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The Next Level by A.N.

Notes: So this is a sequel to my one-shot titled Animals (which is a sequel to my other one-shot, Overpowered). This story really won't make a whole lot of sense in terms of "plot" if you haven't read Overpowered and Animals.

Anyway, thank you so much for all of the fantastic and hilarious responses to the first two one-shots. I'm really fond of the fact that Overpowered almost made one of you late for work, and made someone else's iPad crash! Also, thank you so much for all the kind reviews on my chapter story, Keys to the Kingdom. I'll have shout-outs/responses to several of the folks who reviewed in the author notes of the third chapter (and I will update that story a bit quicker than last time).


Mike stared in the mirror at the bite marks all over his neck and collar. In between those marks were a handful of tiny bruises from Rob's teeth. He softly stroked wherever the bruises and marks were, and the mildly sore sensation turned him on. Thinking back on last night's adventure made him want to do it all over again. Being subjected to the drummer's beastly ways, then watching him submit so willingly, sent shivers all through his spine.

His manhood started to grow hard, and he mentally kicked himself. He had to be in the studio in a little less than an hour. He didn't want to go. He wanted to pull Rob back into bed, have hot, wild sex with him all over again, then spend the day snuggled up. He clutched the edge of the bathroom sink, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He needed to calm down.

Rob quietly entered the bathroom. He pressed his bare chest against Mike's bare back. He softly curled his fingers around the singer's biceps, and Mike relaxed into the embrace. He always smelled so good after a hot shower. Rob rested his chin on Mike's collar, and said, "I don't want to go anywhere today."

"Me either." Mike said. He stared into the mirror, and he loved the sight. Him and Rob so close, sharing space again, space they'd never let anyone else have.

"I'm glad we're in agreement." Rob said. Mike thought Rob was being his playful self at first. He stopped thinking that when the drummer pulled him roughly toward the bathroom door. He pushed the emcee forward, still holding his arms, and the towel around Mike's waist unraveled. Mike giggled and planted his feet so Rob wouldn't be able to push him as easily. The drummer jostled him side to side until he lost his footing, and was shoved down on the mattress.

Mike somehow got his right arm free, and tried to crawl forward. Rob had his legs pinned against the side of the bed, and his weight baring down on him. He shoved his groin hard against Mike's rear, which almost made the emcee moan. He recaptured Mike's right wrist, and held him firm. The singer's heart started to pound.

"Now what?" Mike teased, forcing himself to stay composed.

Rob leaned close to his ear, and parted his lips so that his warm breath cascaded over his skin. "I dunno, what would you like me to do?" He said with that smooth voice.

Mike closed his eyes and breathed deep again. They had to go into the studio today. Rob had so many drum tracks to work on. He had vocals to record. But the hardening in his groin couldn't be ignored. And when Rob slowly carried his tongue up the back of his neck and behind his ear, he knew they'd be very late getting in to the studio, if they got there at all. "Do your worst." Mike challenged.

That statement meant so many things to Rob. He knew what Mike enjoyed, bites as always, being pushed around, a few slaps or smacks here and there, and the blindfold was becoming a regular feature. But, he typically relied on Mike to tell him what he was in the mood for when it came to what restraints they'd use. He'd have to be smart about this, as always. "How about the handcuffs?" He suggested.

Mike's skin tingled. He gulped at the visual in his mind. Rob had bought them a while back, and for whatever reason, they'd never gotten around to using them. He was always such a sucker for new things. Their chances of getting in to the studio today were dwindling. "Mm, I like the thought of that." He liked that thought indeed. Just thinking of the sensation of the cold metal against his wrists was enough.

Rob knew the cuffs were buried in the bottom drawer of one of the nightstands. It was only a few feet from him, but he'd still have to release his grip on Mike to go digging for it. As expected, Mike dashed across the bed and sat on the far corner, grinning like a mischievous child. Rob eventually fished out the handcuffs, and the sight of them make Mike feel both nervous and excited. He turned the key to unlock both cuffs, and the click sound made Mike jump a little. He set the key on the nightstand, calmly, but that visual didn't make the singer feel calm at all.

Rob took out the lube also, and set it on the nightstand too, for later use. He watched Mike's body language closely. The singer looked like he was ready to run if he dared make a move for him. "Come play with me." Rob said, wiggling his index finger at him to come closer.

Mike hesitated, since he didn't know what Rob would do next. He knew he'd eventually be caught if he tried to run. So instead of taking off, he slowly crawled across the bed, wary of every move the drummer made.

Rob swiftly cupped Mike's chin, and captured his lips with his own. He calmly inched forward, bringing their bodies closer and feeling the singer start to tremble. He kept moving forward, which forced Mike to sit upright, and allow the drummer to press their chests together hard. Mike's skin was always so warm and smooth.

