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Inside Dry Storage by Technicolorlover

Seduction in the Diner

Hello faithful readers of The Blackout Diner! Welcome to my third attempt at something smutty and here's hoping that you all need a cold shower afterwards. I hope you all like it!

- - - -

It had all been Talinda’s idea. She had grabbed the two of them by the edge of their booty shorts and as soon as Scott had dragged Brad out of dry storage with a drunk Elisa stumbling behind them, she had almost carried the two of them to the room before locking the door behind them. She nearly pounced on her husband and made out with him for a few minutes as Mike watched with hooded eyes, an open mouth, and the worst erection of his life.

His crush on Chester had only started a few months ago, clueing him in that he may not be entirely straight. After all, straight men don’t touch themselves at night fantasizing about their male coworkers pounding into them. And straight men certainly don’t finger themselves open while moaning their fellow male (and married) coworkers name. But never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he might actually have a chance to sleep with both Chester and Talinda Bennington.

“I wanna see you two,” she whispered low into Chester’s ear as she cupped her husband’s erection through his shorts, sending a loud moan passed Chester’s lips, “you both looked so hot up there. That is, if you don’t mind babe?”

‘Don’t mind?’ Why would he mind? Granted, he always thought his first threesome would involve two women, but Mike Shinoda looked positively fuckable standing there with his hard on threatening to rip his shorts open, pupils blown wide and looking like his eyes were black.

Placing one last kiss on his wife’s lips, Chester turned around and made eye contact with Mike. The manager held a groan back at how Chester looked at him. The older man looked like a predator stalking its prey before taking it down. He had never felt so small and weak before and Mike surprised himself at how much it turned him on. Lust clouded the eyes of both Chester and Talinda as they silently decided what to do with the manager.

“What do you say Mike?” He almost growled out. “Shall we give the lady what she wants?”

Mike suddenly found his throat very dry and a lump had suddenly formed in his throat that left him unable to get words out. But oh, how he wanted this. He settled for a nod, desperate for one of them to do something, anything. Chester gave a dark smile before he turned to his wife for further instructions. She was biting her lips at the possibilities before her. This was her idea, she would be the one calling the shots tonight.

“Kiss him.” She instructed her husband. Obeying his wife, Chester paced a hand on the back of Mike’s head, fingers lacing through Mike’s hair. He dragged the younger man in for a kiss, his lips were soft and he tasted faintly of whiskey. Chester’s tongue ran across his lips, Mike opened them in surprise, only to decide that he really liked the tongue in his mouth. He liked it quite a lot and now he was determined to taste the whiskey throughout the entirety of Chester’s mouth.

Mike hesitantly placed his hand on the back of Chester’s neck, drawing him in closer to the kiss. He trembled and let a small moan out as Chester’s free hand tweaked one of his nipples. The server swallowed the moans as he began to bite Mike’s lips, desperate to make Mike continue those delicious sounds.

Talinda’s hot breath caressed Chester’s ear as she whispered, “Disrobe yourselves.” Without breaking the kiss, Chester flicked a button open before running his hand down Mike’s shorts. Long thin fingers grazed his member, lightly caressing him. Mike threw his head back, eyes closed, saliva connecting the pair’ lips as he let out a deep moan. Fuck this was better than he imagined. At this rate he would lose it in no time like when he was a teenager.

A pair of soft plump lips silenced Mike’s moans the same time a pair of smaller hands brushed their thumbs over his nipples. Mentally counting four hands on him, Mike let Talinda’s mouth silence his groans as she continued to pinch, graze, and flick his buds while her husband rubbed him and rid him of his shorts. The offending clothing had been so tight that he had forgone his underwear, leaving himself naked and leaking into Chester’s hands while the Bennington’s remained clothed. Mike could feel Talinda’s naked full breasts against him back, her erect nipples drag along his skin. The swell of her pregnant stomach brushed against his lower back and it was oddly erotic.

“He’s so big and hard Talinda,” Chester growled out to his wife while letting a nail lightly run across the sensitive skin, “look at how much he wants us.”

Yes, oh God yes, he wanted this. He’s never wanted anything as bad as this. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands, it’s all just too much for him to handle, his poor brain is in overdrive and yet not working fast enough. He’s got around a dozen brain cells left and all of them are focused on the hands dancing across his skin, the lips on his own, the hot breaths in his ears, and he’s still the only one naked.

Mike managed to regain some control of his body and placed his hands on the button of Chester’s shorts. He could barely remember his name, much less remember how to unbutton Chester’s pants. Relief is granted when Chester places his hands on to of his own and help him remove the garment from his lower half.

Mike broke free of Talinda’s kiss, the two stopped to admire Chester’s toned colorful body. The colors stood out against his pale skin and a thin coat of sweat has covered the older man. The man is sex personified and Mike’s last remaining brain cells are lost to a mantra of wantwantwant.

