifts so he could still earn a bit of money on the side. It wasn't much, but it helped pay the high dosage of coffee he needed to put into his system to study everyday. He pushed the door leading to the campus before walking swiftly toward his dorm. The building wasn't far from the library, which was a big advantaged for him.

When he finally opened his door, he let out a sigh when realizing that Joe had come to collect all his belongings. The fact that one side of the room looked empty only made Mike's heart ache. He slowly walked to his desk before sitting on the chair and dropping his bag next to it and looking at the sketch he was currently working on.

He had tried to do more details backgrounds these days and no matter how he tried to work at it, he never seemed to be able to make it as detailed as he wanted. He felt like a failure every time he tried to draw something new, haven't been able yet to learn from the fact that no matter how clear the picture was in his head, it would never been as perfect once on paper.

A knock came at the door before it opened and Mike had only time to turned before his eyes widened.

No, this couldn't be.

“Hey, you must be Mike.” The young man dropped his bags on the other side of the room before making his way to the half Asian, extending a hand. “Chester.”

Mike only looked at the hand before looking back at the young man's face. Swallowing hard, he extended a hand and shook the other's.

“Yeah, I know who you are.”

“Oh, really?”

Of course. Chester Bennington, everyone knew about him. He was one of the most popular guy on the campus.

He liked to slept around and he had a hell of a reputation because of it. He was also one of the sexiest guy on campus – or that's what Mike had heard. He didn't think the other man had anything special about him.

Mike couldn't say he hated him, but he would have much prefer having someone more quiet as a roommate. He could already picture Chester bringing someone every night which would result in Mike spending even more time at the library and in the small Art Studio. He bit his lip from refraining to commenting when Chester leaned over the drawing that was displayed on his desk.

“Wow, did you drew that?”

“Yeah, it's not finished yet.” Mike said before hiding it in his drawer where his other sketches where.

“It looked really good.”

Mike only shrugged and Chester sat on this bed before looking at the room. “Wow, it's much bigger than my last room. I got kicked out because the girl said I was too, and I quote, 'joyful'.” Chester snorted. “How it that a bad thing, really.” He got silent for a while as he took his suitcase and began to unpacked.

“So, tell me, Mike, you're an Art student?”

“I study Art History.”

“Ohh, I see. You're a smart one.”

“I guess.”

Chester smiled at him. “Cool, you'll be able to help me study if I ever need it.”

“What are you studying?”


Mike lifted an eyebrow, he would have never guess Chester was the type to want to study in such a domain.

“I find it really interesting, the fact that people can be so different by their way of thinking and that it can all lead to the fact that we observed life differently. That's why I like brain studying.”

Mike nodded. “I guess that makes sense.”

Maybe he had been wrong about Chester … or he was really full of himself.

“Anyway, I have a big test tomorrow-” the half Asian began to say and Chester got up from the bed.

“Sure, I was heading out anyway, don't worry about it, you'll have all the peace you need. See ya later, Mike.”

He waved goodbye and closed the door behind him, leaving Mike staring at the bed of his new roommate.

Maybe he should give him a chance before judging him. He quickly turned to his desk before reaching from his bag and taking out one of his notebook.

One thing was sure, this would definitely be interesting.


It had only been a week and so far, Mike had nothing to complain about, except maybe that Chester liked to talk a bit too much. He was beginning to understand why his last roommate had kicked him out, but he could always ignore him. Mike was great at drowning out the sound of what was happening around him, he had only to pretend that Chester was the tv his parents had left open when he had study when he still lived with them, and he could concentrate enough to spend some quality time with his books.

It didn't seem to bug off Chester so much that he wasn't always listening to him and Mike figured that he must have been used of people not always listening to what he had to say. It's true that he found it a bit sad that he was ignoring him but at the same time, Chester only had to shut up once in a while and he wouldn't mind that much hearing him speak about how he'd die to be able to take Genes and Behavior with the new professor who was teaching it (even if he hadn't reached that course yet but he really couldn't wait) and also, the fact that he really wish he could have a guy named Jonathan in his bed this week.

He had gotten back from a study session he had with Brad, they had decided to speedily go through what would be on the exam and Mike had gotten back to his room before he had to go to class. He had opened the door before freezing upon seeing Chester naked in his bed with a woman riding him. He had quickly closed the door back but it wasn't before he shared a look with the young man who had looked startled when he had noticed Mike was in the room.

The young man had gotten back after spending his evening working at the library. The longer he could avoid Chester today, the better it would be, and he almost wined when he learned his shift was over and he had nothing to do but go back to his dorm.

Chester was sitting at his desk and as soon as Mike came in the room, Chester got up from his chair, already looking apologetic.

“Shit, look, Mike, I'm really sorry, I really thought you were in class and would be gone for a while.”

The half Asian only shook his head before going to his closet. “Whatever. Next time put a sock on the damn door or something.”

Chester bit his lower lip and nodded. “It won't happen again, I swear.”

“Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna go take a shower.”

And without waiting for an answer, Mike had left the room.


“I know we started on the wrong foot so I was wondering if you wanted to do something fun this weekend.”

Mike cocked an eyebrow, he had tried so hard to complete some sketches this week that he was behind on his studies and a weekend away with Chester seemed like a bad idea right now.

“Maybe some other time-”

“Pleaaase, Mike? I want to prove to you that I'm not an asshole.”

“I have too much to do-”

“Only a day, then?”

Mike sighed. “Alright, one day.”

“Thanks, you'll see, it will be awesome. We have to have some fun while we still can, we won't be young forever, you know. And after University, it's going to be work, work and more work, and maybe kids, so-”

Mike hated to admit that Chester kind of had a point. “I already said yes, you don't need to convinced me or something.”

Chester smiled at him. “It's a date then.”

“No, it's not.” he replied, flatly.

The blonde man rolled his eyes. “Cheer up, Mike, for Christ's sake, I'm kidding. If it was really a date, I wouldn't have to drag you there, oh, and I'd make it more romantic.”

Mike decided to ignore him and continued his sketch. One day couldn't be that bad, right?

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