"Lay down for me." Rob said softly. Mike yielded, which surprised the drummer, although it was fun to have so much control over him. He watched his pretty boy lay back against the pillows, and stare at him seductively. If looks could kill, then Rob was having a near death experience.

Rob climbed over him, and started another hot kiss. Their saliva mixed over time, coated their lips and chins, and tasted so, so good. They let their tongues dance, tickling each other's mouths and tasting each other deeper. Kissing Mike kept him occupied, so Rob could lock one of the cuffs around his wrist. The instant the metal touched his skin, he started to squirm. The drummer held him tight, and managed to get the cuffs around the rungs of the headboard. He successfully cuffed the other wrist, which made Mike's breath hitch and his body start to shake.

"Shit, that turns me on." Mike growled, though his voice was also shaky. This wasn't like the rope, or Rob's grip where he knew there was a slim chance he could break free. He was trapped.

Rob took no time wrapping the blindfold around Mike's face and tying it tight. This just made the singer shake more, and intense heat radiate off his skin. "Are you all right, babe?" Rob asked gently. Mike nodded rapidly.

The drummer removed his boxers and leaned in to kiss Mike on the throat. He did this so many times, softly, but it made tiny earthquakes erupt all over the older man's being. He whimpered, and pulled at the cuffs. Rob kept on kissing, moving along his collar and down to his chest. "Shh, calm down baby. It's just you and me." He said, his voice so soft and smooth. Mike took a deep breath, but couldn't calm his nerves.

Rob started nipping at Mike's chest, before taking one of his nipples into his mouth and sucking hard. The emcee moaned a little, and did so even more when Rob's tongue slithered all over that same nipple. It made the drummer even harder, to hear Mike moaning now, in addition to shaking against him and tugging at the restraints.

The drummer moved down his belly, leaving behind a trail of soft and warm kisses. He reached the inner thigh, where he kissed some more, before sharply clamping his teeth around the flesh. Mike moaned loudly, and curled his toes. The second bite got the same reaction, and the third made him arch his back. "Fuck that's good." Mike exclaimed, his voice growling from the excitement.

Rob smiled at his handiwork, and licked the bite marks several times. The drummer then reached over and gripped Mike's manhood firmly. Mike relaxed into the strong touch and slow strokes. He moaned pleasurably, and his hips bucked. He gasped for air, and his short moment of relaxation disappeared as Rob's mouth closed around his head. He sucked hard and fast, making Mike squirm and pant roughly.

Each time Rob went down, he let Mike's tip get closer to the back of his throat. This just made Mike even more excited, to know that his member was being engulfed in a such a warm and wet cavity. "Fuck! Oh Rob, oh fuck, don't stop." Mike's voice was primal and intense. Waves of pleasure rolled through his body, not just from Rob's lips and tongue, but also from the cuffs which were starting to dig into his skin. He started pulling at his restraints harder as the drummer's tongue moved side to side, coating his length in that hot wetness.

Rob loved the sight of his lover writhing around and begging him not to stop. It took everything in him to not come just from what he was seeing. What shocked him was how Mike had been able to hold out for this long.

Slowly, Rob pulled his mouth away from Mike's heat. The older man whined in disappointment. That kind of answered Rob's question, but he decided to ask anyway. "Do you want me to keep going, or fuck you instead?"

"Keep going, please keep going." Mike begged, his voice breathy and hot. Rob grinned, although Mike couldn't see it, and wrapped his lips around the head again. This elicited a moan of encouragement. The drummer sucked a few times, then pulled back again. "Rob..." Mike whined, thinking that he was being teased. Instead he felt Rob moving around, and heard the cap of the bottle of lube opening.

Mike laid there for a moment, wondering what would come next. Suddenly a couple of Rob's strong fingers slid between his buttocks and deep inside him. Those fingers pressed against his prostate, again and again, making Mike's legs quiver. He slid them in and out next, making the older man's mouth hang open but not a sound come from it.

Before Mike could even understand what was happening, Rob went down on him again. That made his shaking intensify, and his mind spin out of control. He mumbled random swears and words of encouragement, loving the deep contrast of being pleasured and restrained so well. His wrists were getting sore, and so were the bites on his thigh. That pain vibrated through him, turned him hot, and made him squeal as Rob's fingers attacked his spot again.

"Fucking hell..." He said, his lips drying up from all of his panting. "Oh sweet fuck that's good!" Those earthquakes rolled over him, making the muscles in his arms and legs twitch wildly. He tilted his head to the side and panted hard, while echoing sharp moans into the room. He was so lost in this game of their's, so deeply immersed in it that he could barely comprehend what was going on.

Suddenly his body felt out of control, and oh so weak. His face scrunched up, while a heavy heat exploded in his belly. It snaked its way down his length, forced him to pulsate hard, and spill his warm seed into Rob's hot mouth. The drummer's eyes fluttered shut as he tasted the sweet come, and gulped down every drop of it.

