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Your Blood in Mine by Stefuh

Chapter One

This is the sequel to Dead by Sunrise, go read that one first or Your Blood in Mine won't make much sense. This part only has eight chapters, so it's fairly short, sorry. Also, this story contains gore, blood and bdsm.

Chapter One

Mike grunted when he felt his eyes opened for what would be the third time that day. Chester was lying peacefully next to him as the vampire was deeply asleep, and Mike wondered for the million time if maybe he should get up and read a bit or try to get some blood into his system, maybe that'd get him to fall asleep.

Since a couple of months, Mike had been plagued by sleepless days. Chester had laughed at first when the half Asian had told him about his problem. “An insomniac vampire? I don't think I've ever heard about one before.”

It's not like he was having nightmares again or felt rather stressed out about something in particular. He wished he could pinpoint the exact problem that was causing him to wake up after he had had one hour of sleep but he really couldn't think of anything. After the first three months when Dave had died, Mike had woken up a couple of times in cold sweat as he had dreamed again and again about the torture the other vampire had inflected on him – but Chester was always there to reassure him that it was over and that he would never hurt him again. Chester's embrace had always been a comfort to Mike and he had always been able to fell back asleep rapidly. Those nightmares were long gone and thus, not the reason why he couldn't sleep more than a few hours. He knew he was beginning to be irritating around Chester as he needed to sleep more to feel energized enough for the rest of the evening and the night, but at that point, he just didn't know what to do anymore.

He was about to get up when he felt a cold hand circled his wrist and he looked back into the bed to see that Chester was awake.

“Still can't sleep?”


Chester nodded before sitting in the bed. “I'm going to warm you up some blood, maybe it'll help.”

Mike bit his lower lip and followed Chester out of bed. “Do you want me to mix it with some milk? I think there's some left in the fridge from the last time Brad was here.”

“Yeah, why not.”

He would do anything right now just to be able to fall back asleep. He sat on the chair as he watched Chester heat up the milk on the stove and put in an equal amount of blood before stirring it together.

“You're sure you're not worried about something that you're not telling me?”

“Except from the fact that my Jennifer's Body's dvd stopped playing last week, everything's fine.”

Chester decided to ignore his comment as he poured the mixture into a cup and handed it to Mike. “There.”

They sat in silence as Mike drank his milk and Chester looked over some paper that Mike had left lying around about Xero. He wanted to expand the club and was wondering which side he should buy off – one was ready to sell but the other not so much, and the latter would have been the best option in Mike's opinion.

“Maybe you should add a strip club.”

Mike nearly choked on his last sip as he got up to rinse the mug into the sink. “I've never thought of that.”

“It would attracted a larger crowd.”

“Yeah … I don't know, I'll think about it.”

He was about to make his way to the bedroom when his lover caught him by the hips. “Where are you going?”

Mike frowned. “Back to bed.”

“Nuh-huh. I think I know a way to exhaust you.”

Before Mike could react, Chester had gotten up from the chair before kissing him hungrily on the mouth as he was aroused by the taste of the blood on the other's tongue. Mike shivered and Chester quickly spun him around. “Bend over the table.” he said and the half Asian complied without a word. He felt Chester yanked on his boxer as his face was pressed against the table, before he could feel two fingers being inserted between his cheeks. He groaned at first but soon found himself bucking against Chester's hand. As he felt them being retrieved, he wined at the sudden lost, even if he knew what was soon coming.

As he felt Chester's dick filled him up, he let a moan of both pain and pleasure escaped his throat. He heard the other vampire chuckled, knowing how much Chester loved hearing him moaning, especially his name, as he began a steady rhythm. Mike quickly grabbed the edge of the table as he felt his erection being squished between his body and the table, the friction not enough to satisfy him. He was about to wrapped his finger against his own cock when he felt Chester yanked his arm behind his back, never stopping his thrusts, causing the other vampire to lean a bit towards his lover.

“You know the rules – You're going to come untouched tonight, my love.”

As if on cue, the slight changed of position cause Chester to slammed directly into his prostate and Mike let out a loud moan. As the older vampire began to thrust himself harder deep inside Mike, the other could feel his orgasm quickly building in the pit of his stomach. He felt his eyes rolled under his closed eyelid as his mouth opened without letting out a sound as he shivered each time he felt his lover's dick buried itself deeply inside of him.

He had always enjoyed getting fucked as he found nothing more pleasurable than feeling his prostate being rammed against – but he must say that sex with Chester was always on another level.

The older vampire took a handful of his hair from one hand before squeezing lightly his other hand around his throat, putting enough pressure so Mike knew he was at Chester's mercy. “You're mine.” he groaned as he pushed harder into him and Mike moaned.

Chester had noticed how Mike had seemed to enjoyed their special night when he had punished him, and once in a while, he tried to aroused him by controlling him. As the half Asian felt the hand squeezed lightly against his throat, he groaned and at the same time, Chester's right hand slammed hard on his ass and he hissed upon feeling the pain that was as sweet as the pleasure. He spanked him a couple of time more and as Mike felt his lover's fangs sink into his neck and his nails raked against his back, he knew that he wouldn't be able to last longer. “Ches-Chester, I'm coming, I'm-”

As Chester slammed himself one more time – harder than before, Mike closed his eyes as he came violently on the table, feeling his whole body shook as he could feel electricity coursing through his veins, leaving him feeling waves after waves of pleasure crashing into him – both from the sex and the bite. He felt Chester soon follow as he buried himself deeply into his lover as Mike felt him emptied himself and he shook again – he loved feeling Chester come inside him, he felt like he was truly marking him as his own when he coated his insides with his cum.

