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Silent Waters run deep by hattu

Hey everybody!

Thank you for all your reviews on “Letter” and “To find myself again”. You will never know how much they mean to me! Thank you all very very much!!

Both stories were a bit different for me in order how I wrote them. Letter I just rewrote but to “to find myself again”, both stories I just needed to get out of my head, my thoughts just didn´t stop. I wrote these without really acknowledging it was me writing them. Strange experience, never happened before. Letter I wrote about a week after the news. To find myself again, was written a day or two after the Hollywood Bowl show. I was just to scared to type it up. Took me some time.

Still scared by how these stories were written, but it felt good to share them. Thank you for reviewing!!!

This new one here, how ever is a complete different thing. Sometimes…rarely…but sometimes my mind seems to let out some creepy thoughts. This here being one of them.

This is totally PWP, no plot whatsoever. This is just….yeah…well…what can I say…porn…there I said it.

Don´t like? Don´t read! You have been warned!!

Hope some enjoy…

Don´t own, never happened, just fiction.


The door flew open and Brad waltz into the recording room. Fastly he strode over to the drum set. He turned Rob around in his chair, straddles him and sits down in his lap.

“Brad? Wha..hmp” the stunned drummer is silenced by a hungry kiss.

“Don´t talk” mourned the guitarist before attacking Robs lips again.

„What are you…hmp“

“I said…don´t…talk!” Brad breathed between his attempts to get his tongues in the drummer’s mouth.

Having Brad in his lap with his hands tangled in his hair and his mouth attacking, Robs thoughts vanish into arousal. So he gives in and opens his mouth. Brad happily invades Robs mouth and begins to suck on the drummer’s tongue. Robs hands encircles the thin frame of the lust crazed guitarist and pulls him even more in his lap. Brads moans into the movement as his aroused midsection collides with Robs.

“Too much clothes”, Brad grabs Robs shirt and pulls, there is a short resistance before the buttons give in flying in every direction. The drummers jumps back by surprise and they both fall backwards to the ground. Brad immediately starts to unfasten the younger mans belt, pushing the pants down. Rob grabs Brads shirt and rips it to pieces, letting his hands roam over the skinny chest, before trying to lift the guitarist to change their positions.

“Oh no you don´t!” Brad grabs Robs arms firmly pushing them to the ground.

“Today, you´re mine!” He growls while losing his own pants.

The drummer is surprised by the forceful strength of the smaller man, but it sends a wave of arousal through his whole body. The guitarist starts to nibble his way down, lightly biting the drummer’s nipples. Feeling the chest below heave at these sensations makes Brad smile and he repeats his action before wandering towards a very aroused midsection. Letting his fro slightly grazing over the skin of his prey. Rob jolts as the fro slights braze along his erected cock. Brad smiles at this and continues to nibble and bite at the smooth skin, carefully avoiding to get to close to Robs erected member. He keeps teasing Rob with his hair. He wants to hear Rob beg, today he wants to make him scream.

The light touches drive Rob crazy, he wants to throw the hairy guitarist on his back and fuck him senseless, but strangely he can´t bring himself to move. His whole body feels like goo and his nerves are running crazy. He wants more contact, he wants Brad to touch him, to suck him. He lets out a frustrated moan.

“Anxious, are we?” mumbles Brad between his nibbles, Rob answers with a strangled moan.

“What do you want?” Brad asks while nibbling away on Robs thigh’s. Robs just groans, the light touches sending thousands small jolts through his skin. He feels like going mad.

“Yes? Anything you want?” he asks grinning cheekily


“Nothing? I guess I can stop then.” Brad states and sits up on Robs legs.

“Brad!!” the lying man exhales frustrated, not being used to be vocal in the bedroom department.

“Yes? Something bothering you?” Brad smiles evilly before bending down and biting lightly into one of Robs nipples. A surprised yelp is heard from the drummers below followed by a mumble.

“What was that? I didn´t catch that?” The guitarist asks while roaming over the drummer’s inner thighs carefully avoiding any contact to the ragging hard on on the middle.

“Oh god! Brad stop it!”


“Nooo….god…for fuck sake stop teasing!!” Rob forces out between gritted teeth

“Ok, what do you want?”