Mike was still breathing heavy as Rob's lips left his member, and his fingers slipped out of him. Rob wasn't done with him yet, though. He was insanely hard, and he needed his release. He lifted Mike with little warning, and positioned himself at his opening. Quakes were still vibrating throughout the emcee's body, and he moaned happily as Rob pushed deep inside him.

Rob's skin tingled. Being inside Mike always felt so good, and watching him squirm even though he'd already come, made it feel even better. He thought back to the night before, and that wonderful sensation of the way Mike had rode him. He thrust hard, the primal need to make the emcee pay for dominating him taking over.

Mike squeezed his waist with his legs, and occasionally pulsated as Rob's hot member nailed his spot. Rob went as deep as he could each time he rocked forward. He'd moan a few random sounds and swears with every thrust, and dig his nails into the singer's knees. "Do you have any idea how delicious you look?" Rob said.

Mike did, kind of, but he wasn't going to answer that question. He relished the way Rob's hands starting stroking up and down his thighs, sometimes gripping tight whenever his thrusts got the better of him. He kept a steady pace though, loving the way the friction aroused him more and more.

Rob let out a strangled cry, and Mike squeezed his waist tighter. "Rob, I need you close to me." He said. The drummer leaned in, which pushed Mike's legs up, and lifted most of his body off of the bed. His thrusts continued, more powerful than before, while he stole a few warm kisses.

The drummer swiftly pulled off the blindfold, which surprised Mike. He stared deep into the eyes of his lover, becoming lost in those dark brown orbs. He tried to steal another kiss, but couldn't follow through. In one thrust he hit all his favorite spots, sending himself into overdrive. The warmth in his groin took over, making him shout Mike's name, then pulsate hard until his seed splashed into the man beneath him.

Rob shuddered, his muscles twitching all over, and his body feeling like it was about to collapse. He pulled out gently, and Mike unwrapped his legs. They stared at each other for a moment, neither of them saying a word. Not that they had anything to say. Rob picked up the key, and unlocked the handcuffs. Mike didn't move. He laid there with his arms still above his head, totally comfortable in his current position.

Rob set the cuffs and key on the nightstand. Still without saying anything, he leaned in, and enveloped Mike in an intense kiss. Their sex life was amazing, but he'd spend eternity just kissing that man if he could. Mike curled his arms around Rob's back, and pulled him close. They continued their wet and warm kisses, until Mike rolled them over. Rob laughed, and stroked the side of the emcee's face softly. "You're cute when you try to take over." He said.

Mike wrinkled his nose and giggled. "Thanks, but, you're cuter." He gave Rob a warm smooch on the forehead, and snuggled up to him. Falling fast asleep in the drummer's strong embrace was always nice.


Rob awoke suddenly to the sound of his cell phone buzzing. He reached over and picked it up off of the nightstand. The caller I.D. showed it was Brad. He looked over at the clock, and it was a little past ten. They were almost two hours late. He looked over at Mike, who was still sound asleep and tucked under his arm. Without giving it much thought, he rejected the call, and turned his phone off. He sighed as he looked at Mike again. This moment was too nice to be ruined by Brad nagging them. He put his phone back down, and shut his eyes.

A few minutes later, Mike's phone started going off. The ringtone was outrageously loud, and quickly woke Mike up. He groaned and sat up, slowly, while looking around for his pants. "That's probably Brad, again." Rob said, mildly annoyed.

"Again? Oh, did he call you?" Mike asked, still groggy from his mid-morning nap. The ringing finally stopped, but the phone then beeped to tell him he'd missed the call.

"Yeah." Rob said, still annoyed.

Mike got up from the bed and pulled his phone out of the back pocket of his pants. "Yep, it was Brad." He said. Just as he was about to turn the phone off, it beeped again, showing an incoming text message. He started to laugh. "He's telling me, 'You can fuck each other later, get your asses in the studio', oh god, that's great." Mike relayed, laughing some more.

"I think he's jealous." Rob teased.

"Ya know what I wanna say to him? Something like haha, we already fucked." Mike started to giggle uncontrollably. This made Rob laugh too, and his face start to turn red. "I'm texting that to him." The emcee said, then vigorously finger-typed the silly response into his phone. He also texted that they would get there soon, and proceeded to turn off his phone so he wouldn't have to read Brad's reaction.

Although they didn't want to, the two men started getting dressed. Mike was tempted to suggest they take a shower first, but he truly wanted to get into the studio and get some work done. He was fairly certain that he didn't have the energy for a third time, even though Rob probably did.

"Hey, can I borrow one of your scarves?" Mike asked while Rob was brushing his teeth.

Rob stopped and spat the toothpaste into the sink, then said, "Go for it."