“Mine.” he said, again, his voice hoarse.

Mike felt down against the table when Chester let him go and he had to take a moment to regain himself. He was certain he would be out of breath and that he would feel his heart slammed against his ribcage if he hadn't been undead. As Chester slowly wrapped his arm against his lover's waist, he guided him back towards the bedroom before letting Mike slide under the cover. He laid next to him before kissing his neck as Mike cuddled against his body. He closed his eyes and truly felt like he would finally be able to sleep peacefully this time.

“Goodnight, Chester.”

“Goodnight, Mike.”


Of course, it was only a temporary solution as he found himself rolling in bed from side to side a couple of days later. He tried to think back if something had changed recently that could have caused him to have insomnia, but apart from the fact that he would extant Xero, there really wasn't anything. Okay, it was true that it was stressful as he didn't know exactly which way he wanted to go with the club, but at the same time, Xero had always been the thing he had been sure about. He had never had missteps with it (well, maybe little ones, but they weren't enough to concern him) and he knew that the extension would be good for the club no matter what he chose … so it couldn't be about that.

It couldn't be about Chester either as their relationship was still going really great, even a year later. They were both passionate about each others, and even if Mike knew that his lover was still afraid that he would one day forget him because of what Missy had done to him, the younger lover was always quick to reassure the other one that he was still head over heels about the other vampire.

Chester was perfect, he was still everything he wished he could be, and he didn't see himself with anyone else, ever. Mike bit his lower lip as he rolled around on the bed once more, fixing his gaze on his boyfriend as a small smile appeared on his lips. Yeah, he was the luckiest vampire ever to have Chester in his undead life.

“Mike, stop moving.”

Mike pouted. “But I can't sleep. Again.”

Chester groaned as he rolled on his side to watch his lover in the eyes. “You know you won't be able to sleep this evening because we're going to Talinda's, right?”

“Oh, yeah, it's tonight, I had forgotten about that.”

Talinda (and Heather) had invited them both for a “cocktail party” to help Mike mingled more with the supernatural crowd, and also because Talinda knew how to throw kick ass parties. Ever since Chester had met her, it was something she did quite frequently, and since Mike had never been able to go to one yet, Chester had jumped on the occasion to say yes. It was something that he had come accustomed over his long immortal life and he wanted to share it with Mike – it was a part of him, and he only hoped his younger lover would like it as much as he did.

Unbeknownst to him, almost every day, he tried to do little gestures to show how much he liked the half Asian, it had always been in Chester's nature to do so, even if he felt like he had forgotten it over the years after Talinda had left him and his heart had grew cold. But now, he knew that he would do anything to show Mike just how much he needed him, since every day when he went to sleep, he thanked whatever Deities that Mike hadn't slipped out of his life yet, forgetting him and leaving him alone to mourn the loss of yet another lover.

No, Mike still loved him, even if one year wasn't really a great accomplishment, it was still more than the other vampire had hoped for, and he only wished that he would still be by his side tomorrow.

Chester scooted closer to his lover as he wrapped his arms around the half Asian, spooning him as Mike tried to adjust himself to be comfortable. “Maybe if you sing to me-”

The older vampire groaned. He had done it one time when Mike still had nightmares about Dave and since then, Mike had asked him countless time to sing him to sleep again, and each time, Chester had refused.

“You have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, this is a shame, you should be a rockstar.”

“This isn't Queen of the Damned.” he answered him

“We should totally watch that instead of trying to sleep.” Mike said while smiling and Chester's face screwed in disgust. “Okay... but seriously, maybe I should put up a stage in Xero and you could sing and that'd be totally awesome.”

“Do you need to get there before we take off tonight?”


“Okay, we'll leave early then, I want to be sure that we're not the last ones to arrive, it would be impolite toward Talinda.”

“Is it important since she's your sire?” asked Mike, curious. He had still difficulties about vampire politics and he was slowly trying to learn, as it fascinated him more than anything.

“Yes. Im fact, if this party had been held fifty years ago, we would have need to be the first ones there. But there's been some complains over the years, so, the rules are more slacks now. Talinda wouldn't mind if we arrived late, but the other guests...”

“Don't worry, I'll be quick.” Mike reassured him and Chester smiled at him before shaking his head.

“Okay, one song, but only one.”

The half Asian's face broke into a smile as he hugged the other vampire closer to him. “I love you.” he said, his voice slightly trembling as he felt how much he had fallen in love with the other vampire over the year. “I know that I haven't been the easiest to live with since I'm responsible of everything that happened last year, but...”

“It's not your fault, Mike. Dave would have still found a way to kill me if you hadn't been there, so don't put the blame on yourself.”

“Yeah, I guess so …” He turned around and looked at his vampire and smiled. “I'm just so lucky to have you, you're just so … strong, so fast, I wish I could be at your level... also, you're the prettiest I've ever seen. Maybe the fact that you're a vampire adds to that, but still, I can't remember seeing a supernatural being as beautiful as you... Your eyes are just so dark, your skin so fair, your hair so soft... You're so ethereal, Chester.”

The tattooed vampire blinked a couple of times before grinning. “Mike, if you don't stop, you're going to blow up my ego. Also, you need to shut up if you want me to sing.”

“Right, true.” He made a gesture to say that his lips were sealed.

As Chester's voice filled the room, Mike finally decided that a stage would be best for Xero, and that he'd find a way for Chester to perform there one day.

After all, he was sure his lover's voice would bring him a crowd that could filled his club, and he would be able to hear him sing over and over again.

As he began to fall asleep, a smile appeared upon his face. He would spent the eternity hearing Chester sings, and that, that was better than all the cheesy movies in the world.

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