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A Handful of Secrets by Stefuh

A Handful of Secrets

This is sooo random. I'm sorry, ahah.

The idea comes from a post on tumblr :

writing tip #714 :

Most supernatural abilities are overdone, so consider giving your inhumanly gifted characters rarer powers. for example, the ability to switch people’s dominant hand with their mind.


Chester didn't know exactly when this gift of his had appeared, if he had always been special and he had never known, or if he had suddenly woke up one morning with this power, all he knew, is that, at first, he thought it was the most useless power ever (and at that, he couldn't even used it on himself to make him ambidextrous).

The first time he had found out about it, he was in the studio with Rob. The latter had a cup of coffee in his hand and he was slowly going through some music sheets when suddenly, Chester frowned, and Rob dropped his mug on the floor. It had shattered on the ground as the loud noise reverberated on the walls and Chester had looked at him, concerned.

“You okay, there, Rob?”

The older man got up before going to the closet and retrieving a broom, it wasn't the first time that they had had a accident in here, but Chester had been startled by this one.

“Yeah, I don't …” He looked at his right hand, stretching it, frowning, seeming not to understand what had just happened. “It feels like I suddenly lost strength in my hand, it was really weird.” He took the broom of the singer's hands as he began to swept the remaining of the cup. “Maybe I made a wrong move while drumming yesterday.” He sighed as he got up, dustpan in his left hand. Chester titled his head to the side, a bit confused, and the dustpan slipped out of Rob's hand as the drummer let out a grown of frustration. “What's happening!”

“Maybe you're just tired... you should go home, we'll continue another day.”

Rob sighed before nodding.

“Here, I'll clean it, don't worry.”

As Rob thanked him before he left the room, Chester's heart suddenly skipped a beat. He had felt something deep within himself both time Rob had loosed his senses. Chester sighed as he went to the trash, telling himself that surely he was going insane.

But it had happened again, and again. Every time Chester was with someone else and he felt that spark within him, the other person suddenly lost their sense in their right hand as some small catastrophe happened.

Phoenix had almost blinded Chester when he had lost his grip on his golf club mid-swing.

Joe had yelled when he had dropped a stack of vinyl on the ground.

Brad had suddenly began to play nonsense on his guitar in the middle of a show.

By the time Chester had understood what was happening, he had clearly noticed that nothing had happened to Mike.

Not yet, anyway.

But today was Mike's birthday and when Chester woke up, he promised himself that he would have some secret fun with him.

When they went to eat a little later in the afternoon, sitting outside a nice restaurant, Chester smiled while Mike stabbed his salad before bringing his fork to his mouth, suddenly missing it and sending salad dressing all over his cheek. Chester laughed at him while Mike frowned before wiping his mouth with his napkin. As he tried again, the singer was trying very hard to not let his laughter spilled from his lips as Mike pushed the fork once again in his face.

“What the fuck-”

“What's happening, Mike? You can't eat? How old are you again?”

The emcee simply rolled his eyes as he took a sip from his drink. He went to take another bite but this time he dropped his fork on himself and Chester snorted.

“Do you want me to feed you?”

“Fuck off, Bennington.” Mike got up from his seat as he looked at the mess he had made before sighing. “I'll be right back, I've got to clean this up.”

As he got up, he ran straight into a man who was holding up a stack of paper in some envelope, and the papers suddenly flew everywhere as Mike paled and Chester got up from the table, running after the discarded papers.

“Forget it, it's ruined now.” the other man said, looking like somebody had just took a piece of his soul, as he continued to walk, and Mike looked back at Chester with something like fear in his eyes.

“Why am I suddenly so unlucky, what's happening, I swear-” He shook his head before getting inside the building.

Chester had almost followed him in the restaurant to cause more damages, but he had figured that it would be too obvious. Instead, he had waited after night fall, as they went to a club with the rest of the band. They were slowly making their way into the club between all the people waiting to get outside as Mike took his phone out, deciding to check on his billion notifications before he got to have some fun with his friends.

And then, the emcee dropped his phone on the floor. Fortunately for him, it was carpeted, so it didn't shattered and he only shook his head about his clumsiness … only to drop it again.

“Man, what's wrong with me today?”

