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Hey Ches' by S K Y

Hey Ches'

“Hey Ches.” A single tear slid down his face as he stared towards the sun which left the ocean and horizon in a delicate shade of pink. It’s gotten a bad habit of his - at least that’s what the others call it. Talinda, Anna, Dave, Rob, Brad, hell even Joe found the strength to move on - to say goodbye to the past, lock those memories away and do their parts in making Chester proud. And then there’s a certain half-japanese man. Standing at their little spot. It wasn’t too far from the very crowded beach but nobody ever made his way to this part of the beach. So he stood there alone, watching the colours change. Ever since last summer, he’s been here - every morning and every evening - watching the sunrise, watching the sunset - and every single time the sky turned orange, pink, purple, red and a thousand more colours. Chester’s colours.

He couldn’t move on. Not yet. It took everything of him to publish his EP, to face his wife and be the husband she deserved - he didn’t take any time for himself to grief. From the first second on he had been planning, first the Hollywood Bowl Show, then he had to support Talinda with 320, then Anna and now his EP. He wanted to cry, to scream it all out, but every time his eyes took in the sight of a pink sky all of that seemed to fly away and he could swear he’d feel Ches’ hand in his. Like they used to spend their evenings sometimes - at their little hiding spot on the beach, watching the sunset together. Not talking. Not moving. All you could hear was the soothing sound of the waves and their breathing. He remembered how Ches’ always used to tell him “AND THAT MIKE. That is why pink is one of my favourite colours! It is so beautiful!”, but Mike didn’t look at the dying sun, but rather he looked at Chesters joyful eyes, this spark in them never fading away. “Yes Ches, you’re beautiful” he answered.

Now he was sitting here, alone. The spot where Chester would sit next to him empty. Just like at the show, he felt the emptiness. It was numbing him. The sun continued to crawl her way towards the end of the ocean and it was getting darker.

“Hey Ches…” he started talking, hoping the pink sky would get the message to his buddy, “I’m doing fine. Or at least I’m perfect at pretending so. The kids asked where you’d be and Otis somehow understood now. He cried Ches. My little girl still doesn’t understand what’s going on. Anna’s been writing again… and oh, yeah, I finally found the courage to publish Post Traumatic… it’s gotten good feedback. The fans seem to like it. Phoenix now has a podcast with some of his golfing buddies. I haven’t heard from Rob in quite a while but it seems like he’s found someone. I’m happy if he’s happy. Joe and Heidi are constantly locking themselves in. She’s supporting him in every way. Talinda… she’s struggling, she told me she’s not sleeping good. I often talk to her and she never stops crying. She’s wearing your ring as a necklace now. We miss you buddy. We don’t want to forget you. I don’t want to forget you.” More tears were now leaving his eyes as he forced himself not to sob and break down. “I need closure Ches. I need it so bad. I can’t go on like this anymore. Anna’s mad at me for leaving every morning and evening. She says it’s a bad habit. She says I won’t find that closure if I’ll continue with this. I just want to heal Ches. I want to see your smile again, I want to see how you always throw your head back when laughing, I want to hear your voice, hell I even want our fights back. And the way you used to hug me when we made up and forgot that fight. I love you.”

So he laid down in the sand and cried and cried and cried… and the next morning he woke up, still on the beach, but not to the sun painting the sky in pink - but to the guys, Joe, Phoenix, Brad and Rob standing next to him, and for the first time - looking at their faces - he felt at peace. And from that day on, the sky didn’t turn pink anymore and Mike understood: He didn’t need pink skies to remind him of Chester, they weren’t signalizing that Chester would be here - but his buddy would continue living in his memory and heart. And Mike swore to himself. He’d make Chester proud.


Sorry if it's bad and maybe still has some typos and whatever. I just wrote that in 10 minutes (and I now will be too late to school OOPS) but it didn't leave my mind. I got that idea from a watercolor "painting" I made yesterday and it didn't leave my head... Sorry if it's REAL bad... Leave feedback if you want... :'D

English isn't my mother-tongue so I'd love to get some constructive criticism! :D

Btw here the drawing: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DXvooN8WsAALxV_.jpg:large

Have an awesome day LPfamily and... well. Make Ches Proud! <3

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