“I…gnnnhh” Robs tries to voice out something. He just never needed to ask. Usually he was on top, usually he would just “do” what he wanted. He never was…scratch that he never is vocal. His brain just can´t comprehend the sensations. Brad licks his way down the muscular chest, still grazing light touches to the thighs of the drummer.

“Fuck! God….Brad! Touch me, suck me, fuck me, just do something!!” Rob moans out.

“Awww, it speaks” Brad chuckles but evilly continues to tease.

“Please…” there was a shy strangled whisper

“Yes? I didn´t hear you.” Brad says and lets one of fingers draw a light touch around Robs erection.

“Please….Brad….God…just suck me already!!” Rob presses out a low scream. His head snapping back and his body jolting up as Brad hungrily engulfs his whole cock at once. The drummers mind running into overdrive, his nerves going crazy at the hot wet sensations his friends mouth is creating. Brads firm grip on the base of his cock is preventing him from cumming just yet. Rob moans and his hips buck, while Brad continues to lick and suck on the velveteen skin enjoying the taste of his lover, pleased with the squirming reaction of his prey.

“God Brad, please…”


“Please, what?”


Smiling the guitarist stops his ministrations and sits up. Feeling for his own burning erection. He focusses on Robs eyes.

“What do you want Robbles?” Seeing the drummer all hot and bothered, squirming, while feeling up his own rigid cock made him nearly lose his control. But he has a mission. He wants Rob to beg, he wants to hear the silent drummer scream.

Rob watches as Brad pleasures himself. He had never been filled with so much need and want. He can´t comprehend what is going on, he just didn´t want it to end. He looks up into Brads eyes silently pleading with his eyes. Brad didn´t react, he just continues to pleasure himself, a sight he found highly erotic. Panting he tries to lift his hand to his own erection, but the guitarist immediately stopps him.

“Nanana Robbie, tell me. What do want? What should I do to you?”

Rob lets out a strangled groan as Brad leans down and sets a line oft feather light kisses along his collarbone.

“Brad, please!” came a small whisper.

“Tell me what do you want?”

“Fuck me” an even smaller whisper

“I didn´t catch that” Brad states and licks Rob

“Pleeeaaasseee” a strangled plea is heard

“I can´t hear you Rob!” Brads hand slides slowly down between the drummer’s legs, who draws in a sharp breath. Long slender fingers start to play at his opening, making him moan and open his legs wider to allow more access.

“Oh you like that, do you?”

“Yes!” Rob moans while the older man continues the preparation. It drives the drummer crazy, with every passing minute, no, every passing second Rob becomes more and more impatient, more desperate. He had never been teased this much…but hell it feels great!

“Tell me what do you want?” The drummer pants, his whole body longing for the guitarist to finally do something, to finally touch him..to finally just get over it and just fuck him. Brad knows he can´t keep up this much longer, but just one time, he wants to hear the silent man scream, just once. He lets his finger wander up to the sensitive crotch area drawing small circles.

Robs head snaps up, he just can´t take this anymore, his hands latch up and gripping Brads head from both sides and shouts with a volume unknown to him and Brad:


This is all Brad needed to hear, hastily he pushed forward entering the drummer roughly. Rob gripping him tightly his head flying back. They both get lost in their feelings. Teased to a point of no return. They both move together. The guitarist pushing his hips forward getting lost in the tight wet sensation, while Rob can´t comprehend what is happening to him. He never in his life experienced anything like this. And then Brad changes the angle just a small tad.


“You like that?” Brad smiles, satisfied to have found that one spot.



“Fuck! Harder!”

Brad happily obliges and thrust forward. Both fall into a rhythm. Brad can´t believe how good this feels and let´s get himself lost in this sensations. Rob´s flying in a sphere he never knew. He thinks he is screaming…but isn´t sure if it is him…he is past caring anyways. He just doesn´t want Brad to stop. Tightly gripping the man close to him.

“FUCK!” The drummer screams loudly as he cums, he feels like seeing stars. The guitarist following cumming deep within. Exhausted and panting they lay still on the studio floor, perfectly contend, feeling loved and amazed. Both oblivious to the stunned looking duo of vocalist looking at them from the other side of the glass.

“Brads gay?!” Mike utters

“Rob can scream?!” Chester adds dazed.


That´s it. Hope you enjoyed. Hope it wasn´t to creepy…

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