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Overpowered by A.N.

Mike's skin shivered and his hairs stood on end in anticipation of what would come next.

He was lying on his back, against the white, soft pillows and with a creamy silk sheet draped over his waist. He knew that at any moment, Rob would come back into the room, and capture his entire being. He'd have no escape, he'd be mercilessly overpowered and oh, how he loved the thought of that. Just the idea alone was enough to send heavy tingles down his spine.

In other aspects of his life, he loved to be in control. He didn't like it when people told him what to do, what not to do, or what to think about. He was always the leader, the voice, the inspiration and the one who made the final decisions. But here, now, with Rob entering the room quietly, he was completely submissive. Not the type who would give away a little but never too much. No, he would let that man do anything to him, and he didn't care what it was, how it felt or even how it hurt. Only Rob was allowed to make him feel this way.

Rob looked Mike over, and licked his lips. That caramel skin against the pearly bed-spread was a gorgeous contrast. His pretty boy looked calm, but he knew that on the inside, he was screaming to be fucked.

Rob had a couple of things in his hands, and Mike's heart skipped a beat when he saw them. In his right hand was a long piece of black fabric, and in his left hand was a wound up rope. He wanted to beg the drummer to hurry up and get started, but he knew better than to do that. In truth, taking their time and slowly building up to the best parts, was more than exciting for them. It was cathartic.

Rob walked to the edge of the bed. "Come here, pretty boy." He said seductively. His deep, smooth voice made Mike both powerful and powerless. He looked the drummer's body over from top to bottom, and breathed a heavy sigh. That man's muscular arms, his abs, his meaty thighs, they all looked so delicious. He wanted to nibble on each and every part of that man, over and over again until his hunger was satisfied.

Obeying Rob's command, Mike sat up, then moved on his hands and knees close to where his lover was. The drummer swooped in, and locked their lips together. He murmured loudly but softly, while climbing onto the bed and pushing himself into Mike's body. Soon the singer was shoved backward roughly, and Rob's weight alone held him down. The younger of the two let go of the items in his hands, so that he could wrap his powerful arms around Mike's back.

Mike spread his knees so Rob could grind against him. The drummer captured his right wrist and squeezed extra tight. Mike moaned sharply from the rough embrace. He pushed his waist up, wanting to have even more contact than before. Rob accepted that little move, and locked their lips together again. The singer's lips were so soft and moist, but also quivered each time they moved.

Rob lifted his head, and looked down at Mike with seductive eyes. "You want it so bad, don't you?" He asked.

Mike knew that if he said yes, they'd go down the rabbit hole and they'd never come out. It was almost eerie the way Rob's voice was like a charming flute that could dictate his every move. His primal curiosity at the sound of that fateful music would always get the better of him. The sea was boiling hot and he'd dip his feet in for a test, only to find himself pulled under and consumed until he had nothing left to give. Rob was the king of his heart, and their bed was Wonderland. "You know I do." Mike said with a smooth and sultry tone to his voice.

Rob smiled in an attractive way, and pressed their groins hard together. He was hard, but Mike was even harder. A tiny part of him wanted to submit for just a few seconds, to be the one that was overpowered and vulnerable. Maybe, someday he'd be all right with that concept. But tonight, he was going to make Mike feel good. He was going to dip him in a pool of insanity, keep him there and never let go.

Rob let go of Mike's wrist, which made the older man whimper lightly in disappointment. His skin was bright red with a near perfect mark of the drummer's hand. He sat up, but the singer didn't budge. Slowly, Rob ran a couple of his fingers along Mike's jaw, then to his lips. He made those plump lips separate, and watched them bounce back together as his fingertips carried over the chin. He had his own nice set of lips, but Mike's were better.

The younger of the two picked up the blindfold. He beckoned Mike to sit up and come closer. He did, and found himself immersed in another warm, passionate kiss. Mike's skin was so close to his, so ready for the taking. Rob released the kiss though, then whispered, "Close your eyes." Extra soft, the drummer draped the smooth fabric over his lover's eyes. Mike's breathing quickened and his heart pumped faster. Rob looped the ends of the fabric together, and the singer gulped so loud it echoed through the room. He pulled the blindfold tight, but still soft. It was truly making Mike nervous how gentle Rob was being, because he knew what was really coming. And he was right, because he pulled the second knot in the fabric so tight so quickly that it made Mike jump out of his skin.