After a couple minutes, Mike went to the bathroom door, dressed in his gray shirt, black jeans, dark jacket and a greenish-gray scarf tied around his collar. "Does it look like I'm trying to hide something?" He asked.

Rob had just finished brushing, and was rinsing off his face. When he was done, he looked Mike over while drying off. "To me you do, but I doubt anyone who doesn't know you would care."

"Okay, good. I just don't want anybody outside the band bugging me about why I have these fantastic bite marks all over my neck. I'm afraid people will get the wrong idea." Mike said.

"Um, on a serious note, we might have to tell the other guys soon about what we do." Rob said.

"If you're okay with it. I mean, I don't really care what they think, so it doesn't bug me if they know." Mike said.

"Hopefully they don't react the way Brad did." Rob said.

"I don't think they will." Mike said, confidently. "Ya know, there's a part of me that wants to take the scarf off and roll up my sleeves right before we walk in the studio, and just stroll in like that, showing off everything." Mike hunched over and giggled, and Rob joined him with some heavy laughter. "I can't do that, none of them will get it." He said, quieting his laughing.

Rob grabbed a shirt out of his dresser and tossed it over his head. "Come on sexy, we gotta get going. You wanna stop at Starbucks on the way?"

"Absolutely. All this fucking sapped my energy." Mike said. Rob smirked, feeling accomplished in knowing he'd almost completely exhausted his lover.


"Hey look who decided to show up!" Dave teased as Mike and Rob entered the studio.

Mike yawned and went over to one of the couches, and set his coffee on the table. He took off his jacket, which revealed the old and new marks on his wrist. He took off the scarf also, which showed off all of his bite marks. He set both garments on the couch, and looked up to see Brad, Joe and Dave staring directly at him. "Hi..." He said, slightly suspicious of them all.

Suddenly Chester wandered into the room. He took a quick look at Mike's appearance, then said, "Nice of you to show up, Mike!" He blurted out in a silly way. "I almost had to take over the band in your absence."

"Yeah, we were a little busy this morning." Mike said.

"I heard." Dave said.

"So in case anybody didn't know," Mike said loudly but humorously, while Rob mumbled "Oh god" and covered his face with his hand. "Me and Rob like to fuck really, really hard-"

Dave waved his hand rapidly in the air. "Brad filled us in, we don't need the details." Brad was still trying to process their sex life, and Joe was looking at them still in shock.

"Am I the only one who isn't surprised by this?" Chester asked the group, making a clear point about their reactions.

"I like the fact that nobody has acknowledged my presence since I walked in the door, and I'm responsible for fifty-percent of the fucking." Rob said, teasing the group for focusing entirely on Mike.

"Hi Rob." Chester said, weakly waving at him. Rob simply lifted his cup of tea at Chester, then took a small sip.

"Okay, show's over, let's work on some music." Mike said while walking toward the vocal booth.

"Oh look, now he's being the leader!" Chester teased again. Mike turned around and stuck his tongue out at him. "Ew, put that away, lord knows where it's been!"

Later on in the day, Dave approached Rob to have a quiet conversation with him. "Jesus Rob, when we talked about taking it to the next level, I didn't think you'd go that far." He said.

Rob shrugged. "It's what we like."

"Yeah, but, damn. Whatever you guys are doing, it looks like some rough shit." Dave said.

"Cause it is. Kinda. Like, it's not BDSM, but Mike likes it when I-"

"No, stop, I don't wanna hear this!" Dave blurted out while leaning back and covering his ears.

"I'm just kidding, I'm not gonna tell you that stuff." Rob said, grinning playfully.

Dave took his hands off of his ears and stood upright. "I'm just having a hard time picturing Mike being cool with it. I'm not saying he isn't, don't get me wrong. It's just his personality doesn't exactly scream restraint."

"Ya know I can hear you guys talking about me." Mike chimed in. Dave turned bright red while the remainder of the band laughed in unison.

"Well Mike, we're all kind of fascinated by this. Especially with how you're so... what's the word?" Dave pondered.

"Anal, no pun intended." Chester said.

"Oh my god." Mike said, leaning back on the couch and covering his face with his hands. After a second he started to say, "Here's the thing guys, okay look,"

Before Mike could get out his explanation Chester exclaimed, "See? There he goes right on schedule! It's amazing how predictable you are!" This statement sent the whole group into roaring laughter. Both Mike and Rob could appreciate the fact that even though it had been awkward at first, their bandmates were kindly accepting of what they enjoyed, which was all they really wanted.


More Notes: 3/7/18 - WOW! Thank you for such awesome reviews! I'm so glad that you guys enjoyed this one :D

So I've been thinking about doing some one-shots with Dave in them, like one that's Rob/Dave, and another that's Rob/Dave/Mike. I'm curious what you guys think about that ;)