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Finding the Truth by MissDomho


AN Hey all you lovely readers and writers?! How are we doing today? As I have already written 'The risk of Falling', with only Three chapters+epilogue left to go with it as all I have to do is edit the chapters. I started writing this story a few months ago, not really having any idea of what direction I wanted to go with. But I wanted to give this story a go. Finally after some brainstorming and loosely throwing ideas around in my head I think I have an idea of what I want to do with it! This story is a lot more serious then my other ones, in terms of self discovery and disciplinary procedures. It dabbles in a lot of serious topics such as homosexuality and religious beliefs. I hope you all could give this a chance, as it was a challenge for me to write this. I would love your feedback, please? :)

Warning Some good ol' Bennoda loving for good measure <3 this story might work fast in the first few chapters- but I had to for the storyline! :)


Finding the Truth


Mike was seen throwing back the shot of tequila and savoured the burning sensation that was trailing down his esophagus as it warmed his belly.

"We're going dancing!"

A tall, thin man with bouncy curls by the name of Brad Delson shouted closely in Mike's ear as he headed out to the dance floor dragging his boyfriend of the week behind him.

The half Asian smiled as he watched his best friend disappear into the crowd. He didn't mind being left alone, in fact he preferred it. He leaned back against the bar, gin and tonic in his hand now, as the young man gazed out onto the mass of glistening, half-naked bodies before him, all moving as one to the thump, thumping of the hypnotic sound of the music.

It was loud that it was almost quiet. Blending into the white noise of voices shouting until everything faded into the background. Mike took a deep breath: sweaty men, drenched in their own musk and pheromones. It smelled so good that Mike took a second breath, holding it in his lungs as if it were a sweet, sweet hit.

Friday night meant dancing and debauchery at whatever gay nightclub Brad fancied that week. The ironic thing was Mike didn't like to dance- but he did enjoy the view. And frankly, there was no better place to pick up a hot piece of ass before the night was over. All primed by the gyrating and dry humping on the glittering dance floor. The atmosphere buzzed with electricity and Mike soaked it all in.

The half Asian raised his glass to take a sip when he felt someone bumped into him, his drink spilling over the edge of it now as it was all over his hand.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

Mike scowled in annoyance, as he turned to the general direction where the stranger had hit him, to tell the dickhead to watch where the hell he was going. But he stopped midway, when he was met by big startled, dark eyes and an anxious, almost fearful expression. There was no way he could yell at this young guy, looking like a startled deer in headlights. So instead, Mike just glared down at him with a sneer.

"I'm so sorry. A-Are you okay?" Doey eyes, a nickname Mike had just thought of, that was almost too fitting for the perfect stranger, asked Mike.

"I'm fine. Just watch where you're going next time, yeah?"

Doey eyes swallowed nervously and Mike's eyes were simply drawn to the bobbing Adam's apple. He had a thing for ridiculously good looking men with sexy, long necks and despite his annoyance with Doey eyes, he had to admit the stranger had a fucking sexy and creamy neck.

"What can I get for you?" asked Ryan, the young bartender, startling both men now.

Doey eyes looked at the bartender as if he was speaking in a foreign language. It took him a minute to figure out what was going on and Mike took the opportunity to ogle the Adam's apple in profile. Yep, definitely sexy. Mike started conjuring up ways the stranger could make up for his clumsiness.

"Um, could I get some water?"

"What?" Ryan asked, tilting his head and leaning across the bar as if he didn't hear the order correctly the first time.

"Um..." Doey eyes hesitated and shot Mike a nervous look to his side. The half Asian raised an eyebrow, not sure what this guy expected him to do.

"Can I get some water?" Doey eyes asked, shouting over the music and at the bartender this time.

Ryan frowned. "Water? And?"

Doey eyes turned to Mike again with a wild, almost panicked look spreading along his young face.

Mike rolled his eyes, it was almost too painful to watch. "How about a shot of tequila, then a gin and tonic?" Mike suggested, giving Ryan his standard order.

The young bartender shared a puzzled look with Mike before turning away to fill the order.

"I don't drink tequila..." The young pale man explained, almost fretfully when he spoke.

"You will tonight." Mike smirked, looking him up and down, appreciatively as he licked his lips at the beautiful view in front of him. "Trust me, you gonna need it. You've got newbie written all over you."

Doey eyes looked down as if there was a sign on his chest that he'd forgotten to remove. Mike couldn't help- but chuckle and shake his head.

Ryan returned, setting their drinks on the bar in front of him. Doey eyes knew enough to hand over some cash- but all he did was stare at the glasses in front of him, as if they were about to jump off the bar and eat him alive.

"Take the shot first to give yourself a jump start."