Rob pushed Mike backward with both hands. The singer squirmed and pushed back, but he couldn't see what was coming. He tried to scoot away, but found his upper arms pinned down in Rob's strong grip. He pushed up, trying to put some force between them, anything that would make the drummer hold him tighter or push him around some more. See, the thing was, Mike didn't want to get away at all. Rob just loved it when his prized possession would fight back, even if it was pretend fighting.

Rob's kisses along his throat were rough and haphazardly placed. He licked occasionally in between those kisses, and the wetness made Mike's skin tickle. The cool night air hit those spots over time, and amplified the moist feeling. He trembled as Rob's mouth carried over to his right shoulder. He braced himself as the teeth clamped down, just for a few seconds, which forced a heavy, wild moan out of the singer's throat. His hard member twitched from that first bite, and the second one not only made him moan again, it made him arch his back.

Still keeping his hold on Mike's arms, Rob straddled his waist which ensured that his lover wouldn't be able to go anywhere. He reached over to his left and picked up the rope. He let one end of it brush against Mike's rib cage. The older man shivered and whimpered. "Oh, you can't wait to tie me up, can you?" Mike teased with a rough and challenging voice.

"I expect you won't make it easy for me." Rob said, his voice still smooth as ever. He liked it that way. The harder it would be, the rougher he could be. He let go of his lover's arms, then wrapped the rope behind the rungs of the headboard. Mike could hear this, and he reached up to try to snatch the rope away now that his arms were free. Rob slapped his arm, and Mike sucked in air through his teeth. His skin stung, and turned red from the strike.

Rob realized he had to be smart about this. He snatched Mike's right forearm, and held it against where he had put the rope. He attempted to wrap the rope around that wrist with his other hand, but Mike pushed at him and even clawed. He tried pulling his arm down, but the grip was too tight to get away. He continued pushing with his other arm, as the rope coiled around his wrist a couple of times. Rob kept the rope taut, so that his lover couldn't pull away or unravel the temporary restraint. After a few moments of more wrestling, Rob finally got hold of the other wrist, and wound the rope around it. He tied the ends tightly, as fast as he possibly could, and now Mike was trapped.

Rob picked himself up off of Mike's waist. Once, many eons ago when they had first started having sex, he'd ridden his pretty boy. Mike's cock was thick and it felt amazing, but it wasn't what he really wanted. When he had learned that Mike loved to be overpowered, they couldn't help going in that direction. But the direction he took at this very moment, was to place a soft trail of kisses straight down Mike's torso. This Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde attitude the drummer had developed tonight genuinely unnerved Mike. Rob was always unpredictable, but this jumping back and forth between soft and rough was new. He liked new. New meant that anything could happen.

Without any hesitation, Rob clutched Mike's cock in his hand and pumped hard, but slow. The singer's toes curled, and he pushed his body up, wanting more. Rob pushed down on his inner thigh to keep him still. Mike just pushed against him more, which forced Rob to use all of his strength to hold him down. He continued stroking the length, then made his thumb rub around the head and across the slit. A lot of pre-cum had built up, and it coated Rob's fingers. Mike moaned from the touch, and from the developing bruise on his inner thigh. He'd admire that one whenever he'd get his eyesight back.

Next, Rob roughly licked Mike's head. He did this again and again, before taking the head into his mouth and sucking hard. He pulled back completely, licked the salty pre-cum from his lips, and went down again. His soft lips massaged the length, up and down, making Mike wet and hot. Trails of sweat were building up along his temples and dripping down over the blindfold. He panted hard and moaned the deeper that the drummer went. "More." He said with a hot and breathy voice.

Mike pulled at his restraints and tensed up. He wanted it so bad, to get his release and fall so deep into that rabbit hole that he'd be stuck there forever. This world of their's where they did whatever they wanted, however they wanted was beyond addictive. This pleasure was great, but it was too gentle. He'd never come if Rob continued being this way.

Rob pulled his mouth away from Mike's member. He removed his hand too, which left Mike lying there all hot and bothered and untouched. The need to be pleasured and restrained only excited him more, and made him squirm. He knew that as the night went on, with the way he was dragging his wrists against the rope, that he'd have plenty of marks and scratches.

He could hear Rob fishing around in the nightstand for something. Before long he could hear the cap to the bottle of lube being opened. "Oh, I see, you're going to just fuck me really hard, huh?" Mike said, breaking the silence in the room.