“Oh your knees babe,” Talinda ordered her husband, “he’s been such a good boy, we should reward him.”

Chester’s pink tongue ran over his lips as he maintained eye contact with Mike as he gracefully fell to his knees. He had a glint in his eye that sent shivers down Mike’s spine and suddenly the room is too small, too hot. He watched as Chester stared up at him and has that pink tongue of his teasingly lap at the head of his cock, tasting the precum that was slowly oozing out of him. Talinda has kept herself busy with small kisses and licks on Mike’s neck, pleased with herself when she found a spot where his jaw met his neck that sent shivers down his spine. The cool air left behind each kiss created a sharp contrast that sent goosebumps running across his skin.

His mind was a blur when Chester stopped teasing and engulfed him fully in that hot wet mouth. He jerked his hips forward, sending him deeper into Chester’s willing mouth. The server created a near perfect suction with his mouth, his tongue dragged up and down the bottom of Mike’s erection, his teeth occasionally grazed the sensitive skin. He’s hot and heavy in Chester’s mouth and the mohawked man’s eye rolled up into his skull.

It was the most erotic thing Mike had ever seen. To see his cock rock in and out of Chester’s mouth and to see him take it all in until his nose brushed up against Mike’s pubic hairs was a dream come true. He let a string of expletives out as he watched Chester slowly take all but the tip of Mike out, only for him to take all Mike had to offer in one quick suction motion, his tongue caressing the large vein that ran underneath his member. Fuck, he wouldn’t last at this point.

“Grab his head and fuck his mouth.” Talinda instructed Mike, her fingers guided the younger man’s hands to her husband’s short locks and encouraged him to start thrusting into her husband’s willing mouth. Chester gagged at the first few harsh pumps before adjusting to the rhythm, his throat swallowing around the tip of Mike. Saliva dribbled from the corners of his mouth as he groaned around Mike’s member. He brought a hand up and began to run his fingers over the heavy tight sacs, slicking them with the dribble coming from his mouth.

A soft slick finger suddenly began to circle his virginal entrance, the act sent a shudder down his body as he involuntarily tightened himself. Talinda let a gentle ‘sh’ out, soothing Mike.

“Don’t worry, I promise we’ll be gentle.” She said softly as she slowly eased a finger into him, soft words congratulating him and how he was such a good boy and how good boys get rewarded. Oh yes, he could be their good boy. Anything to get some much needed release. A gasp escaped his lips, he’s close, so close, too close.

“I-I can’t hold it.” He grunted out. Chester shocked him by releasing him from his mouth with a loud ‘pop’, the mohawked man grabbed him by the base of his cock and balls before growling out,

“Don’t you fucking dare Shinoda.” The man’s voice is like rough velvet over ice and Mike can’t help but obey. He grabbed Mike by the hips and guided the man to the cold floor, the three of them now kneeling on the ground. A part of Mike would normally care that he’s still at work, still on the clock, the floor is dirty and hasn’t been mopped in two days, and he can’t bring himself to care. Chester cupped his hands to Mike’s face and brought their lips together, their tongues began to dance around one another.

Talinda added a second finger into him, the fingers made a scissoring motion, preparing him for something much larger to come. It’s when she crooked her fingers ever so slightly that they brushed up against something that made it feel like he had been shocked. A coil built up in him and he jerked his hips forward, the two erections rubbed against each other, sending the two men into deep moans.

Mike laced his fingers through Chester’s short hair and did all he could to bring the man in front of him closer. Their kisses became more frantic, grunts escaped their lips as they bit one another’s lips. A third finger entered him and oh how it feels.

“Please.” He managed to get out between kisses and breathlessness. “I can’t - please.” He can practically feel Talinda’s grin behind him as she nibbled his ear before she saying,

“Tell us what you want and we’ll give it to you.”

His mind had gone numb to anything but the pleasures around him. It took all he had to get those words out from his lips. He can’t take much more. One of Chester’s hands was rubbing their two erections together, precum trailed from their tips, creating a mind blowing friction, while the other hand was busy alternating between toying with Mike’s nipples. Chester’s mouth was splitting time between creating his own impressive love mark on Mike’s neck and ravishing Mike’s plump lips.

Talinda’s three fingers pump in and out of him, purposely missing that spot to drive him insane with need, the other hand was running up and down his sides, the touch barely there, it sent shivers through his entire body as they ghosted along his skin. She’s working overtime at biting, licking, sucking that one spot on his neck she had found earlier, he could feel the skin reddening with every suckle.

They were willing to go the entire night of teasing just to hear him beg. He tried to fight it, tried to resist, tried to hold back the urge to just prop his ass up into the air and beg one of them any of them to fuck him. He’d even be fine with Talinda fucking him with a cucumber at this point, he needed something.

