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Motel Room by Stefuh

Motel Room

So, I wrote this a couple of months ago to practice myself at writing slash ... I don't think it's that good, so I would love to hear what you think of it! Thank you all for taking the time to read my stories, I really appreciate all your reviews! ♥


“Admit it, you're lost.” said Chester as he watched the trees whizzing by. They were supposed to have reached the party hours ago but Mike didn't want to look at a map before going, saying that he knew this town by heart.

The young man sitting behind the wheel shook his head before sighing and biting his lower lip, he didn't want to admit defeat.

“It's getting late...” The blonde man said, looking at the clock on the car's radio. It was almost eleven and it was quite dark outside. “When we'll get there, it'll be over.”

Mike groaned. “Alright, alright, I'm lost. What do you suggest, turning back towards college?”

Chester laughed. “Yeah, right, we won't get there 'til morning.”

“Maybe we could find a motel, I'll ask directions tomorrow morning.”

“As long as the manager isn't Norman Bates, I'm alright with that.”

Mike didn't say anything as he kept on driving, praying that they would soon find a place to rest. He didn't want to tell Chester, but he was getting quite tired. The young man hadn't slept well for the past few days, finishing assignments after assigments before the finals and when Chester had told him about this party, he knew it would give him a moment to relax and think about something else, even if he would rather be in his bed.

“I think I see something.” Chester said finally and Mike sighed in relief as he pulled over in a motel's parking space.

Chester got out before stretching, they had been stuck in the car way longer than they should have being and he was happy to stretch his legs.

“Hm, the place looks quite packed.” Mike said as he watched all the car parked in front of the motel.

“Let's hope they still have a room left.” Chester said before walking towards the office. He opened up the door and slide in, Mike on his heels. “We would like a room with 2 singles, please.”

“Nuhuh, they're all taken.”

Chester sighed, he really didn't want to sleep in the car.

“You don't have any room left?” asked Mike.

“We got one but it only has a double bed.”

“We'll take it.” said Mike without waiting for Chester's approval.

He was ready to drop, if Chester didn't approved, he could sleep in a chair or the bathtub for all he cared. He left his credit card and took the key before walking towards the room.

“I hope you don't care, I'm so tired.”

“No, of course not.” replied Chester as he closed the door behind him, slightly blushing about thinking of the fact that he would be sharing a bed with his best friend. Best friend for who he had a huge secret crush on since they had met. He shook his head, he couldn't be thinking about that when Mike was just right there.

“If you want to take a shower, go ahead, I'll take one tomorrow.”

Chester could feel his throat dried up as he watch his best friend undress down to his boxer, trying to memorized every part of his body in his brain. God, Mike was so sexy, he couldn't believe how lucky he was to be alone in a room with him.

“Nah, I'm okay too.” He managed, finally taking his eyes off of Mike before he could notice him staring. He quickly undressed himself too before lifting the covers and sliding into the warm bed next to his friend.

He sighed and closed the lamp next to his bedside table as Mike did the same. “Goodnight, Chaz.”

“Goodnight, Mike.”

He laid in the dark, trying to calm down about the fact that he was sleeping next to his best friend – but his body didn't want to calm down. As he felt himself get hard, he closed his eyes, cursing himself. Of course he would be aroused while sharing a bed with Mike.

He couldn't stop imagining what it would feel like to be buried deep inside of him. All Chester wanted was to make him moan, shoved his cock so deep inside him that Mike would be unable to walk the next morning. And he was sure he was so tight too... Chester sighed a he slide a hand on his chest, imagining it was Mike's hand, grazing his nipples, he was so hot for him...

Ever since he had met him around one year ago, he hadn't stopped thinking about the young man... he had found him attractive at first sight, but when they had met, Mike had a girlfriend. Of course, the only man he finally had a crush on wasn't gay. He had broke up with Anna almost six months ago, but Chester couldn't find the courage to tell his friend how he felt about him.

After a couple of minutes, sensing that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep without doing something, he slowly slide his left hand under his boxer before wrapping it around his throbbing cock. Biting his lower lips he slowly began running his hand up and down his shaft, trying his best to be silent. He couldn't help but quickened the pace after a while, hoping Mike wouldn't wake up. God, this felt so good.

The whole situation made every sensations even more intense then they should have been, he felt the pleasure coursing through his whole body and he couldn't help but curled up his toes when he smoothed his thumb over the tip of his cock, closing his eyes from the wonderful sensation. He was sure he would made his lower lip bleed since he was biting it so hard not to moan out loud.

He quickly stopped as he heard Mike sighed, being afraid of getting caught. His heart was beating so hard in his chest, he was almost certain his friend could hear it. When he was sure Mike had stopped moving, he continued to slide his hand up and down his dick, doing everything in his power to stifle his moans. All he could see in his mind was Mike, he kept replaying seeing him undress earlier and it was turning him on so much. He closed his eyes as a wave of pleasure came upon him and he couldn't helped but let out a small whimper. At the same time, he heard the sheets rustled, and he stopped moving. He heard another sigh and he frowned – the sheets were moving, Mike's body seemed to tense, there was a lower sigh.


Mike was masturbating next to him.

He was sure that his heart would explode out of his chest at that moment – if he thought he was turned on before, it was nothing upon noticing that Michael Kenji Shinoda was pleasuring himself in the same bed as him.