Just as he took it again, a woman passed them, as she was clearly drunk, and while she hadn't noticed that her purse was opened as it swung from her arm, she got real close to the emcee as she swayed on her feet... and Mike dropped his phone in her bag.

“No way that just happened!” Chester yelled as he felt tears threatened to spill on his cheeks as he was containing his laughter.

“Hm, excuse me, I dropped my phone in your purse, could it be possible-”

“What the fuck, take you hands off me, you fucking thief!”

Mike held his hands to show that he wasn't touching her nor her purse. “I haven't even touched your purse, this is a misunderstanding, if you could just reach into your purse and take my phone out-”

“Don't fucking try to steal from me!” She looked behind her. “HELP!”

“No need to shout-”

At the same time, a guy about two times Mike's size came towards him and the half Asian couldn't help but gulped.

“What's happening here, why are you bothering this lady?”

“I'm just trying to get my phone back.”

“He said his phone is in my purse, but he's just trying to steal my wallet!! I want to go now.”

“Of course, madam, please follow me.”

Mike sighed as he ran a hand into his face, wondering if he should follow her or if he should get a new phone. As he looked at the man accompanying the woman again, a shudder ran through him and he decided a new phone would be the smartest move here.

They all went into the club as Brad ordered a round of shooters and some beers so Mike could celebrate while the rest of the band got a table. Chester sighed as he looked around, wondering how he could make use of his gift here.

“Hey, look at that, a cute girl is flirting with Mike.” said Joe and they all looked up to see that it was indeed true.

She couldn't be more obvious as she was battling her lashes at him, laughing way too loud and she was also twirling her hair in her hand.

And then Mike spilled all his beer on her. Chester gaped as he hadn't even meant to do that but he had still felt the tingling sensation run through him as his power had taken over Mike's body once again. The half Asian seemed to stumble onto his words, surely saying how sorry he was, and that's when the other girl scowled before slapping him hard on the face and the whole band gasped as she took her own drink and splashed it into the young man's face.

As Mike lowered his head, he got back to the table with his beer in his hand, a napkin in his other hand as he wiped the alcohol from his face, Brad on his heels.

“Dude, what did you tell her?” Joe asked but Mike shook his head and ran a hand on his stinging cheek, he was pretty sure she had left a mark.

“Guys... this isn't my day, seriously, can we just go back to the bus?”

“Sure.” said Chester, who wondered if he had taken it too far as Mike really looked down now. “Hey, how about we start over tomorrow, okay? We'll do whatever you want and pretend today didn't happen. And you'll have some cake, too, that's important.”

Mike smiled at him. “Thanks, Ches.”

When they got back to the touring bus, Mike directly went to bed as he sighed upon finally realizing that the day was over. “Goodnight, Ches.” Chester was the only one who had followed him as the others had decided to stay behind to celebrate some more, even without the Birthday boy.

“Happy birthday, Mike.”

The other had faintly smiled at him before closing his curtain so he wouldn't do more damage to anyone. As Chester took the book he had left on his bed, he quietly began to read. He was about ten pages in when he heard it.

A small sigh that had almost sounded like a moan. He shot a look to Mike's bed, leaning a bit toward it so he could be sure of what he had heard.

He recognized the sound of sheets rustling as Mike's hand seemed to pick up the pace and another small sigh escaped the young man as a smile suddenly crept on Chester's lips. Surely, he could have some more fun tonight. He waited as he bit his lower lip, slightly blushing upon realizing that he was definitely listening to his friend masturbating, but he wanted to be sure that he used his power at the right time.

And there it was.

Mike's breath caught in his throat as his hand seemed to go faster as his bed squeaked and Chester could only imagine the half Asian was either bucking his hips or arching his back.

He heard a low moan and then-

“Fucking hell!”

This time, Chester couldn't help but laugh hard as Mike let out a groan a frustration as he heard him moving, surely pulling his boxers back up.

The half Asian quickly opened his curtain and upon seeing Chester sitting on his bed, laughing his ass off, he frowned. “What's so funny, Bennington?”

“Today was the best!” And he smiled at his friend before rolling around in his bed to get some sleep.

Definitely, his power was amazing.

The End

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