But then Talinda nailed that one spot inside him dead on. He arched his back and let a deep groan out, the two men’s erections roughly collided, filling the room with moans. The mental battle was lost.

“Please!” He panted out as he tried to meet Talinda’s thrusts. “Fuck me, please!”

The two Bennington's acted quickly. Talinda backed away from behind Mike while Chester leaned him against a wall. The cool tile of the wall had been such a sharp contrast to the rest of the sauna-like room that Mike had let a long hiss out and arched his back away from the cold tile. He watched in awe as the husband and wife lovingly gazed into each other’s eyes, and he reminded himself that he was a guest in their marriage. Odds were, after tonight, this would never be brought up again, much less ever happen anymore.

The couple shared a deep kiss as Talinda rubbed something wet and slick over her husband’s member. Chester let a long groan out as she massaged the mystery liquid into his flesh. Mike spotted the source behind them: a case of olive oil.

Well something was better than nothing, he figured. He’d have to talk to them about wasting product later when he could form a proper sentence.

Deeming her husband ready, Talinda faced Mike and crawled over to him like a lioness hunting an unsuspecting antelope. She crawled into his lap, her warmth so close to his cock that he could feel an occasional drip of her juices onto him, and she whispered into his ear,

“My husband is going to fuck you now and I’m going to ride you. I promise he’ll be as gentle as he can. All you have to do is say the word, and we’ll stop.”

God he didn’t think it was possible to get any harder, but Mike felt ready to burst from his skin. He was too far gone, he would probably let them go at him while he laid their boneless if he felt like it.

“Please.” is all he can get out. It was so faint, most people would have missed it. Talinda gave him a soft smile before placing a gentle kiss on his lips. A large pair of hands grabbed Mike’s erection and guided it into Talinda. She was so soft, so wet, so slick, how could all this be happening? Scott had clearly found his emergency shotgun and had shot him and he was in heaven, that was the only explanation.

She took him for all he had, adjusting to the thickness inside of her, her forehead rested in the crook of Mike’s neck. Slowly, she began to rock herself onto Mike, causing the manager’s eyes to roll back into his head. He hadn’t been with a woman in several months, he felt like he was unlocking nirvana.

He felt the blunt tip of Chester press against his virginal entrance and he gasped at the feeling, Chester was much bigger than Talinda’s fingers and as he slowly pushed inside Mike, the younger man thought he was being ripped in two. A few tears escaped from the corners of his eyes as he bit back his screams. Talinda kissed the tears away before she pressed her lips against Mike’s

“It’s gonna be okay sweetie,” she soothed him while gently rocking onto him, in an attempt to replace the pain with pleasure, “I know it hurts but it’s gonna feel so amazing I promise.”

“So tight.” Chester grunted out. He was clearly holding back on pounding into Mike senseless, but he knew he had to wait for the young man to adjust or risk serious damage. “Oh god Mikey you’re so much tighter than I ever thought.”

Mike took deep breaths, willing himself to adjust to the pain. Nothing could have ever prepared him for this. He felt fuller than he had ever thought possible. He ached but it was an ache he could see himself getting used to and even enjoying.

Chester let a few small rocks to start things off, making sure Mike was okay before going deeper. Talinda’s motions mirrored her husband’s and Mike was unsure how it was possible for one human being to be experiencing so much pleasure at once.

“Touch me Mike.” Talinda said as she guided his hand to her clit. He carefully started rubbing circles around it, trying to figure out what she liked. A soft moan told him he was on the right track so he quickly licked his fingertips and began gently massaging her. She braced her hands on his shoulders and slammed down on in the same time that Chester finally was able to work up a faster rhythm, sending shockwaves through Mike.

“Fuck I-I can’t!” Mike said as he shook his head back and forth, willing himself with every fiber of his being to hold his orgasm at bay.

“Not yet.” Chester told him as he grabbed one of Mike’s thighs and lifted it up as high as it could go. Pulling himself almost entirely out, he slammed back into Mike, nailing that spot that sent him jerking his hips up into Talinda, and OH. The three of them let a simultaneous moan out, the sound sent the hair on the back of his neck up on ends.

“Fuck!” Mike shouted. He didn’t care if anyone heard him anymore. Fuck it, Scott could hear him and he wouldn’t care anymore. Chester grinned at the knowledge that he had found Mike’s spot and made sure to nail that one button as hard as he could.

He could hear people trying to get in and the thought that they might have an audience sent a shocking thrill through his mind. Who knew he had a voyeuristic streak in him? Feeling bold, he moaned louder, pulling Talinda onto him while lightly pinching that small bundle of nerves, determined to get her to be just as loud as him.