Wait, was Mike aware that Chester was doing the same thing? He heard his friend shifted slightly and he could suddenly hear him better – he could actually hear his hand sliding up and down is shaft in quick jerky movements and his breath caught in his throat.

Chester couldn't take it anymore as he slide a little bit closer to his friend, turning to his side to be closer to him as he continued touching himself.

He had never ever been more hard in his life that he was now. He could feel Mike's breath on his face, Mike's heat radiating from his body.

Fuck. He had to touch him. He scooped a little closer and froze when he felt Mike's arm brushing against his own – the arm he was using to touch himself. Fearing that his friend would scoot away, he didn't move, trembling from the proximity of the young man, and at that moment, Mike moaned, loudly.

Mike knew what Chester was doing, he knew that Chester knew he was also touching himself, and he was inviting him to either be closer or be as loud.

Fuck it, it was his chance and he was going to take it. Chester ran his free hand along his friend's chest, feeling the hard muscles below his fingertips as he slowly made his way down his arm until he had his hand on Mike's hand – the one that was wrapped around his dick – and Chester shivered. Mike stopped moving at that moment before closing the distance between him and his friend and kissing him sloppily on the mouth since he couldn't see anything in the dark. When he pulled back, he could hear Mike getting up.

No, no, no, why was he getting away from him, what did Chester do wrong?

“Fuck, Ches, I need to see you.”

At that moment, the lamp on Mike's table turned on and the light reflected on both their bodies. “Let's get rid of these.” Chester sighed in relief as Mike pushed the bed covers aside and took off his boxer before laying back down next to his friend. Chester did the same, quickly, and he couldn't help but feel his mouth water as his eyes traveled down Mike's body. His own cock throbbed when he saw how hard Mike was and without waiting for an invitation, his hand closed around his friend's shaft as he slowly began to ran it up and down. Mike moaned again and a shiver ran down Chester's body. At the same time, he felt Mike's hand closed around his own erection and he buckled his hips up without meaning to – he needed this so much. Mike only laughed a little before slowly jerking his dick off.

Chester began to pant, and he had to blinked a few time to make sure he could concentrate enough to watch Mike's body twist under his ministrations.

He couldn't believe that he was naked in bed with Mike Shinoda and that he was giving him a handjob. Even in his wildest dreams, he didn't think that it would happen. His friend suddenly began to quickened the pace of his hand and Chester moaned loudly, not caring if anyone could hear him in the room next to theirs. “M-mike.” He could feel the sweat beginning to cover his body and he ran his hand up to Mike's tip before taking the pre-cum and smearing it on his friend's cock. The room already smelled of sex, it made him feel so dirty, it aroused him even more.

As Mike shifted his wrist to pumped Chester faster, the young blonde man turned his head so his face was resting on the crooked of his friend's neck, as he licked, nibbled and kiss it while whimpering. “Mike, ah, aaah, fuck-”

There was so much more he wanted to do to his friend. Shove his dick into his ass so he could find his prostate and make Mike moans like there was no tomorrow, coat his cock with his saliva only to suck it dried and swallow his cum until the very last bead. Chester shivered as he heard Mike moans, the skin on skin contact as his own hand reach the tip of his cock only to slams it down rapidly, even the little wet sounds as Mike's took Chester's pre-cum to smear it against his dick, lubricating him so he could jerk him off faster.

Oh, god.

Everything felt so, so good right now, Chester couldn't help but to shiver again.

Chester could feel Mike was close so he lifted his own hips up and down to meet Mike's hand faster. As he watched the young man's hand slide up and down his own shaft, Chester began moaning again and he couldn't stop, this was too much. “Mike, fuck, don't stop-”

“Ches, I'm coming, I'm com-”

Mike's whole body tensed and Chester had just enough time to turn his gaze towards his friend to see his eyes squeeze shut and his head rolled back into the pillow as his back ached and he came all over his stomach. That's all it took for Chester as he felt his orgasm rippled through his body, wave after wave, and he came into Mike's hand, moaning his name loudly over and over again. He slumped down into the bed, breathing heavily as he retracted his hand from Mike's sweaty body. He wanted to put his hand to his mouth and lick Mike's cum off of it, to taste him, but he was afraid that would disgust his friend, so he did the same as Mike, wiping it clean on the bed linen.

He watched as Mike's left hand reached for the lamp to close it back before he felt the covers been thrown over their bodies – and then Mike's arm caught his middle as he pushed the older man's body against him, spooning him. Chester sighed happily as he let sleep took over his body. He had never felt this satisfied in his life before.

When he woke up the next morning, his heart began to beat faster as he noticed his best friend wasn't sleeping next to him as he remembered yesterday's events – he felt cold without Mike's arms around him and he grimaced when he felt the dried cum on him. He sat up in the bed, looking around the room only to see his friend, still naked, leaning against the wall, watching him.

“I'm going to take a shower.”

Chester only nodded, not trusting his voice. Mike made his way towards the bathroom and Chester sighed.

Mike thought it was a mistake. Everything would be weird, now, he could feel it.

“You're coming or what?” he heard Mike shout and a grin spread over his face. He stumbled out of the bed before walking towards the bathroom.

He would certainly not wait for Mike to asked him twice.

Chester was beyond glad they had gotten lost on their way to the party.

The End

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