Doey eyes picked up the first shot glass and gave Mike a wary look. He gave the clear liquid a sniff and frowned at the bitter smell.

"Smells gross." He said, cringing at the smell of the poison in the tiny glass that he held between his finger tips.

"Just do it." laughed Mike. "Don't think about it so much."

Doey eyes nodded with a small smile now. Taking a deep breath and raised the glass to his lips. Squeezing his large dark eyes shut before he tilted his head back as Mike watched the collar of his shirt strain against the angle of his neck. Then his Adam's apple bobbed again and Mike felt his cock begin to stir as his cheeks began to burn from the admirable sight before him.

Mike took a step closer to the new stranger, patting him on the back as he choked down his liquor. The disgusted look on his face was priceless and Mike smiled at the innocence pouring off the young man.

He normally didn't go for the hesitant and naive type- but there was something about the complete cluelessness of this guy that had Mike leaning in, until their bodies were brushing against each other.

"Don't drink much, do you?" Mike whispered in the stranger's ear. Satisfied with the shaky response he was now receiving from his perfect stranger.

Doey eyes shook his head, quickly, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. His lips were dark pink and swollen, as if he had been chewing on them in his state of anxiety. Definitely kissable Mike thought as his cock was taking notice too.

"So, what's your name?" asked Mike, half distracted by staring at Doey eye's lips.

"Fath- um... I mean, Chester." His voice was breathy, chest rising and falling just inches from Mike's.

Mike glanced into the man's eyes and saw the uncertainty and tinge of fear laced with a heavy dosing of lust. Maybe Chester wasn't his real name- but that really wasn't a problem in Mike's book. It wouldn't be the first time he'd had sex with a guy without knowing their real name.

"Well, 'I mean, Chester,' I'm Michael- but I go by the name Mike. It's very nice to meet you." Said Mike with a charming smile, which all Chester could do was just blush at Mike's witty introduction.

Mike closed the last inch of air in between them and felt the other man jump at the contact. Mike was certain that Chester would have taken a step back- but to his credit his eyes just dropped to Mike's mouth.

Mike took the opportunity to snake his tongue out of puckering, wet lips and swiped it across his full bottom lip, watching the effect it had on the innocent man within his grasp. Feeling the smaller man gasp up against him.

Mike leaned in, his lips just millimetres from Doey eyes. He could feel the other man trembling, his tequila tainted breath shaky as it fluttered over Mike's wet lips. But rather than reaching forward to taste the remnants of the liquor from Chester's mouth, Mike whispered. "Wanna get out of here?"

Maybe it was too forward, maybe it was too cheesy- but it broke the spell and Chester moved an inch backwards, breaking their sensual contact.

"Um- but, I just got here?"

Mike sighed. Too much, too fast, this one might need a lighter touch.

"You're right..." Mike admitted. "You haven't even finished your drink yet. Drink up"

On cue, he picked up the abandoned glass from the bar and handed it to Chester. Then he took a small step backwards to give the other man a little breathing room. Doey eyes gave him a shy smile, with dimples and all, as he took a sip of his drink that Mike had offered him.

Mike watched as Chester glanced around the space, taking in the mass of the glittering male bodies through his wide and expressive eyes.

"It's your first time here, right?" Mike said, resuming the small chitchat that they had before Mike had tried to make his move.

It was dark in the club- but Mike could have sworn that Chester blushed a bright scarlet. Mike found himself wishing he could see it more clearly.

"It is that obvious, huh?" Chester ducked his head shyly, and Mike smiled at how adorable he looked from his hesitant movement.

"Not gonna lie." Mike smirked, with a shrug. "It's pretty obvious, you know?"

Mike gazed down Chester, watching the naive man watch the rest of the club. He noticed the way Chester would worry his lower lip between his teeth. The way his Adam's apple would bob nervously as he would swallow, slowly and thickly. The way Chester would sneak glances back at Mike to see if he was still being watched. Chester clearly wasn't used to so much attention, and Mike found his response adorable.

"Um... so, Mich-Mike you like dancing?" Chester asked, taking a large gulp of his cold drink. Scrunching his nose up from the bitterness it would bring against his tongue.

Mike turned to the dance floor where Chester had been eyeing the mass of male bodies, who were all wet from perspiration, hungry with desire as they grinded up on each other. The music was deafening, making it almost too impossible for anyone to think straight.

"No, I'm not really a dancer."

"Oh..." Chester actually looked disappointed and Mike couldn't help- but sniggered out loud.

"But you're more than welcome to go dance." Mike said with a large grin.

Chester smiled back- but stared into his glass, swirling the ice cubes around that was in it. It didn't look like he was going to go anywhere.