He heard a thunk noise, and knew that Rob had set the bottle down hard on the nightstand. The drummer climbed onto his chest, straddling it, but not baring down all of his weight. "I was, but now I have a better idea." Rob said. He clutched Mike's hair and pulled his head back, while watching his face scrunch up behind the blindfold. "Open wide." He said, his voice demanding.

Mike did, and let Rob push his own hard member into his mouth as far as he could without choking him. The warm tongue and soft lips rubbed along the length as he rocked back and forth. He leaned on his free arm against the headboard, and panted as he watched his cock go in and out. Those plump lips were working so perfectly to excite him so much. "Yeah, that's it." Rob said, loving the feeling as he went a little deeper and pushed against the back of Mike's throat.

Mike did his best to concentrate on sucking, and using his tongue to please his man as much as he could. With how primal Rob was being, it wasn't exactly easy. He was squeezing the hair so tight, nearly pulling at it, and he could see the singer's brow tightening from pain. That thick, hard length going in and out of Mike's mouth, not allowing him to control how deep and how fast he sucked, made him moan. That moan sent wild vibrations up the drummer's length, and into his lower belly. He shivered pleasantly, while his body began to lose composure. He could feel himself getting close, so he pulled out, leaving Mike's mouth hanging open, his lips coated with saliva and pre-cum.

Rob went back to the lube, taking no time to rub a small amount of it around his length. He didn't like to dry fuck Mike, but he didn't like to use a lot of lube either. He lifted his lover up under the waist, and pushed into his opening without giving him a chance to adjust. Mike gasped and cried out, as the thick member slammed into him as far as it could go, stretching him and hitting his favorite spot.

"Oh god..." Mike cried out again as Rob started rocking against him, pounding in so rough and hard. He pulled against the rope even harder, feeling the pain as the fibers dug into his skin. "Oh fuck... I won't last..." He said with a high-pitched voice. Rob kept going, banging against him, loving the sight of Mike squirming around and moaning from the way it hurt.

Rob pounded into Mike so hard that his head was almost being shoved against the rungs of the headboard. The rope started to come loose as he continued pulling at it, begging the drummer to keep going and never stop.

Mike started to shake. His muscles tensed, and a heavy heat crawled through his abdomen and down his thighs. He couldn't make a single noise as the heat turned into lava that rushed through his veins and made his member throb hard. He tilted his head far back as his orgasm rolled through him, and his seed squirted against Rob's stomach. He could barely catch his breath as the fucking continued though, the drummer obviously unwilling to stop for even a second until he had his own release.

The sight of Mike so aroused and slick with sweat and his own come was enough for the drummer to see. He shivered and tensed up, thrusting one last time until that same heat vibrated through his lower abdomen. The rush was suddenly so intense, and the throbbing made him gasp and cry out Mike's name. His seed spilled deep inside his lover, painting him well and making them a part of each other again.

Rob had to take a moment to compose himself. He pulled out, then walked on his hands and knees to his lover's side. He gently removed the rope, and tossed it onto the floor as if it had no right to be there anymore. He pulled the blindfold away next, and stared down at his lover with a kind, romantic face. "Hi there." He said warmly.

Mike didn't move at first. He may have gotten his release but he still looked aroused and ready for action. Suddenly he was pulling Rob into a wild kiss, before rolling him on his back and moaning into his mouth. "I love you for what you do to me." He said, he voice breathy and intensely passionate.

"And I love you for letting me do it to you." Rob said, smiling warmly.


Notes: I dunno, I just wanted to write some saucy, rough Bournoda. I hope you guys like this cause I generally don't do slashy one-shots. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews :D

2/4/18: Wow, thank you for such awesome reviews!

@Stefuh, AaronShinoda: It's always the quiet ones, lol. Not that I think about it that often but, in real life Rob seems to have a very playful personality. I cannot visualize him as someone who'd be submissive at all. Open-minded, yes, but definitely dominant. His body language alone telegraphs that he's not the kind of guy who likes to be told what to do (and given his height and build, who'd have the balls to order him around, anyway)?

@MissDomho: You and your slash indeed! Your story, Bed made for three, is what got me in the mood to write this one-shot. It's been a long time since I've written a "Rob in charge" style story.

@littleblacksubmarines: I really appreciate those compliments :D I'm actually planning on doing more one-shots in the future, Bournoda and Delnoda, in between writing chapters for my larger stories. I look forward to reading what you think about those if you decide to read them ;)