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Under a Sky of Dust by Stefuh

Prologue : Wasteland

A/N : Alright, new story... story that I hate, but, since I worked on it for three months, I guess I still want to put it here. I'm going to try to update once or twice a week since my priority is Starting to Fly. Also, this story is supposed to be sci-fi, but it's filled with Bennoda love/drama.


It had been almost five years since the Catalyst had happened. It seemed longer than that, Chester thought, as he looked at the starless sky that had darkened for the night. Electricity was out for most of the countries in the world but some lucky people still hang on to it. Others made due and had found alternative to it. The Catalyst had been both caused by a natural disaster and some rich people thinking they had the right to mess with the universe. The real reason hadn't been made public, but everyone still knew that the president of what used to be the United States had been the one in control over the devastating economic fail. He was still rich of course, and the only thing that had really evolved since that time was the technology his people developed. Most of the unlucky ones managed with the scrapes they could find, some technologies were redistributed at a higher cost and some other were just miraculously found by the right people. Some foods that used to be so common was now rare for those who were poor. Chester would kill for a cup of coffee. It felt so wrong that the world was still evolving while it looked like it had come to a stand still. Some places looked more underdeveloped than others but what matter the most (well, to Chester anyway) was the community you could find there. People had adapted since the Catalyst and one of the most talked about place was the Wasteland.

The young man tightened his coat around him as he felt the wind blew violently outside, it wasn't cold but it still sent shivers down his spine. He remembered the comfort of his own home when he was younger... but that seemed like a lifetime ago and now he could only associate his house with one word : cold. It hadn't felt like home since the incident.

He sighed and looked back behind him at the young man sleeping in the bed, unbeknownst to him that he was being watched while he slept. His small naked frame could be seeing rising and falling under the covers as he was breathing peacefully in his sleep. Chester was sure the other man wouldn't even recalled his name in the morning and it was fine by him. As Chester moved around the bed, collecting his clothes and his bag, he couldn't help but think about his destination : The Wasteland. It was the only place where he could maybe found something resembling a home. Sure, he had met a lot of people during his travel so far, but they were all temporary, they were as cold as him and he couldn't think about staying with any of them. He could only hope that he would find what he was looking for there. He was so scared that he had been fleeing all this time only to end up right where he began. He thought about his parents and a shudder ran through his back as the memories flooded his head. No, he couldn't go back, he wouldn't go back. There had to be a place where he wouldn't be scared, where he could still escape what had happened without feeling the guilt and the shame crushed him. One day, he would have to accept what he had done, but now … all he wanted to do was find a place he could call home, even if that term was now foreign for him. He looked around for Trent before smiling upon seeing the small fennec fox jumped on his back. He ran a hand on the head of the animal and Trent made a sound of satisfaction. “Get in my backpack or you'll be blown away by the sand.” he whispered. Of course, he didn't listen so Chester sighed and positioned his backpack on the front of his coat before putting the animal in it, making sure that he was comfortable enough, closing only a small portion of the bag so the animal could still breathe. As he placed his hat tightly on his head and secure his goggles on his eyes, he opened the door to the outside world. He had still a long way to complete his journey but he could only hope that the destination would be worth it.

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