"Come on." Mike grabbed Doey eye's by hand and led him to an empty corner of the dance floor. Taking Chester's drink from him, Mike manoeuvred the other man out into an opening between the press of bodies.

"You dance, I'll watch."

Mike smiled at the startled look Chester gave him, then backed up until he was leaning against a nearby wall. He never took his eyes off of him and after a moment's hesitation, Chester began to dance.

It was just a little awkward bouncing at first, until he caught the beat. Then it became a more coordinated swaying as Chester tilted his head back, once he closed his eyes and let his body move to the music thumping above them. The guy could dance, Mike had to give him that much. Taking a moment to catch the sight of his body moving so provocatively under his choice of outfit.

Mike's dark gaze began to wander down Chester's lithe body, taking in the tight fitting, red shirt that stretched across his taut stomach and broad chest, as his eyes dipped down even lower now as he could see that his long legs and shapely behind were all stuffed into tighter, dark denim jeans. Completing the outfit of his, were a pair of beat up old, heavy soled combats. Mike blew out an a appreciative whistle at the outfit, watching the man who wasn't so confident before when Mike had first met him was now letting his hair down as he swayed to the music. Where did this heavenly creature come from?

As Chester really got caught up in the beat, Mike had to admit that underneath the tight-fitting and fashionable clothes, the guy had some serious moves about him too.

The half Asian man nursed his drink and watched as a small smile spread across Chester's face.

Then a second of eye contact as Chester glanced over his shoulder towards Mike. It was so quick that Mike wasn't even sure that it happened. Then a second glance, there was no mistaking it this time. Doey eyes was flirting with with him now. So much for that sweet and innocent image that he was portraying before.

Doey eyes spun around, arms raised above his head, ass swaying back and forth to the loud music. His cock was definitely paying attention to the way the bubble butt was moving so seductively before him, tempting Mike to bury himself deep inside. As Mike suddenly felt his lips go dry. Sitting Chester's drink beside him on the bar table, as it was left forgotten now.

The next time Chester glanced over, their eyes met and held. There was a definitely heat there, unmistakable, something about this guy who was naive and untouched, yet sexy as hell.

Mike wasn't sure who moved first- but suddenly they were up against each other, chest to chest, their hot and wet lips were just inches apart now.

Mike wrapped his arms around Chester's small waist, hands getting to work on grasping at that ass that he was so mesmerised on before as pulled Chester closer into his body, grinding their growing erections against each other.

Chester's body was smaller than most of the guys Mike has ended up with, and he was surprised at how much he enjoyed having more man to fit more then perfectly in his strong arms.

He was small- but not petite. He was lilthe- but not lanky. His skin would glow magnificently under the array of light as his eyes were dark from the shadow. Mike felt his cock throb painfully hard against the front of his denims, at the thought of just how amazing Chester felt grinding up against him.

Mike leaned in, breathing in the clean woodsy scent wafting off of Chester, helping himself to the delicate skin along Chester's neck.

He kissed as he licked. He pressed his body closer as he nipped at the sensitive skin he found between kisses until Chester was writhing and making impatient little sounds from his throat. Mike buried a hand into Chester's styled locks and took that as his cue to strike his mouth as he attacked his mouth, capturing those rosy pink lips with his own.

Mike's tongue demanded entrance and Chester was in no position to refuse. His hands grasped at Mike as he gave into the onslaught of the half Asian's tongue, darting in and out, teasing and caressing until both men were both left breathless.

Chester's mouth tasted spicy and sharp, the alcohol still lingering on his shaky breath. It tasted so good as Mike wanted more, groaning at the taste of it all.

Chester was moaning freely against Mike's mouth now, his hands taking on a route of their own to roam across Mike's back and down to his own ass. It was then Chester spread his palms wide and squeezed hard at the clothed skin, sending a sharp jolt of arousal straight to Mike's groin.

Mike broke the kiss, flirting time was now over. His eyes glazing black as he knew what he wanted and that was to feel more with Chester. Growing tiresomely bored with the groping over the clothing and the occasional person bumping into the two men, he wanted to leave the club and this time he wasn't taking no for an answer.

"Fuck." He whispered ardently into Chester's ear. Feeling the smaller man press his hot little body into his own. "We need to get out of here. Now"

Chester blinked, a little too dazed to understand what Mike was saying. Before Chester could utter a response, Mike's silky words filtered into his ear canal as he was now understanding what Mike had said this time.

"Your place or mine?"



AN Would you like more? Please let me know if I should continue as all your feedback means a lot to me! I absolutely love AU stories. As I love to play around with the boy's characters and storylines, this storyline was and still is a challenge for me as it's probably the most complexed one that I have written. Thank you for your time! Xxx

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