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Chestaline by Indee

A/N: Honestly, I was looking for an escape when I stumbled into this site. I found lots and lots of awesome stories that helped me to learn more about the band I’ve listened since Junior High as well as helping me coping with the sudden tragedy last July. And after lot of reading, I was thinking to start writing and sharing something, so here we go. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Linkin Park isn’t mine and this story is totally fictional (and making no sense).




It was a normal day for Linkin Park. They were in their usual studio doing their usual things. Brad and Dave were discussing the melodies they came up with while strumming their guitar occasionally to test how it would sound like. Rob was on the couch, playing imaginative drum in silence. Joe and Mike sat by mixing table where the emcee was busy with his laptop while Joe absentmindedly sketched a frog on his notepad.

“Where the hell is Chester? Can’t he be any late?” Mike grumbled, breaking the comfortable silence.

“You know Chester. If he’s late by only an hour, it will be his new record,” Dave muttered without diverting his eyes from the paper he was discussing with Brad.

As if on cue, they heard a rushed footsteps along the hallway outside followed by a loud sound of a door being slammed open.

“Finally, Chester. We were supposed to be here since an hour ago. Where the fuck were—“ Mike’s nagging came into a halt when he saw the newcomer.

Surprisingly it wasn’t Chester. The other turned to look at the door as well and whether left surprise, confused, or simply curious.

Instead of their vocalist, on the doorway stood a young woman who panted as if she had been running for miles. She looked around frantically with horror clear in her eyes.

“G- guys…” she stammered before collapsing onto the ground, setting a commotion among the LP members.



A short prolog to see if anyone is interested and whether I should continue with this or not. Next chapter will be longer I promise.

This is my first Linkin Park fanfiction and English isn’t my mother language. Criticism and correction are (happily) welcomed but please be kind. xD

btw, it's my first time upoading story in this site and apparently it's not like uploading a word document, so all the bold, italic etc is just gone. There's the instruction but... let's just hope I get it right ._.

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