His efforts were rewarded with a high pitched groan as she rested her forehead against his. He leant his head forward, managing to maneuver a nipple into his mouth. Letting one hand guide her movements onto him, he let the other hand pay attention to her neglected nipple, which caused her to arch her back in pleasure. Her muscles feel so tight, like a tight spring ready to be released. Moving the hand from her breast to her clit, he flicked it back and forth a few times. Talinda let a few breathy moans out as she reached back and grabbed the back of her husband’s skull, pulling his short hair tight.

“Oh God babe I-I’m-” is all she could get out before she released her orgasm, her juices coated Mike’s member. His brain shorted out for a few seconds at the sudden wetness, and he can’t hold it back anymore.

“Fuck!” He shouted before he sent one, then two, and finally three thrusts into Talinda’s wet heat, spilling his seed deep inside of her. She rode out his orgasm with heavy pants before pulling herself off of him. His semen was slowly oozing out of her as she dismounted him and she quickly used his fake vest as a makeshift napkin.

“Fuck you felt amazing there Mikey,” Chester managed to say through the grunts as he picked up speed, “I didn’t think you could get tighter but holy shit.”

Chester pushed in and out of Mike, turned on more than he had ever thought possible at the sight of another man having sex with his wife. Grabbing Mike’s other thigh, he nearly bent the night shift manager in half as he began to thrust into him harder than ever before.

Mike couldn’t help the sounds that past between his lips as he took Chester’s every thrust. If he could orgasm again, he would, but he’ll have to settle on the feeling of Chester pressing on his prostate. Each one is like a micro orgasm and he’s starting to see black and stars.

“Lay him on his back.” Talinda quickly instructed her husband. Chester paused his motions long enough to pull Mike down onto the floor before resuming his frantic pace into Mike. In the post orgasmic haze Mike was unsure as to what was going on before Talinda placed one thigh on each side of his head and told him to go down on her.

His body ran on autopilot as he licked long stripes from her entrance to her clit. Bringing up a shaky hand, he slowly started to finger her while flicking her clit with his tongue.

“God that’s fucking hot.” Chester groaned out as he continued to bang into Mike, his pace was getting more and more hurried. Determined to get Talinda off one more time before her husband came, Mike doubled his efforts into making her cum. He used every trick he had. He curled his fingers inside of her, rubbing that special spot that caused her back to arch and her toes to curl. He alternated between soft laps at her clit and circles around it. He flicked it with his tongue, he lightly grazed it with his teeth.

Talinda threaded her fingers through Mike’s hair as she thrust into his mouth. She was already sensitive with her first orgasm, but now it was borderline unbearable how sensitive she was down there. If was like she could feel every molecule of air, every atom in his tongue. With a high pitched cry, she came for a second time all over Mike’s face.

Mike was so far gone that he just laid there when Talinda removed herself from his face. His eyes were half lidded, his mouth was partially open, and his tongue was absentmindedly tracing the edge of his mouth trying to get one last taste of Talinda’s juices.

Mike looked like he was seriously fucked out and the sight of that pink tongue trying to find more of his wife’s orgasm on his face sent Chester over the edge. He pumped himself a handful of times into Mike as deep as he could go, before pulling himself out, his cum dripping from Mike’s spent hole.

The trio were panting heavily as they laid side by side on the floor of dry storage. It was as if they couldn’t get oxygen into their lungs fast enough. Talinda found herself between the two men; Chester to her left, Mike to her right. Mike felt like he was ready to pass out from over stimulation. Chester was wondering if it was possible for them to go for round two, and if so, how to bring it up. The room is almost unbearingly hot and stuffy and it smells like sweat and sex.

It was easily the best sex the three of them had ever had in their lives and now the question hung in the air. The question that no one wanted to ask:

Where do we go from here?

Placing an arm around the necks of each man, Talinda pulled them close to her, until both their bodies were both spooned against her.

“That… was amazing.” She finally said. “And I dunno about you boys, but I would definitely like to keep whatever that was going.”

It’s hearing her say this that convinces Mike that there not only is a God, but a God who has been watching over his life-long suffering and has decided to finally reward him for all his hardships.

“I’m down with that.” Chester said as he started to brush a hand against his wife’s stomach, his eyes lit up everytime he felt movement beneath the skin.

The couple turn to look at Mike, unsure of what his decision would be. His breathing was still coming out unsteady, so he took a minute to calm his nerves.

“Yeah,” he said, “I could do this again.” The three of them look at one another with large smiles. Talinda placed a finger under both of their chins and bring their lips to hers. Chester reached over his wife and grabbed Mike by the back of the head, pulling the other man in for a tender kiss.

“Well I don’t know about you guys,” Chester said as he shot them a smile before gesturing with his eyes to his lower half, “but I’m up for round two. What’d’ya say?”

- - - -

No food or member of the Linkin Park family (Both real or fictional) were harmed in the production of this story. I hope you all enjoyed it! Please remember to rate and review!

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